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Quotes for
Judith Phillips (Character)
from For Pete's Wake! (2007)

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For Pete's Wake! (2007)
Alisa: Life is more than just gossip mother.
Judith: That's absurd, whoever told you that should be shot. Gossip is publicity and publicity is life.

Alisa: I need you to show your respect today, whatever it takes.
Judith: Respect? I never loved your father, what sort of respect could you possibly expect from me?
Alisa: I know you loved him.
Judith: [laughs] Divorcing him and taking half his money was the best thing that ever happened to me. His dying was the second.

Judith: You look upset.
Alisa: How many drinks did it take for you, Mother, to start caring about how I feel?

Judith: Look how you talk to me, is it any wonder we never get along?
Alisa: I think it's difficult for you to get along with anybody.
Judith: For your information, Drake and I get along just fine.
Alisa: Of course you do. Both of you have the same taste in men.

Judith: [about Bunny] I always knew that bitch was stupid.

Judith: Hallelujah, Praise the Lord... Peter Jameson is DEAD!