Huck Cheever
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Huck Cheever (Character)
from Lucky You (2007)

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Lucky You (2007)
[from trailer]
Huck Cheever: I'm all in.
L. C. Cheever: So, here we are.
Huck Cheever: Here we are.

Huck Cheever: I got a seat in the World Series.
Billie Offer: You came all the way here to tell me that?
Huck Cheever: You're the only person I wanted to tell.

Sharkey: [after Miller turns over Huck's cards to see if he was bluffed] Never touch another player's cards.
Sharkey: You raised me with nothing?
Huck Cheever: Sometimes nothing's enough.

Pawnbroker: What's your name?
Huck Cheever: Huck
Pawnbroker: Well Huck, I'll give you another buck and a half for the ring, and you've got 120 days to come and see me

Huck Cheever: The chair thing is an old gag and I did it for you because I thought you'd find it funny.

Huck Cheever: I'm down with the little fish tonight, swim with the guppies for a while

Billie Offer: Do you always intrude on private conversations?
Huck Cheever: Well, it seemed like an intrusion might be welcome.

L. C. Cheever: You and I both know what the book says you should do, Kid.
Huck Cheever: Is that what you do now? Just play by the book? You might as well play online.

Billie Offer: Well, you beat him once.
Huck Cheever: It doesn't work that way.
Billie Offer: Well, maybe it should.

Billie Offer: Is he related to you?
Huck Cheever: Why do you say that?
Billie Offer: Because your eyes went all quiet.
Huck Cheever: In poker, we call that a tell. He's my father.

Huck Cheever: I'm sorry we didn't get around to the celebrating.
Billie Offer: No, don't be. I haven't had this much fun since junior high!

Huck Cheever: It did seem the cards ran a little better for me when you were around.
Billie Offer: What happened to the 'best of it?'
Huck Cheever: Turned into a little bit of the worst of it.

Billie Offer: The leaf doesn't fall far from the tree.
Huck Cheever: Hmm?
Billie Offer: You hate him, but you still play poker.

Billie Offer: You stole from me.
Huck Cheever: Borrowed. I had it way up.
Billie Offer: Borrowing is when you ask!

Huck Cheever: If I'd have won, you'd have a share just like before.
Billie Offer: You think that the only person that matters is you: what you need, when you need it. You're a sick pony.
Huck Cheever: [mumbles] Puppy.

Huck Cheever: Billie, look I was wrong, but I'm going to pay you back.
Billie Offer: I'm not a bank! You can't make deposits and withdrawls whenever you feel like it.

Billie Offer: Why do you like it so much? Is it the money?
Huck Cheever: The money's just a way of keeping score. Poker is competition in the purest sense. Doesn't mater who you are or what you are; everybody's equal at the table.

Huck Cheever: Want to come along? As moral support?
Billie Offer: Sure, I'm getting an education on what it's like not to be compulsive.

Huck Cheever: Sam, you're out?
Sam Farha: This guy over there, he never played a live tournament in his life... and he beat me. I don't know if this makes me feel better or worse.

Huck Cheever: [after a losing player borrows money from L.C] Is there anybody who doesn't owe you?
L. C. Cheever: Just you kid... just you.

Huck Cheever: I could have played it safe. That's not who I am.
L. C. Cheever: You've got it backwards, kid. You play cards the way you should lead your life. and you lead your life the way you should play cards. Maybe everybody has a blind spot. Maybe everybody has to learn from their mistakes. I sure learned from mine.

Huck Cheever: A good fold is as important as a win. Sometimes more important.

Huck Cheever: He who thinks too much is thinking too much.

Huck Cheever: I feel like we have a chance at something special here. And if you cut it off now, we'll never know.

Huck Cheever: Call. Stuck on deuces.
Russian Player: Deuces? All you got is deuces? And you call me with this shit?