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Quotes for
Penny (Character)
from "Inspector Gadget" (1983)

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"Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Gadgets (#2.6)" (1985)
M.A.D Nurse: [the M.A.D. Nurse has caught Penny tresspassing in front of the M.A.D. Clinic] I'll take that little girl.
[Confiscates Penny's computer book and grabs her arm]
Penny: No, let me go.
[M.A.D. Nurse takes Penny into the M.A.D. clinic]

M.A.D Nurse: [the M.A.D. Nurse has taken Penny into an empty room and locked her computer book into the safe] Now you sit here tightly, dear, while I talk to Dr. Noodleman about your trespassing here!
[leaves room and locks the door]
Penny: Locked in. Thank goodness she didn't take away my computer watch too.

"Inspector Gadget: Haunted Castle (#1.8)" (1983)
Penny: So this is Transylvania.
Inspector Gadget: Yes, Penny, Transylvania. Home of Count Dracula and other ghosts, goblins and spooks.

"Inspector Gadget: Pyramid Scheme/Back to the MAD Future (#1.25)" (2015)
Talon: Unscrew the top mud brick.
Penny: Say what now?
Talon: Little Miss Gadget isn't familiar with false bottom bricks? Ha! All the top vilains are using them.

"Inspector Gadget: My Gadget Will Go On/The Gadgetator (#1.13)" (2015)
Penny: According to my Codex, Cheekster's a cheater. Known for using every dirty trick in the book to win.
Inspector Gadget: Where does one get this dirty book? And why wouldn't they clean it?

"Inspector Gadget: What Is... The MADtrix?/Most Extreme Gadget Challenge (#1.24)" (2015)
Penny: I can't believe Talon programmed this whole thing. It's almost as big as his massive ego!

"Inspector Gadget: Snakin' All Over (#1.58)" (1983)
Penny: [to Gadget] Time for lunch.
Inspector Gadget: [wearing ear muffs] School? I'll give you a ride as soon as I'm finished shoveling the driveway.
Penny: But it's Saturday.
Inspector Gadget: Why would Penny want to go to school on a Saturday?

"Inspector Gadget: Beyond Gadgetdome/Brain Drain (#1.23)" (2015)
Penny: There's no time for explanations, but if that dog and this cat don't put these matching hats on in less than a minute, they'll permanently be in each others bodies!
Inspector Gadget: You had me at 'matching hats'.

"Inspector Gadget: Amusement Park (#1.14)" (1983)
Penny: [to a Mad Agent] He's not a guy, he's my uncle.

"Inspector Gadget: Diamonds Are a MAD's Best Friend/Ticked Off (#1.8)" (2015)
Penny: Hm, I'm picking up a definate ticking sound. But I can't tell if it's the Stop Clock, or the Clock Shop. Try saying that five times fast.

"Inspector Gadget: MAD Carpet Ride/Appy Days (#1.11)" (2015)
Penny: Ok, intell suggests that MAD could have control of this entire place.
Inspector Gadget: We'd better go in, Gadget's blazing.

"Inspector Gadget: Towering Towers/Game Over, Man (#1.2)" (2015)
Penny: Unless this alien is from the planet Plastic, this isn't an alien at all! I knew it. And I bet I know who's behind it, too.

"Inspector Gadget: Gadget in Winterland (#1.1)" (1983)
Penny: This is the spookiest ski school I've ever seen.

"Inspector Gadget: Monster Lake (#1.2)" (1983)
Penny: Gosh, Scotland is beautiful, Uncle Gadget.
Inspector Gadget: It certainly is, Penny. This is where they make Scotch tape, ya know.

"Inspector Gadget: Art Heist (#1.15)" (1983)
Penny: Look, Uncle, there's the water fountain.
Inspector Gadget: Well, it looks like a water fountain...
[Gets squirted in the face]
Inspector Gadget: Just as I expected, it's a water fountain.

"Inspector Gadget: Double O'Penny/We Heart Gadget (#1.20)" (2015)
Penny: [to Brain] I didn't kick you into a closet, I wasn't even here, I was busy letting kittens and puppies fall.

"Inspector Gadget: Dog Show Days Are Over/One Bad Apple (#1.5)" (2015)
Talon: [Penny sneezes] Ew! Are you allergic to good looks or something?
Penny: Nope, just cats.

"Inspector Gadget: A Clawruption/Forever MAD (#1.22)" (2015)
Penny: I'm so nervous, Uncle Gadget.
Inspector Gadget: Imagine everyone's in their underwear.
Penny: Huh?
Inspector Gadget: I do that, even when I'm not nervous.

"Inspector Gadget: Gadget 2.0 (#1.1)" (2015)
Chief Quimby: Hm. Security Card isn't working.
Penny: Uhm, I think that's your gym card...
Chief Quimby: Ah! That would explain it.
[slides another card down the card reader]
Penny: And that's a creditcard.
[Quimby tries another card]
Penny: Coffee Club card.
[and another]
Penny: That's a picture of a sailboat.
[yet another]
Penny: That's a cracker.