Mr. Stork
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Mr. Stork (Character)
from Dumbo (1941)

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Lambert the Sheepish Lion (1952)
Mr. Stork: [looks at his invoice after discovering that he has brough a baby lion to a small sheep pasture] Lambert? But that's no lamb at all. Lambert is a lion! South Africa? Oh, goodness me! I've got to do some flying...
[runs over to the flock]
Mr. Stork: Come, Lambert! Uh, pardon me. I beg your pardon...
[steps over the other ewes]
Mr. Stork: Sorry, sorry! Oh, uh
Mr. Stork: Mrs. Sheep?
[Lambert plays with her bell]
Mr. Stork: I'm afraid there's been a slight bungle, heh heh.
[picks up Lambert]
Mr. Stork: I'll take that vicious little brute and drop him in the jungle.
[as he ties Lambert up in his sack, Mrs. Sheep rams him from behind]
Mr. Stork: [in the air] Well, goodness. Heavens to Betsy! All right, let her have it. Let her have anything she wants, for heaven's sake.
[flies away]
Mr. Stork: I'm only a delivery service. That's all.

Mr. Stork: Here we are, now. Please don't crowd each other. Pick out the ewe that you like best, and she will be your mother.

Dumbo (1941)
Mr. Stork: Here is a baby with eyes of blue, straight from heaven, right to you. Or - straight from heaven up above, here is a baby for you to love.

Mr. Stork: Oh, one moment, please. This is still part of the service.
[blows tuning whistle]
Mr. Stork: Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday, dear... uh-dear... Dear me, what's his name?
Mrs. Jumbo: Jumbo... Junior.
Mr. Stork: Oh, Jumbo Jr. Right, Jumbo Jr.
[blows whistle again]
Mr. Stork: Happy birthday, dear Jumbo Jr. / Happy birthday... to-hooo-oooo...
[he is suddenly snagged on the mail hook at the train station and yanked off the train]
Mr. Stork: ...yooooooooooooooou!