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Dr. Tom Jackman (Character)
from "Jekyll" (2007)

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"Jekyll: Episode #1.2" (2007)
Dr. Tom Jackman: So, since when have you been an animal lover?
Peter Syme: I hunt every summer.
Dr. Tom Jackman: That's not exactly loving them, is it? That's more shooting them.
Peter Syme: Well, it's a brief relationship.

Katherine Reimer: Have you been drinking? Don't tell me you took the car.
Dr. Tom Jackman: [as Jackman] He drank. He took the car. Why am I getting the look?
Katherine Reimer: How was your driving?
Dr. Tom Jackman: Expressive.

Dr. Tom Jackman: I'll fight him.
Sophia: You can't.
Dr. Tom Jackman: I won't ever stop fighting him.
Sophia: Then he will kill you.
Dr. Tom Jackman: Then I won't die.

[Katherine cries out after seeing an image of Hyde]
Dr. Tom Jackman: What's wrong?
Katherine Reimer: Sorry. Jumpy today. It's nothing.
Dr. Tom Jackman: That time of the month?
Katherine Reimer: Bit rich, coming from the wolfman.

"Jekyll: Episode #1.1" (2007)
[as Jackman, when he knows the change to Hyde is expected soon]
Professor Jackman: [to Symes] I must go home and change.

Professor Jackman: [as Hyde to Billy and his girlfriend] You know what I call this, children? I call this the perfect start to an evening - the night is young, there's a beautiful girl and somebody is going to die! It's you by the way.

Professor Jackman: [as Hyde to Billy's girlfriend] Do run - not when we are playing lions. You know what runs? FOOD runs!
Billy's Girlfriend: Let me go!
Professor Jackman: Mmmh. Ca-ca-ca-catch you later.

Professor Jackman: [finding a CD] "The Lion King and other Disney Favorites".
Katherine Reimer: That's his. I should put it away.
Professor Jackman: He has "Disney Favorites"?
Katherine Reimer: He likes the songs.
Professor Jackman: My dark side likes Mary Poppins- no wonder I was bullied at school.

"Jekyll: Episode #1.4" (2007)
Dr. Tom Jackman: [as Hyde] It's funny, just don't know why I want to hurt you. Don't even know your name. Don't know my name.
Jake: Please...
Dr. Tom Jackman: Just woke up wanting to hurt you.
Jake: Please don't.
Dr. Tom Jackman: I was born to hurt you.
Jake: Please...
Dr. Tom Jackman: And do you know what?
[gristly cracking]
Jake: [screams]
Dr. Tom Jackman: It's just never gets old. What do you say, lover? Ready to go again?
Jake: Please. Please, don't...
Dr. Tom Jackman: Just let me.
Jake: No, please.
Dr. Tom Jackman: Now, now, it'll be over in a minute. Finishing touches.

Claire Jackman: [the morning after meeting him, Claire, from the bedroom, calls out to Tom in the bathroom] Tom?
Dr. Tom Jackman: Yah?
Claire Jackman: Um is, is there a man's dressing gown in there?
Dr. Tom Jackman: [looks around: aHa!] Yes!
Claire Jackman: I was kind of hoping you wouldn't notice it
Dr. Tom Jackman: Was specifically pointing it out part of the plan?

"Jekyll: Hyde (#1.6)" (2007)
Peter Syme: [thinking Hyde has just arrived] How does it feel to be half a god?
Dr. Tom Jackman: I'm the other half
Peter Syme: Sounds a bit Denis Thatcher