Robert Hawkins
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Robert Hawkins (Character)
from "Jericho" (2006)

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"Jericho: 9:02 (#1.6)" (2006)
Allison Hawkins: [in reference to Jake] Is he a good man or a bad man?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Baby, there is no such thing.

Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: We can not have photos up, it might raise questions about us as a family. I am not in this. Get rid of them!

Jake Green: Any idea of what you're doing?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Not a clue!
Jake Green: Thanks for your help.
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: This is our home too.

Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Come on out here. Hey!
Allison Hawkins: Are all those cities gone?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: What do you think?
Allison Hawkins: How do you know?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: I don't for sure
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Okay. Those are the cities I heard about through the ham radio, and the satellite feed before the emp.
Allison Hawkins: How come your laptop isn't fried like everyone elses?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: It's ruggedized. It is built to withstand an emp. The, um... the government issues them, baby.
Allison Hawkins: So you're some kind of spy? That's why you moved us here. You knew this was going to happen. Why do you have that gun, what's it for?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Shooting. And I think it's probably time you learned how. You see the way things are going you may have to defend yourself one day. Do you understand?

"Jericho: Patriots and Tyrants (#2.7)" (2008)
Robert Hawkins: [to Jake] Hey don't take this the wrong way but... you look like crap.

[last lines]
Robert Hawkins: How does it feel?
Jake Green: What?
Robert Hawkins: Making history.

Robert Hawkins: [last line of the series; to Jake Green] How does it feel, making history?

"Jericho: Pilot (#1.1)" (2006)
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: You might want to get some black spray paint, you know, cover that.
[points at the word "Jericho" on the police car]
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Look, I know that you're telling people that is was an accident, an I hope it was, but if it was an attack, Sheriff and there's chaos out there, you might not want the wrong people to know that Jericho is still here.
Sheriff: With all do respect Mr. Hawkins, this is no St. Louis.
[walks off]

Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Excuse me, Sheriff, Robert Hawkins.
Sheriff: Well it's good to meet you Mr. Hawkins but as you can see, we have got outs hands full.
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Could you use an extra man?
Sheriff: No civilians, mayor's orders.
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Well I use to be a cop, St. Louis.
Sheriff: Do know the roads around here?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: No, I just moved to town.
Sheriff: Then I'm afraid you'll just slow us down, I'm sorry.

"Jericho: Coalition of the Willing (#1.21)" (2007)
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Guns? Guns are easy.

Jake Green: About the weapons: You had this the whole time and you didn't say anything?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: I never thought I was gonna call this town my home. Let's get 'em loaded up

"Jericho: Why We Fight (#1.22)" (2007)
Robert Hawkins: [to Stanley] Hey, I need to borrow your tank.

"Jericho: The Day Before (#1.12)" (2007)
Robert Hawkins: [On the cellphone] Sarah, the schedule's changed. It's happening tomorrow during the President's address. I'll be there as soon as I can, but there's something I need to take care of. You get everything together and I'll meet you back as soon as I can.
Sarah Mason: Where are you going?
Robert Hawkins: To get my kids.

"Jericho: Casus Belli (#1.19)" (2007)
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: You can't just ride into New Bern and start breaking china.

"Jericho: Walls of Jericho (#1.4)" (2006)
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Who is your dad?
Samuel Hawkins: You.
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: Who loves you more than anything in the world?
Samuel Hawkins: You?
Robert 'Rob' Hawkins: And Sam, who is always gonna take care of you?
Samuel Hawkins: Mommy.