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Ginger (Character)
from "Private Practice" (2007)

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"Private Practice: In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor... (#1.2)" (2007)
Dr. Sam Bennett: You have something
Ginger: [Ginger laughs] Thanks. You're sweet too
Dr. Sam Bennett: No, you got something right here
[pointing at a rash on her backside]
Ginger: Huh?

Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: Hey! Is that stripper still in your office?
Dr. Pete Finch: Entertainer, not stripper. And yes.
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: And she's been in there all day? Why?
Dr. Pete Finch: We're trying a few different techniques
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: [laughing] Yeah, I'm sure you are. You know what? Noami does not need Ginger throw in her face
Dr. Pete Finch: Noami is a big girl. She can handle this
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: But she doesn't have to that's why i'm here
Ginger: [from inside is office] Pete, is it supposed to feel tingly?
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: [mockingly copies Ginger] Pete is it supposed to feel... you know what? Go! Go do take care of your poor little stripper girl and her tigeling
Dr. Pete Finch: Entertainer! And why are you so angry at me? Cooper the one...
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: [interrupting him] I am trying to take care of my friend and Cooper is bad. But you are worse and you know why? Because you're slippery. Yeah, you walk around pretending to be all soulful but you don't take the heat. You just do whatever you wanna do and you evade, evade, evade.
Dr. Pete Finch: You want me to kiss you again
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: NO!
Dr. Pete Finch: Okay