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Ms. Valerie Frizzle (Character)
from "The Magic School Bus" (1994)

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"The Magic School Bus: For Lunch (#1.2)" (1994)
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: In just a few moments, we'll be landing in Arnold's stomach. Thank you for flying Digestion Airways.

Keesha Franklin: Poor Arnold, looks like he's got a hole in his stomach.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Not a hole, Keesha, a valve. The doorway to his small intestine!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Class, welcome to the esophagus!
Carlos Ramon: The asparagus?
Dorothy Ann: [chuckles] No Carlos, the esophagus. It's where your food goes after you swallow.

Dorothy Ann: Hey, why hasn't the gum been digested?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: A few things are too tough to be broken up and dissolved.
Phoebe Terese: Like - school buses, right?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: There's only one way to find out.

Phoebe Terese: At my old school, we were never allowed to be digested.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Never say "never", Pheobe.
Dorothy Ann: [nervously] But according to my research, after chewing comes swallowing!

Dorothy Ann: I don't get it. *I* thought we were supposed to answer the question about what happens to the food we eat.
Tim Jamal: Yeah, where *are* we going?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Not far class, not far at all. Here we gooooo!

Arnold: Ms. Frizzle, no matter what, I'll never miss another field trip. Never-ever, ever, *ever*!
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Wonderful, Arnold.
Arnold: Starting - right after the next one.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, no guts, no digestion!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, Ralphie, digested is not delivered.

Wanda Li: Man, when it comes to digestion, Arnold *doesn't* mess around.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: You haven't seen anything yet.
Ralphie Tennelli: [nervously] You mean there's more?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Mm-hmm.
Wanda Li: [cheering] All right, Arnold!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: That's the large intestine for you. It removes the water from the leftovers.

Phoebe Terese: [the Friz settles back after turning on the auto system] Ms. Frizzle, wha - what're you doing?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Time to let Arnold's digestive system do the driving.
Wanda Li: Cool!
[going to the rear window]
Wanda Li: It's like we're driving through a tunnel, but the tunnel's driving us!
Carlos Ramon: Hey Arnold, how about a push?

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [after Wanda enters the large intestine while balancing on Arnold's swallowed gum, the others surround the valve to the large intestine] Ah, she went into the *large* intestine.
Tim Jamal: The large intestine? You mean there's more?

Phoebe Terese: [after Carlos rescues Wanda from further bungee jumping on Arnold's swallowed gum down his large intestine] All right, Carlos, you saved her!
Wanda Li: Saved me? I was having a *blast*! Arnold's digestive system is the wildest, scariest, scream-your-lungs-out ride in the world!
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: And it's not over yet.

Arnold Perlstein: [to Liz, after burping the bus out, thanks to drinking Wanda's seltzer] Did I break the seltzer chunking record?
[Liz shakes her head]
Arnold Perlstein: I'll never break a record. I'll never win anything. I'll never even get to eat lunch.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [appearing back in the classroom with the rest of the class, about to present Arnold's lunch] Did someone say "lunch"?

"The Magic School Bus: Gets Lost in Space (#1.1)" (1994)
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, class, you're out of this world.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Well, since we're lucky enough to have a guest today, I say it's the perfect time for a - field trip!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Welcome to outer space, class. The only planetarium open 24 hours a day, seven days a week! And how are all my astronauts doing?
[the others laugh]

Phoebe Terese: We hardly weigh anything compared to my old planet earth.
Keesha Franklin: I wonder if that mean's there's less gravity pulling on us here.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Exactly, Keesha. Good thinking.
[chuckles briefly]
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Come along, class, follow the bouncing lizard. This way, please.

Keesha Franklin: I wonder if Mars could have been another Earth if it had water and wasn't so cold?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Hm, maybe, but as I always say, Mars is the best place for ice cream.
Ralphie Tennelli: [looking around] Ice cream? Where?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Here.
[jumping down a nearby ice cliff]
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Ice screeeeeeam!

Ralphie Tennelli: [after an asteroid barely crashes against the bus] What was that?
Phoebe Terese: What happened?
Dorothy Ann: What's going on?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Don't worry class, just an unexpected orbital interruption. Let's just see where we are, shall we?

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [as she and the class approach to sun to begin their tour of the solar system] Class, are you all wearing your special, heavy-duty sunblock 8,000 sungoggles?
Keesha Franklin: I wonder how many earths would fit in the sun?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Over a million. Hold on to your goggles! Yeehaa!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [as she and Liz start drifting away to Pluto] Keep your claw on that button, Liz. Uup, uup, and awaaaaay!

Ralphie Tennelli: [pretending to speak into the PA system, when he's really hiding behind a box] Attention, all students, we've just learned that scientists have made their first contact with an alien from outer space.
Phoebe Terese: An alien!
Arnold: Wow!
Tim: Ralphie was right.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Oh my!
Ralphie Tennelli: [as Liz jumps from Ms. Frizzle's shoulder to reveal Ralphie hiding behind the box] The alien, claiming to be from Pluto, has called to complain about a pile of litter that was recently dumped on his planet.
Phoebe Terese, Arnold, Tim, Janet, Carlos Ramon, Wanda Li: Ralphie!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, there's nothing a good space mechanic can't fix.

"The Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie (#1.3)" (1994)
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, for every trip, there's a road map.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [speaking into a megaphone from the bus] Ah, it was your idea, Ralphie. We're here to get the inside story.
Ralphie Tennelli: Inside story? Inside what? What about broadcast day?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Think, Ralphie. Where is all the action right now?
Ralphie Tennelli: The action?
[Liz squeezes his nose to try to see what's going on down his throat]
Ralphie Tennelli: Liz, what're you doing? Hang on a second - the action is all inside me. What a great idea. Broadcast day could about what's going on inside me.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Excellent, Ralphie.
[rolling her tongue]
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Rrrrrrrrrroll tape!

Carlos Ramon: [after Ralphie places the bus next to the partly covered scab on his knee] It's a short cut. Get it, short cut?
Phoebe Terese, Arnold Perlstein, Dorothy Ann, Keesha Franklin: Carlos, yuck!
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Excellent observation, Carlos. Seatbelts, everyone!

Dorothy Ann: Could we travel through his bloodstream to get to his throat?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Absolutely, Dorothy Ann.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: We'll take the Trans-Ralphie Highway System, and here we go! Wahoo!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Ah, now that we're inside Ralphie's throat tissue, time for some on-the-spot reporting - up close and personal.

Arnold Perlstein: Is Ralphie staying home from school today, Ms. Frizzle?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Yes, I'm afraid so, Arnold.
Wanda Li: [worrying, then shaking Arnold] What're we gonna do, what're we gonna do, what're we gonna do?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Why, we're taking school to him, of course! To the bus!

Tim Jamal: What are those?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Those are tiny, tiny blood vessels. They're all part of the bloodstream.
[casts a spell to shrink the bus to fit into one of Ralphie's blood vessels]
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Eeny-meeny-miny-moooooooooe!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Well, we may have won the battle, class, but he's still fighting the war.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [as she enlarges the bus back to its size big enough for everyone else to interview Ralphie one last time, after he sneezes them out] Second floor, boy's socks - going up!

Dorothy Ann: Are we doing broadcast day from Ralphie's room, Ms. Frizzle?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: What better place to take chances, make mistakes...?
Carlos Ramon: And it sure is - messy!

"The Magic School Bus: Gets Eaten (#1.4)" (1994)
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Ah, nature never ceases to amaze me.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, if the shoe is clean, wear it.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: H20, here we go!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: So get messy, make mistakes, get out there and explore!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: You may not like anchovies, Ralphie, but they might like you!

Wanda Li: This is it, Ralphie, the wave of our dreams!
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: When we get back to the classroom, we will discuss our observations.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: And this class, is a *land* food chain.
Tim Jamal: Yeah, a mouse eats grass seed.
Wanda Li: A snake eats the mouse.
Carlos Ramon: And the hawk eats the snake.

"The Magic School Bus: All Dried Up (#1.7)" (1994)
Phoebe Terese: [as the bus, now a plane, flies over mountains] Ms. Frizzle, we must be going the wrong way.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Wrong way? Why, Pheobe, if it weren't for these mountains, there wouldn't even be a desert.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, when the going gets hungry, the hungry get going!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say: make mistakes, make mistakes, make mistakes! It's the best way to learn something.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say: if you can't take the heat - whew - get out of the desert!

"The Magic School Bus: Blows Its Top (#2.1)" (1995)
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [she and the bus are the last to erupt from the underwater volcano] Hi-ho, everyone! Wahoo!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, unlike the earth, some things never change.

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: [speaking into a mic, as part of the bus's PA system] This is your captain speaking. On behalf of my flight crew, I want to welcome you aboard Magic School Bus Airways.
[turns off the mic]
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Bus, do your stuff!

Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, get out there and ex - plore!

"The Magic School Bus: Butterfly and the Bog Beast (#2.5)" (1995)
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Well what a surprise! We're a different size!

"The Magic School Bus: Goes to Seed (#1.11)" (1994)
Phoebe Terese: [as the bus approaches her old school] There it is - my old school! What'll Mr. Seedplot say if he sees us?
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Wahoo!

"The Magic School Bus: Hops Home (#1.5)" (1994)
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Wanda, Arnold, I can't have you two hanging out here all day. Come along now.

"The Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House (#1.8)" (1994)
Carlos Ramon: [seeing a harp string vibrating which Dorothy Ann just plucked] Look at that string moving back and forth.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: That, class, is a vibration. You can feel it.
Carlos Ramon: [gripping the vibrating harp string] Viiibraaatiiion.
Keesha Franklin: Let's get the facts: when the string stopped vibrating, the *sound* stopped!

"The Magic School Bus: Meets the Rot Squad (#1.6)" (1994)
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: As I always say, it doesn't have to be delicious to be nutritious!

"The Magic School Bus: Gets Ants in Its Pants (#1.12)" (1994)
Ralphie Tennelli: I smell like an ant... just what I always wanted.
Ms. Valerie Frizzle: Really Ralphie? Me too!