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Lion-O (Character)
from "Thundercats" (1985)

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"Thundercats: Exile Isle (#3.10)" (1988)
Lion-O: You Lunatacs refuse to live in peace and abide by the laws for the good of all. Therefore, we must punish you. What is their sentence?
Lynx-O: There is only one humane sentence for them, and for us. Exile.

Wilykit: Where have you sent them, Lion-O?
Lion-O: Far, far away.

Lion-O: I shall leave the Sword of Omens here.
Wilykit: [horrified] NO!
Wilykat: WHY?
Wilykat: If the tanker were to explode, the Sword of Omens would be lost, the Eye of Thundera destroyed, and that would mean the end of the Thundercats.
[puts his hand atop Lion-O's on the Sword-hilt]
Wilykat: Go with justice...
Wilykat: [puts his down] Truth...
Wilykit: [puts hers down] Honor...
Lion-O: And loyalty.
Lion-O, Wilykit, Wilykat, Panthro: [raise them] HO!

Lion-O: [thinking] I feel naked without my Sword. But I brought along a few common remedies that might cure those Lunatacs of their nasty habits.

Chilla: [he throws something on her] Stop... You're melting me! Stop! What is that? A secret formula?
Lion-O: No, Chilla, an ancient one: rock salt.
Chilla: AHHH, no! No, not that! Anything bur rock salt!

Alluro: [heard in the lie-translator] Just as soon as Lion-O's guard is down, I'll bash him with the Psyche Club.
Alluro: That's my voice!
Lion-O: And that's what you were *really* thinking.
Alluro: And *this* is what I'd really like to do.
[raises the Psyche Club]

Luna: I suppose you've got something in that bag that Amok can't stand?
Lion-O: *This* is something they can't get *enough* of. In fact, they go crazy over it. Candy.
[flings out his handful; Amok's eyes widen and he goes charging]

Captain Cracker: You know me, Your Excellency. I'm a harmless old sea-dog.
Lion-O: You got the dog part right.

Snarfer: [of the advancing palm tree] What do you suppose it's gonna do?
Lion-O: Well, it's not going to present you with a coconut, matey.

Lion-O: There is no way I can lay the Sword of Omens aside. It is a part of me.

"Thundercats: Berbils (#1.3)" (1985)
Lion-O: Oh, pretty soon, you'll be jumping at your own shadow.
Snarf: Who, me? Old Snarf isn't afraid of noth - YAA!
Lion-O: [laughs] See?
Snarf: When you're fierce like me, you throw a fierce shadow, that's all.

Lion-O: [when he turns around and lets out several battle-yelps suddenly at nothing] Nice going, Snarf. You scared 'em clear out of sight.

Lion-O: What's the matter with you, Snarf? That thing was twice your size.
Snarf: That don't faze me. Just so you see that everything I see isn't shadows and imagination.
Lion-O: Never thought that for a second.

Snarf: *Now* where are they taking us?
Lion-O: Maybe I'd better, uh, keep my fightin' spirit in check 'til we find out.

Lion-O: [finally understanding what their speech means] I think they're *called* Berbils, Snarf. RoBear Berbils.
Snarf: That's not what I'd be callin' 'em.

Lion-O: Those stun-darts aren't doing much good.
RoBear Bill: No. They never do.
Lion-O: Then, why do you use them?
RoBear Bill: Because we would not want to hurt anyone.
Lion-O: Then why don't you just let the Trollogs march into your village and take your RoBear Berbil fruit?
RoBear Bill: And behave like cowards?
Lion-O: [sighing in frustration] I don't get it!
Snarf: I dunno; makes perfect sense to me.

Lion-O: Anyway, the Trollogs shouldn't be bothering you for a while.
RoBear Bill: No, poor Trollogs.
Lion-O: You feel sorry for them? Even though they keep raiding your village for your RoBear Berbil fruit?
RoBear Bill: Oh, they don't do that for themselves. Trollogs don't eat Berbil fruit. They can't eat anything but the fruit on the trollberry bushes. The mountains above their caves are covered with those bushes. But the Giantours who live there won't let the Trollogs pick from them, unless they bring them Robear Berbil fruit. And now, the Trollogs must return empty-handed. Oh, the Giantours will be *furious*.

RoBear Bill: Thank you, Lion-O. And please, thank your friends again too.
Lion-O: They're your friends too, RoBear Bill.

Lion-O: I think there's something peculiar about that swarm.
[runs toward them, they merge into one giant insect as he stops]
Lion-O: Uh, in fact, I know there's something peculiar about it.

RoBear Bill: [pointing to the blueprint] Your home?
Tygra: Yes. Well - it *will* be. We'll be building it right up there.
RoBear Bill: You will build it? Just you few?
Lion-O: Oh, it will take quite a while, of course, but...
RoBear Bill: Please.
[huddles with the others then turns back to them]
RoBear Bill: We will help you build your home.
Tygra: Well, thank you, but we couldn't allow you to. It's much too great an undertaking for...
RoBear Bill: You said we were friends. Friends help each other.
Lion-O: [to the one who is already grinning] He has a point, Tygra.

"Thundercats: Lord of the Snows (#1.13)" (1985)
Lion-O: What is it?
Panthro: Some kind of meteor. But we're so low on power I can't focus the laser-scopes.
Snarf: [groans hungrily] Laser-scopes aren't the only things low on power around here.

Lion-O: Thundercats, ho!
Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra: [touching their chests] Thundercats, forever!

Lion-O: [bracing himself against the wind] Cold! Cold as a Reptilian's smile.

Lion-O: [spins around to face his follower causing Snarf to jump and his yell to echo so a chunk of snow falls from the mountain and grows increasingly] Snarf! You shouldn't have followed me! Now look what you've done!
Snarf: What *I've* done? You scared *me*!

Snarf: [excited by the sight of the Snowmen's fort after Lion-O flings him off his shoulders to the summit] We did it! We conquered Hook Mountain!
Lion-O: That part was, uh, easy. This looks harder. Come on, conqueror.

Snowknight: You want the meteor. But what have you to trade for, Knight of the Red Cloak?
Lion-O: I offer friendship, honor, and alliance with the Thundercats.
Snowknight: Friendship, honor, and alliance must be earned, youth. Earned in deadly combat.

Snarf: The Thundercats, Lion-O; call them!
Lion-O: That would be admitting failure.
Snarf: Who cares about failure? We need them!
Lion-O: It's a matter of honor. I cannot call them.
Jaga: [appears] Perhaps you've overreached yourself this time, son.
Snarf: I have to fight with honor. I must earn this Snowman's friendship alone.

Lion-O: [going to where the one who threatened him fell] I came herer to gain allies and claim the meteor. I cannot make friends with a dead man. I must go after him.

Lion-O: How'd you get here so fast?
Panthro: Better ask Cheetara.
Cheetara: Woman's intuition.

"Thundercats: Song of the Petalars (#1.4)" (2011)
Lion-O: If we stay here, we die.
Tygra: ThunderCats do not retreat!
Lion-O: With a situation this hopeless, I'll make an exception!
Tygra: Hope comes from action! Isn't that what Father told us?
Lion-O: And what happened to him? Now come on!

Lion-O: In the blink of an eye...
Cheetara: Hmmm?
Lion-O: Nothing... It's just... I keep thinking about my father... I, I know it sounds dumb, but I thought he'd live forever... He gave his life, and for what? We have nothing left.
Cheetara: We have the Sword. We have each other. But most importantly, we have hope.

Cheetara: [holds a Petalar child] As the ancient Thunderian philosopher said: Time is relative. This child was just a baby hours ago. The Petalars' entire existence seems to pass in the course of a single day. But from their perspective...
Lion-O: It's a lifetime.

Lion-O: What's the point of it all? Kingdoms rise and fall. Lifetimes come and go. Are any of us here long enough to even make a difference?
Adult Emrick: You sound like an old man talking like that.
Lion-O: Emrick?
Adult Emrick: With so many great adventures ahead of us, we still have a chance to make our marks.
Lion-O: Yes, my friend, many adventures. I hope.

Lion-O: [holds up an elderly Emrick] Hurry, there's not much time... Literally.
Old Emrick: This, I'm afraid, is the end of my journey.
Lion-O: Emrick?
Old Emrick: It's all right... old friend...
Lion-O: In the blink of an eye...
Old Emrick: In the end, what matters isn't how long we've lived, but how fully we've lived... The good we've done... the friends we've made... the love we shared along the way...
Lion-O: [cries] I'm sorry I didn't get you to The Garden...
Old Emrick: It's the journey, Lion-O... Remember that...
[He and Lion-O remember their brief time together, and then Emrick dies in Lion-O's hands, blowing away into the breeze]

Cheetara: We can try to find another way out of this Briar...
Lion-O: Retreat...? ThunderCats never retreat! I say we face the lizards, and hope for the best... We're all leaves passing in the wind, here and then gone. But while we're here, we live to the fullest! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! ThunderCats! HO!
[the ThunderCats attack, but get surrounded fast]
Tygra: Father would have been proud of your bravery, Lion-O!
Lion-O: A glory I'm honored to share with all of you!
Cheetara: My service to the crown has always been a cherished privilege!

[last lines]
[the Thundertank driver appears]
Lion-O: Who are you?
Panthro: Name's Panthro!

Child Emrick: When I grow up, I wanna be like you, Lion-O.
Lion-O: Enjoy your childhood. Trust me, you'll miss it when it's gone.
Child Emrick: But I want to be a hero. Can you give me sword lessons?
Lion-O: Well first, you can't just wave a weapon around like that. You need to concentrate, be more precise...
[a giant winged creature seizes Emrick and flies away]
Child Emrick: Whoa! Help me Lion-O!
Lion-O: Emrick! Fight back!
[Emrick jabs his thorn sword into the creatures talon until it drops him]
Lion-O: Emrick! You scared me half to death!
Adult Emrick: I thought I'd never see you again!
Lion-O: Who are you? Where's Emrick?
Adult Emrick: What are you talking about Lion-O? I'm Emrick.Don't you recognize your old friend?
Lion-O: Emrick's just a boy.
Adult Emrick: Maybe the last time you saw me... But I suppose I was lost in the woods a long time...
Lion-O: Uh... not that long...
Adult Emrick: You never gave up trying to find me!
Lion-O: No problem...

Child Emrick: What are you? I've never seen people like you before. Are you from here in the Briar? What's that in your hands? Did you make it? You're not the same as the others. Are you some kind of pet? Do you grow from seeds like us? What's that red crystal? How tall are you anyway? Why are you covered with hair? What kind of...?
Lion-O: Okay, slow down. You sound like me when I was your age.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part V (#4.5)" (1989)
Lynx-O: There's no point in starting to build a new Lair again. Every time we put up a wall, Mumm-Ra just knocks it down again.
Lynx-O: There is an alternative.
Lion-O: What's that, Lynx-O?
Lynx-O: It may just be impossible to live here. We could abandon New Thundera.
Torr: No, Thundercats! Forgive me if I speak out of turn, but there are many more like us out there - Thunderean refugees, wanderers in space. Thundera is our home, too. We must overcome Mumm-Ra, and help our people come home.

Panthro: What's happening down there?
Lion-O: Mumm-Ra. That's what's happening down there.

Panthro: We have to get in there, somehow.
Lion-O: Somehow is the operative word.

Lion-O: Eye of Thundera, give me your power.

Lion-O: Thundercats...
Panthro: Ho!
Bengali: Ho!
Cheetara: Ho!
Wilykat: Ho!
Wilykit: Ho!

Lion-O: Jaga, Thundercat ancestors, Eye of Thundera, Sword of Omens, do not fail me now!

Lion-O: [attacking Mumm-Ra with the Sword of Omens] Ho!
Lion-O, Panthro: [attacking] Ho!

[last lines]
Lion-O: We owe everything to the Sword of Omens, and the Eye of Thundera. And as long as we are entrusted to the Sword Omens, we have the power to fight evil, wherever we find it. Thundercats...
Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit, Wilykat, Bengali, Jagara: [responding to his raising the Sword] Ho!

"Thundercats: The Book of Omens (#4.20)" (1989)
[first lines]
Panthro: What's going on, Lion-O?
Lion-O: It's another one of our mysterious earthquakes. They're getting worse each week.

Lion-O: Sword of Omens, enter the Book.

Lion-O: No one may possess the Key. It belongs to itself, as surely as a soul belongs to its body.
Mumm-Ra: [laughs] But in my hand, it will do *my* bidding! It will destroy you, and your soul!

Guardian of the Book of Omens: There is no way that the Key of Thundera will harm the Sword of Omens. These two are part of the Book of Omens, and as long as they are in the hands of opposing forces, they are impotent.
Lion-O: Then, how may I retrieve the Key?
Guardian of the Book of Omens: The way it has been done since the beginning of time: good must overcome evil in unarmed combat.

Lion-O: Are you ready, Mumm-Ra?
Mumm-Ra: Anytime, disciple of good.
Lion-O: Justice, truth, honor, and loyalty!

Mumm-Ra: I will twist off your lion head!
Lion-O: It will take more than the feeble arms of a mummy!
Mumm-Ra: It is not the strength of arms that will win this battle. It's the strength of will!

Mumm-Ra: There's no way to fight fire.
Lion-O: Oh, yes, there is. You fight fire with fire.

[last lines]
Panthro: You can never get rid of evil. It will always exist in some form or another.
Lion-O: The best we can do is to keep evil at bay, by remembering our responsibility, by remembering our duty, by remembering ourselves, and who we are.
Cheetara: We are Thundercats.
Panthro: Upholding justice.
Snarfer: Truth.
Wilykat, Wilykit: Honor.
Snarf: And loyalty.
Panthro, Lion-O, Cheetara, Snarfer, Wilykat, Wilykit, Snarf: THUNDERCATS, HO!

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed (#1.42)" (1985)
Jaga: It is an important learning experience, Lion-o. Without the Sword you have to use ingenuity in addition to courage and strength.
Lion-O: But I'm not better than the other Thundercats.
Jaga: You don't have to be better, Lion-O. But you do have to prove your leadership qualities.

Cheetara: And you concede defeat?
Lion-O: No! I haven't lost until you've won, Cheetara.
Cheetara: In that case, it's almost sundown, Lion-O.
Lion-O: Yes. Let's do it!

Lion-O: I may lose, but it *won't* be because I gave up!

Lion-O: Do we have to continue with this?
Tygra: Every Thundercat Lord must pass the anointment trials, Lion-O.
Panthro: It's not just a ritual, Lion-O. You have to prove you're worthy of that title.

Lion-O: And, if I fail?
Jaga: You *will* fail, if you give up before you even begin.

Lion-O: Competing with you is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I hate it.
Snarf: Don't let yourself feel that way, Lion-O.

[last lines]
Lion-O: [extending his hand to have them place theirs on his] I'll do my best. But even if I win, I'll never forget that you are my friends. Everything I am, I owe to you.
Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Snarf: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment First Day: The Trial of Strength (#1.37)" (1985)
Lion-O: I've been taking my title for granted. And yes, I've been a bit cocky about it at times. But the ancient wisdom of the Thundercats cannot be denied. It's only *right* that I *prove* myself fit to command.

Lion-O: Well, then, if it means fighting a friend, I don't have what it takes.
Panthro: *That* is what we're here to find out.
[attacks Lion-O]

Lion-O: Am *I* allowed to help *you*?
Panthro: Nothing in the Code against it.

Panthro: You've done it, Lion-O. You're stronger than I am.
Lion-O: I'd hate to put that to the test when you've recovered, Panthro.

Lion-O: Why didn't anyone tell me?
Snarf: 'Cause of Lord of the Thundercats, you'll be expected to deal with anything you'll ever come up against. Especially the unexpected.
Lion-O: And that means I'll have to be as strong as Pantrho... as fast as Cheetara... as cunning as Wilykat and Kit... *and* have the powerful intellignece of Tygra?
Snarf: It's, uh, not that easy, Lion-O.
Lion-O: Easy? You call *that* easy?

Lion-O: [chuckling wryly] An acid lake, the Great Void - and the trials are just beginning?

Panthro: [wrestling] You're - very - strong, Lion-O.
Lion-O: Because - of you, Panthro.

"Thundercats: The Thunderscope (#3.17)" (1988)
Snarf: Lion-O! You're all right! I thought you might - m... I-I thought you were - that you were...
Lion-O: Well, Snarf, whatever you thought, I'm not.

Lion-O: I don't feel so good, but at least I'm in one piece.
[winces gripping his head]
Lion-O: Ooh. I think.

Lion-O: Looks like we have guests.
Snarf: I don't remember inviting *them*.

Lion-O: We must get the Thunderscope back undamaged if possible. Only as a last resort will we destroy it to prevent Mumm-Ra from losing it.
Snarf: I'd rather destroy Mumm-Ra.

Lion-O: How did the expedition to Thundera go?
Panthro: Not too well, I'm afraid.
Cheetara: All we could find was this orb. We believe it may have some powers, but none of us could figure out what it does.
Snarf: Hey, great. Where did you find that Snarfball?

[last lines]
Lion-O: By using the Thunderscope, we will be able to locate all of the missing Treasure of Thundera and decode the Book of Omens.
Snarf: Yeah, but will you be able to find any more Snarfballs?
[runs out playing for a few seconds before his aim goes off and he hits himself in the head with it, causing the others to laugh]

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power (#1.50)" (1985)
Tygra: The Lord of the Thundercats must be able to tell what *is* from what is *not*. Have you prepared yourself?
Lion-O: That's what we're here to find out.

Tygra: I *am* allowed to tell you this. Before this day is over, Lion-O, you will face your greatest fear.
Lion-O: But I fear nothing... that I know of.
Tygra: We shall see. Let the trial begin!

Lion-O: Can't tell if this storm is real or another one of Tygra's illusions. Either way it's cold! No! Can't let myself feel it. Concentrate! It's not cold. It's *not* cold!... It's *freezing*, is what it is!

Lion-O: Now that I've survived the trials of all the Thundercats. I wonder why they were so important.
Tygra: It is our tradition.
Lion-O: Tradition?
Tygra: Yes, Lion-O. It gives our lives form. It tells us who we are and what we must do.

Lion-O: [of Snowmeow] I'm sure glad he's a friend.

Lion-O: It's my nightmare. It's waken me in terror ever since. I hid my fear then, as I hide it now, because...
[he remembers what Tygra said earlier]
Tygra: Before this day is over, you will face your greatest fear.
Lion-O: My greatest fear is that - that I'll be afraid again. But I fear it no more. Do you hear me, Tygra? My nightmare is over!

Thundercats - Ho! The Movie (1985) (V)
Snowman: Here. Drink this. Mountain-herb medicine.
Lion-O: [sips and groans] Uhh! That tastes awful, Snowman.
Snowman: Yes. But, worse it tastes, better it is for you.

Tygra: [after almost shooting him thinking he was Slythe in the sky-cutter] Lion-O. Hoh! That was close.
Lion-O: Close doesn't count. Luckily for me.

Lion-O: Thundereans, ho!

Bengali: [to the Thundercats then to Lion-O] We haven't thanked you. Especially you.
Pumyra: And you haven't even told us your name.
Lynx-O: [causing the other two to look amazed and bow] You are standing before Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats.
Lion-O: How did you know, Lynx-O?
Lynx-O: I hear your father's voice in yours. I could not mistake it.
Lion-O: You knew my father?
Lynx-O: Everyone knew him.
Lion-O: You must tell me about him. I was just a child when - when we lost Thundera.
Lynx-O: I will tell you gladly, when we visit here.
Lion-O: Visit? But you'll be living here, all of you.
Pumyra: In Cats' Lair?
Bengali: On Thundera the Lair was only for Thundercats.
Lion-O: Well, you handled yourselves like Thundercats.

[last lines]
Lion-O: [using the Sword of Omens to burn Thundercat insignia on the badges on their new cloaks] Welcome to Third Earth. Thundercat Lynx-O. Thundercat Pumyra. Thundercat Bengali.
Tygra: [takes one of Bengali's shoulders before taking the other] Brother.
Lion-O: Thunder! Thunder! Thunder...
Lion-O, Tygra, Lynx-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Pumyra, Snarf, Wilykit, Wilykat: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: Totem of Dera (#3.6)" (1988)
Snarfer: I don't think I'll ever be a Thundercat.
Lion-O: Just believe in yourself, Snarfer.
Snarfer: Ha?
Lion-O: Use the talents you have, and you'll always find a way to do your part as a member of the team.

Jaga: [appears] Lion-O. Can you hear me, Lion-O?
Lion-O: [painfully] Jaga - !

Lion-O: As usual, Mutants, you're very brave when it's three against one, but when the odds are even, you're just a bunch of cowards.
Monkian: Are we gonna let him talk to us like that?
Vultureman: ...Yes.

Lion-O: Panthro - the waterfall. If we can divert it, we can dissolve that swamp-demon.
Panthro: The waterfall's too far away. We'll never make it.
Lion-O: [holds out the Sword] We will if we all join together.

[last lines]
Snarf: You have to have faith in yourself, Snarfer. It's like I've always said.
Lion-O, Lynx-O: You never know what you can do until you try.
Lion-O: [thinking of Jaga] Of course, it never hurts to have friends.

"Thundercats: Tight Squeeze (#1.40)" (1985)
Lion-O: There must be a way into the Sword-chamber.
Snarf: The only thing that can get in there is air.
Panthro: Hey - that's it! Snarf - you *are* a genius!

Lion-O: Tou're not scared, are you?
Snarf: Of course not. I'm just terrified.

Lion-O: What happened to them?
Slythe: [rounding the corner] *We* happened to them, Thundercat.

Lion-O: I guess real strength doesn't come from a weapon. It comes from inside.

[last lines]
Panthro: So, tell us, Snarf, how'd you ever fit through that tiny vent in the Sword Chamber?
Snarf: It was a tight squeeze, Panthro.
Lion-O: Well, you *have* added a few pounds recently, Snarf.
Snarf: [sighs] I know, I *know*.
Wilykit: [Tygra lands the Feliner and the Thunderkittens jump out] Snarf! Just who we wanted to see!
Wilykat: We're famished. Can you please cook us something?
Snarf: I'm never going in a kitchen again. I'm going on a diet.
Wilykit: You mean, no more candy-fruit?
Snarf: That's right.
Wilykat: No more bread-fruit, smothered in fresh honey?
Wilykit: [Snarf moans and licks his lips longingly] And no more meat-fruit roasts?
Wilykat: With Snarf's Secret Seasoning.
Lion-O: [Snarf moans again] But I thought you were going on a diet, Snarf.
Snarf: [popping on his chef's hat] I am. Starting tomorrow.
[the Thundercats laugh]

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Third Day: The Trial of Cunning (#1.46)" (1985)
Wilykit, Wilykat: You tricked us!
Lion-O: Yep. It's been a trick for a trick all day. But it's the last trick that *wins* the day!

Wilykat: Did you get to the tree?
Lion-O: Well, almost. Then I heard your calls, and then...
Wilykat: Then you haven't beat us yet!

Lion-O: Anytime you're ready, then.
Wilykat: We're always ready!

Wilykat: You stopped to make friends?
Wilykit: And risk failing the anointment trial?
Lion-O: [touching their shoulders] I didn't plan it that way. But it turns out you can't have too many friends, as you two found out.

Lion-O: [while trying to rescue Wilykit and Wilykat from the molten crevasse] I'll try to get lower.
Wilykat: Got it.
Lion-O: Slippery! I can't hang on!
[Just as Lion-O loses his grip, a cave dweller grabs him]
Lion-O: You!
Cave Dweller: We heard the cries. We'll help your friends.
[Cavemen form a chain to reach Wilykat]
Cave Dweller: Are my hands close to yours?
Wilykat: Yes. Just a few inches more.
Cave Dweller: A bit lower.
[grabs Wilykat]
Cave Dweller: I have him. Pull us up.
Wilykat: Wilykit is still down there, Lion-O!
Cave Dweller: We'll get her.
Lion-O: Your eyes! You've hurt them!
Cave Dweller: They'll be all right. We kept them shut.
Lion-O: No. You might damage your eyes for good. Do you still have your larriat, Wilykat?
Wilykat: Yes
Lion-O: Kit! When you catch the larriat, loop it under your arms.

"Thundercats: The Astral Prison (#1.22)" (1985)
Cheetara: There must be something we can do.
Lion-O: You can wish me luck.

Jaga: By Thundera, Lion-O, I never thought I'd see you again!
Lion-O: Now we'll be together forever, Jaga. I can never return to Third Earth.

Lion-O, Jaga: Thundercats, ho!

Jaga: I owe my freedom to your bravery, Lion-O.
Lion-O: I don't think I'd've been so brave if I had known what I was getting into in the astral world.
Jaga: But you did confront the unknown, Lion-O. That takes real courage. It's always easier to deal with dangers that you know, and understand.
Lion-O: Well, I couldn't just stand by and watch, Jaga. I had to do something.
Jaga: I will always be grateful.
Lion-O: Well, it was no more than you did for us when you saved the Thundercats and brought us here from Thundera.
Jaga: [laughs] So, now we're even, Lord of the Thundercats.

[last lines]
Lion-O: I tell you, Snarf, the thought of being stuck there in the astral world really made me appreciate our life here on Third Earth.
Snarf: Mutantas and all?
Lion-O: [laughs] Mutants and all.
Snarf: Well, maybe from now on you'll keep your feet on the ground.

"Thundercats: Well of Doubt (#4.19)" (1989)
Snarfer: We can use the Whisker.
Lion-O: Right now, though, what I could really use is a drink of water.

Lion-O: [weakly] Maybe, we should surrender?
Snarfer: No way, Lion-O! How can you say that? Where's your Thundercat spirit?
Jagara: [taking it from Lion-O's belt] Thundercat spirit! That's it, Snarfer! That's the key. Everyone, grab a hold of the Sword.
[they do]
Jagara: Lion-O, listen to us. Your people are in great danger. They need you. Feel the calm bond of your people through the Sword of Omens. Feel the strength in the Eye of Thundera!

Lion-O: [after soaking him with a rainstorm] I'd say the Baron's chances of ruling New Thundera are all washed up.

Jagara: I think Lion-O would have snapped out of it all by himself eventually.
Lion-O: Well, maybe. But there's nothing like friends, to help you through rough times.

Snarfer: [laughing] All's well, that *ends* well.
Lion-O: [smiling weakly] ... Ooh.
Jagara: For that remark, you can *walk* back.
[engulfs herself and Lion-O in the sphere]
Snarfer: Hey, what's wrong, can't you take a joke? Oh, *well*.

"Thundercats: Eye of the Beholder (#1.60)" (1985)
Snarf: Jackalman thought he could catch old Snarf. But I was too smart for him.
Lion-O: You could've drowned.
Snarf: Maybe I should carry the Sword. Then no one would dare to bother me.
Lion-O: Come on. We better get you back to the Lair before you catch pneumonia.
Panthro: [chuckling] When we get there, I'll make you a Sword of your own. Then you can fight the Mutants whenever you want.
Lion-O: [stops and takes the Sword of Omens out] Tell me, Panthro, can you actually duplicate this?
Panthro: Sure. Why not? Everything except for the Eye of Thundera. Why?

Lion-O: I swear by the Eye of Thundara, I'll tear Plun-Darr apart with my bare hands if they've harmed one hair on Snarf's head.

Lion-O: [finding Snarf] You're safe!
Mumm-Ra: But you are doomed!

Snarf: Sometimes I wish my nose would just fall off so I wouldn't have to blow it all the time.
Lion-O: Better be careful what you wish for, Snarf. Mumm-Ra wished for the Sword of Omens, and look what happened to him.
[Snarf pinches his nose shut]

[last lines]
Tygra: He'll be all right in a couple of days.
Lion-O: And that should give you plenty of time to make his Thundertank.
Panthro: What?
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Psych Out! (#2.7)" (1987)
Snarf: Life's no fun anymore. The Thundercats are so busy, no one's got time for a game of hide-and-seek with poor old Snarf.
Lion-O: [leaping down behind him] Gotcha!
[Snarf jumps violently and crash-lands a few feet away; he laughs at the unexpected reaction]

Lion-O: Rule number one of tracking: when you're being tracked, don't leave behind a trail of Snarf-hair.
Snarf: [groans] It must be the shedding season.

Alluro: I beat you to the talisman. And that means, I'm invincible.
Lion-O: Actions speak louder than words, Lunatac.

Snarf: I, uh, never did open this box to see what the Talisman looks like.
[does and reacts in shock]
Snarf: The Talisman was smashed! It never even gave me any special power!
Lion-O: Snarf's self-confidence and power came from within himself, not from some external source.
[Snarf stirs and groans, causing the Thundercats to laugh]

Lion-O: I hope you learned something from your run-in with Alluro, Snarf.
Snarf: Uh, uh, never take on a Lunatac by yourself?

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera (#1.20)" (1985)
Claudus: Cane-O, you have brought a friend to me.
[touches Lion-O's shoulder]
Claudus: Who are you?
Lion-O: I am Lion-O, your son.
Claudus: [feeling his face] You cannot be. Lion-O is a mere boy. You are a grown warrior.

Claudus: I thank you for your help. May my son Lion-O grow up to be as brave and noble as you, and carry on the code of Thundera.
Claudus, Lion-O: [clasping one another's wrists] Truth, justice, honor, loyalty.
Claudus: The tremors grow worse. Go, while you still can.
Lion-O: [exits and looks back at him] Farewell, Father.

Lion-O: [lands from the catapault in the war-robot's hand which allows him to leap down its arm and in front of it easily before it has the chance to grab him] Thanks for the catch.

Lion-O: Sword of Omens, give me power beyond power!

[last lines]
Lion-O: Claudus, my father, wherever you are, my thoughts and love go to you. May we meet again, somewhere in time.

"Thundercats: Ancient Spirits of Evil (#1.2)" (2011)
Tygra: We've lost our kingdom, our father, the Sword... We lost everything.
Lion-O: This is my fault, Tygra. I didn't know what it meant at the time, but... I did see a vision through the Sword... Mumm-Ra...
Tygra: And you told no one? This is exactly why you aren't fit to be king! Your decisions always bring disaster!

[the lizards Lion-O had saved earlier on return the favour by bringing him an escape route]
Lion-O: Sometimes my decisions bring disaster, and sometimes they bring a key...

Lion-O: [on Claudus] He's lost all faith in me, Jaga.
Jaga: What is important is that you do not lose faith in yourself.

Jaga: The Book of Omens lies at the foot of the setting sun... You must find it before Mumm-Ra does...
Lion-O: I can't do this alone!
Jaga: You won't have to. You have everything you need, Lion-O. Whatever questions remain, the answers are in the Book of Omens. Find it! Now go! Go!

Lion-O: You took my father's life... but you won't take his sword!
[holds up the Sword]
Lion-O: Thunder! Thunder! THUNDER! THUNDERCATS! HO!

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part II (#2.2)" (1987)
Lion-O: Who are you?
Tugmug: They call me Tugmug, and I am a Lunatac from the Moons of Plun-Darr. Ours will be a short acquaintance.

Bengali: A Thundarian blacksmith forged that mighty blade, Lion-O. Only another smith, like me, would know the secrets of its mighty alloys.
Lion-O: It's my guess there are some secrets in that hammer, too.

Panthro: [pounding the table] If we could only find a way to bypass Fire Rock Mountain, we'd stand a chance of finding out what this new evil alliance is all about.
Bolkin: But there is a way past Fire Rock Mountain.
Lion-O: [as Snarf jumps up] There is?
Bolkin: Sure. I thought everyone knew that. Well, it's a legend really. They say there's a canyon that leads directly into the Dark Side.
Wolo: It starts in the Forest of Mists.
Panthro: [sighs] Much use that is. No one's ever found a way of navigating through that stuff.
Lynx-O: But perhaps I could. Since my blindness, I have had to learn many new ways and develop other senses. The Forest of Mists deprives you and our vehicles of sight, of radar. But it deprives me of nothing. I might be able to guide you through it.

Lion-O: [Lynx-O steers by dodging and twisting as he can perceive the Forest of Mists] Relax, Wolo. We're in the hands of a master.
Wolo: [choking] Re-relax?

[last lines]
Lion-O: The Lunatacs can move anywhere. Terrorize and plunder anywhere they want to. There is no safe place on Third Earth.

"Thundercats: The Crystal Queen (#1.23)" (1985)
Lion-O: Did the engine break down?
Panthro: No way. When *I* build 'em, they don't *dare* break down.

RoBear Bill: Oh. It's Queen Tartara again. She's always trying to steal the Arietta Bird for the Crystal Kingdom. She wants it to sing for her alone.
Lion-O: Why, that's the most selfish thing I ever heard!
RoBear Bill: Yes. Isn't it sad. She never learned that the greatest pleasure comes from sharing.
Lion-O: Well, I'm not about to wait until she learns!

Lion-O: [the mountain-creature he bumped advances to ram] Aw, come on. Neither of us needs an avalanche.

Lion-O: [shouldering the coat the chasing guard he tried to stop from sliding over the ledge fell out of] Jaga says there's always a benefit in misfortune. Hard to see what benefit that poor devil go tout of this. But at least *I* won't freeze.

[last lines]
Lion-O: We couldn't have done it without you.
Snarf: See? Old Snarf just gets better with age.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Jackalman's Rebellion (#1.44)" (1985)
Lion-O: Why would the Mutants fight each other?
Panthro: Beats me. Who knows how Mutants think?

Snarf: General Jackalman? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.
Bollkin: Easy for *you* to say that, Snarf. You've got the Thundercats to protect *you*.
Lion-O: And we'll protect you too, Bollkin.

Lion-O: Cheetara, can you catch Molemaster before he reaches the forest?
Cheetara: Gentlemen, place your bets.

Cheetara: I wonder what will happen to Jackalman now.
Tygra: One thing's for sure: he's run out of friends this time.
Cheetara: [placing her hand on top of Lion-O's] Justice.
Tygra: [placing his down] Truth.
Panthro: [placing his down] Honor.
Lion-O: And especially, loyalty.
Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Lion-O: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: The Formula (#3.13)" (1988)
Lion-O: [the giant beetle who stole it earlier shows up] Nice of you to bring me my Sword. But this whole scene is beginning to *bug* me.

Lion-O: I never thought I'd owe a plant a favor, but thanks.

Wilykat: [caught in the cocoon] Get us out of here, please!
Lion-O: [laughs] Are you sure you want out? If you stay in there long enough, you might turn into a butterfly.

Lion-O: Well, I guess we better get back to the Lair, and figure out how to put everything back to normal.
Wilykat: [in the cocoon-binding with Kat and Pumyra] Hey!
Wilykat, Wilykat: What about us?
Lion-O: Huh? Wilykit, Wilykat? Why, I didn't realize you were still hanging around.
Wilykat, Wilykat: Oh, no!/Oh, Lion-O!

"Thundercats: Malcar (#4.10)" (1989)
Lion-O: We better get the Feliner ready and go check it out.
Cheetara: But, Lion-O, that's way beyond the Feliner's range.
Lion-O: I'm sure Panthro will think of something.

Lion-O: [stopping him from falling off the side of the clliff that gave way] Don't be so jittery, Snarf.
Snarf: Easy for you to say.

Lion-O: [laughs helping him out of the water he landed in after he rolled downhill on the boulder that broke from the cliff] There are easier ways down this mountain, Snarf.
Snarf: Yeah. But none quicker.

Lion-O: I don't mean to be rude, but I don't have time to waste.
Malcar: [laughs] You have never spoken a truer word.

"Thundercats: The Thunder-Cutter (#1.27)" (1985)
Hachiman: A samurai never backs off.
Lion-O: Does that mean that a samurai has no manners?
Hachiman: It is good manners for a boy to get out of the way of a man.

Panthro: Lion-O - ho!
Lion-O: [raising the Sword of Omens] Ho!
Hachiman: [raising the Thunder-Cutter] Ho!

Nayda: Let me ask you, Lion-O. If it had come down to it, who do you think would have won that sword-duel?
Lion-O: Why, Hachiman. He had the experience and strength.
Nayda: Funny. When I asked him that, he said you, because you were young and flexible.

[last lines]
Lion-O: The truth is, in a duel, nobody wins.

"Thundercats: Vultureman's Revenge (#2.20)" (1987)
Lion-O: You look down there, Snarf. And be careful. I sense something evil about this place.
Snarf: If you feel that way, maybe I should go along to protect you.

Chilla: Lower your Sword, Thundercat. Or I'll frost your precious Thunderkittens.
Lion-O: If I give in, you'll do it anyway.

Lion-O: [putting a hand on his shoulder] You got caught in the crossfire between the Thundercats and the Lunatacs. I'm sorry.
Wolo: [patting it] The Thundercats have come to our aid many times. We are always glad to see you, even under such circumstances as this.

[last lines]
Wilykit: All the Wolos' crops are saved!
Lion-O: Thanks to Jaga.
Wolo: Please pass on my people's humble thanks.
Lion-O: I'll pass on your thanks, old friend. You can be sure of that.

"Thundercats: Exodus (#1.1)" (1985)
Jaga: Thundera is gone. But the Code of Thundera will live on, as long as you, as Lord of the Thundercats, carry it in your heart. It will be your sacred duty to rule according to that code in our new home, wherever it may be. Justice, truth, honor, loyalty.
Lion-O: I will, Jaga, I swear it... I mean, I'll try.

Slythe: Now, boy, give me the Sword.
Lion-O: You shall not have it while I live.

Lion-O: [he appears to him in spiritual form] Jaga? Is it really you? You're still with me?
Jaga: I will always be with you, Lion-O.

Panthro: The Mutants will not rest until they have the Eye of Thundera in their clutches.
Lion-O: That will never happen. I'll see to it.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part III (#4.3)" (1989)
Twotime: [after flinging them upside-down] Welcome to Domedown, my friends.
Lion-O: A strange way to treat friends, whoever you are.

Panthro: [hung upside-down] This has gone beyond a joke.
Lion-O: Well, I'm not hanging around here any longer.

Lion-O: Here comes the cavalry.
Panthro: [good-naturedly] Late as usual.

Lion-O: This New Thundera is a strange place.
Cheetara: Not as strange as it's going to be.

"Thundercats: Shadowmaster (#4.15)" (1989)
Lion-O: Let Claudus go free, and I will take his place as your prisoner.

Shadowmaster: No! No! Not again!
Lion-O, Claudus: [touching the Sword] HOOO!

Claudus: Lion-O, my son, this is where I leave you. My time on Thundera has passed.
Lion-O: What?
[extends an arm as Claudus drifts back from the Signal that is guiding them out through the great void]
Lion-O: Father, wait.
Claudus: No, my son. This was meant to be. Farewell, Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats. You've made your father a proud man.

Panthro: Where's Claudus, Lion-O? Did you save him?
Lion-O: Yes, Panthro, I did. As to where he is now, let's just say he's... with a friend.

"Thundercats: Mechanical Plague (#1.48)" (1985)
Lion-O: [to the camera during the fight] I hope you're getting all this. Because I'm not doing any retakes.

Lion-O: I think I've had it with this show. Time to change the scene.

Snarf: Please, fellas, let me down!
Lion-O: [thoughtfully] Well, this is the one thing the Sword can do that we haven't recorded.

[last lines]
Lion-O: You were great, Snarf.
Tygra: The star of the show.
Snarf: That's the last time I do a comedy-part. Next time, I'm going to be serious. The Real Snarf.
Panthro: You know what they say.
Snarf: What's that?
Panthro: There's a hidden Hamlet in every comic.
Snarf: Exactly!
[heading off]
Snarf: What the heck is a Hamlet?

"Thundercats: Mandora: The Evil Chaser (#1.10)" (1985)
Lion-O: What is *in* that gun?
Mandora: An ancient formula, now a closely-guarded secret. It used to be called "soap".

Lion-O: [to Burnout] Stay back! I don't want to destroy you.
Snarf: Who's going to destroy whom?

Mandora: Before it's too late, Lion-O, I have to say you'd make a great evil-chaser.
Lion-O: Thanks, Mandora. Coming from you that says a lot.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Now don't say it.
Snarf: Don't worry, I won't say it.
Lion-O: I know you; you will.
Tygra: [coming in] Will what?
Wilykit: Say it.
Snarf: Not only that, but I didn't get my purse back.
Tygra: What purse?
Snarf: The one that had my Jaga penny. If Lion-O hadn't let...
Wilykit: He's gonna say it!
Panthro: [comes in] Snarf, I think this belongs to you. That friend of yours Mandora left it.
Snarf: My purse! She found it! Your only problem is...
Lion-O, Tygra, Wilykit, Panthro, Wilykat, Cheetara: "You're too curious!"
Snarf: That's my boy!
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Mongor (#1.19)" (1985)
Lion-O: Sword of Omens, do not fail me. For Thundera, for Jaga, and for the Thundercats, strike now.

Wilykat: Don't look at him, Lion-O.
Lion-O: No, Wilykat. I no longer fear his power. And without fear, he is nothing.

Lion-O: Go back to your ruined temple, and leave Third Earth to live without fear.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Coming back here must have been the bravest thing you've done.
Wilykit: Oh, not really, Lion-O. It's just...
Wilykat: That we were even more scared of your anger more than we were of Mongor!
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: The Rock Giant (#1.43)" (1985)
Lion-O: [over the radio] Wilykat! Comes in, Wilykat. Where are you? Where are you?
Wilykit: Our space-boards broke down. We're in the forest.
Lion-O: You're in the forest? Under the trees? Get out into the open! Under a tree is the worst place...

Lion-O: Hey, Snarf, where are the Thunderkittens?
Snarf: I don't know, Lion-O. Don't I have enough trouble looking after *you*?
[he grins and holds out his hands good-naturedly]

Lion-O: I don't like to run away from *anything*.
Wilykat: That's not anything, Lion-O. That's... that's awesome.

Snarf: Come inside before you catch your death of cold. You look llike something the... cat dragged in.
Lion-O, Wilykit, Wilykat, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra: Oh, Snarf!

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part V (#3.5)" (1988)
Lion-O: They're going to crash! They'll be destroyed!
Mumm-Ra: [from behind] And *I'll* destroy *you*!

Snarf: I mesmerized him with the magic flute. He's helpless. I'm responsible. I just can't leave him there.
Lion-O: [sighing] OK; I can't argue with that.

Lion-O: Thundercubs...
Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Snarf, Snarfer: HO!

Lion-O: The Cave of Time is the only way the Thundercubs can return to their true Thundercat ages.
Bengali: But what happens if they stay in there too long?
Lynx-O: They'll end up older than me.

"Thundercats: Spitting Image (#1.18)" (1985)
Lion-O: [the clone advances on him] Stop! You don't know what you're doing!
Hammerhand: Frightened, cub?
Lion-O: [dodges the end of his nunchucks which sinks into the tree he was standing in front of] Don't force me to fight you, Panthro. Jaga forbade us to fight among ourselves.
Hammerhand: Jaga is gone, cub. Now I serve a new master.

Lion-O: Jaga, guide my hand, and free Panthro!

Lion-O: Facing that thing taught me just how strong we are.
Tygra: But strength alone is never enough to succeed.

[last lines]
Lion-O: One thing's for sure: I'm glad you're one of the *good* guys.

"Thundercats: The Superpower Potion (#1.59)" (1985)
Snarf, Lion-O: [he flies in] Vultureman!
Lion-O: Super-Vultureman, Thundercat. I've got your feline friends Panthro and Tygra. Now it's your turn.
Snarf: Oh, yeah? You and whose army, Beaky?

Lion-O: No potion can make you less evil, Vultureman. And evil always loses out in the end.

Lion-O: You should have known better than to strike a bargain with Mumm-Ra, Vultureman.

Tygra: Well, uh, I guess we just have to wait 'til the effects of the beam wear off.
[Snarf blinks and his ears droop]
Panthro: That's right. It'll probably only take a few weeks.
[Snarf's ears raise again and he struggles to speak]
Lion-O: Maybe life would be a little too quiet without him, though. What do you think?
Tygra: Well... maybe.
Panthro: You could be right at that.

"Thundercats: The Spaceship Beneath the Sands (#1.14)" (1985)
Panthro: They're sky-cutters. Mutant ships.
Lion-O: But I thought all their equipment was destroyed.
Panthro: Not completely, it looks like. I'll tend to that... now.

Lion-O: He's trying to hide in that stand of trees, Panthro.
Panthro: Trying isn't doing.

Lion-O: That thing is amphibious, Panthro. He tricked us into going off that cliff.
Panthro: Yeah? Well, we've got a trick up our sleeve, too. The Thundertank can be driven just as well on the ocean bottom.
[it catches its front on one of a pair of underwater cliffs and is stuck upside-down in between]
Panthro: But not on its *back*!

Snarf: You've been running underwater tests on the Thundertank, and you called us all the way out here to see that?
Lion-O: If it was a test, we passed.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part I (#4.1)" (1989)
Lion-O: The safety of Third Earth is now in your hands. The League of Third Earth. Mandora, Willa, Nayda, Snowman and Snowmeow, RoBear Bill, RoBear Belle. So, wish us luck, and we'll be on our way.
Snowman: Thundercats...
Lion-O, Snowman, Snarf, Snarfer, RoBear Bill, RoBear Belle, Willa: [with the Thundercats] HO!

Lynx-O: As we all know, the Sword of Omens cannot harm the innocent.
Lion-O: Which means this stone giant is not an evil force.
Panthro: Too bad nobody bothered to tell *him* that.

Lion-O: I've got you, Cheetara. Hang on.
Cheetara: [notices his grip on the wall slipping] But who's got *you*?
Panthro: [grabbing his wrist] I have.

[last lines]
Panthro: I get the feeling we're in for a rough ride up here on New Thundera.
Cheetara: And *I* get the feeling that whatever's happening, it's not a natural phenomenon.
Lynx-O: I'm sure you're right. And I'm sure there'll be more.
Wilykat: You mean, someone's working against us?
Lion-O: That's what we have to find out.

"Thundercats: Feliner: Part Two (#1.30)" (1985)
Snarf: There must be something you can do to get this thing going, Panthro.
Panthro: I'm working on it, Osbert.
Panthro: I'm working on it.
Lion-O: Why are you so keen, Snarf? I thought you said nothing could get you into the Feliner.
Snarf: I know, Lion-O, I know. But... I'd really like to see the planet of Snarfs.
Panthro: [laughs] You just want to collect your fifty Thunder-dollars, *Uncle Osbert*.

Lion-O: Think we can bargain with them?
Panthro: Since when do the Mutants listen to reason?

Lion-O: What's the matter, Snarf?
Snarf: I might as well tell you all.
Cheetara: Tell us what, Snarf?
Snarf: I'm... I'm not coming back.
Wilykat: You're not coming back?
Snarf: I'm going to stay with Snarfer on the planet of Snarfs.
Panthro: You mean you're going to visit - to see your friends.
Snarf: No, Panthro. I'm going to stay there, forever.
Lion-O: You're going to... leave us?
Snarf: [crying] Yes.
Lion-O: [reaching toward him] Snarf, you can't mean it.
Snarf: [backing away toward the Feliner] I do, Lion-O. I'm an old Snarf now. You - you don't need me anymore. Best to be with my family.
Lion-O: But we *do* need you, Snarf.
Snarf: I've made up my mind.

[last lines]
Snarf: Good-bye, Lion-O.
Lion-O: Bye, Snarf. I'll miss you.
[he and Tygra raise their hands in farewell and turn away as the Feliner takes off, he wipes his eyes, then turns as he hears the ship relanding]
Snarf: [running to him and leaping into his arms] Lion-O! You're absolutely right! What in Thundera would you ever do without me?

"Thundercats: Runaways (#2.18)" (1987)
Snarf: What about me?
Lion-O: Someone has to guard Cats' Lair, Snarf.
Snarf: But Lion-O...
Lion-O: Snarf.
Snarf: Oh... all right. After all, who's best qualified to take care of this place?

Lion-O: I was hoping that maybe you'd seen them.
RoBear Bill: [patting his arm] You're in luck, Lion-O. They bought some food here this afternoon.
Lion-O: Well, that's something. At least they won't starve.

Lion-O: Blankets? They obviously plan on being away for a while. Those rascals.

Panthro: We came to say we're sorry.
Lion-O: We miss you at Cats' Lair.
Panthro: And we need you. You're a valuable part of the team. We've always known that. It's just that we never let... you know it.

"Thundercats: The Sound Stones (#2.13)" (1987)
Lion-O: The Lunatacs could attack anywhere, and anytime.
Wilykat: [through the radio] Lion-O! Panthro! Get up here quick! Lynx-O's calling! Trouble at the Tower of Omens!
Snarf: [follows the others out groaning] It looks like that time is *now*.

Soundora: By your voice I know you to be good and your cause just. You may take a Sound Stone, but I must warn you: Vultureman's Stone is very powerful. If you are to defeat him with this Stone, you will need a warrior who understands the power of sound.
Lion-O: [looking at Lynx-O] I think I know just the guy for the job.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Once again I have to thank you, Soundora. Our enemies our many and powerful. We need all the help we can get if Third Earth is to be free.
Soundora: One day Third Earth *will* be free, Lion-O. One day you and the Thundercats will achieve that goal, because you work together, and have right on your side.
Lion-O: I'm afraid that just being right is not enough. We have to fight for our beliefs, and that takes power.
Soundora: As long as you Thundercats work together, Lion-O, you will have that power.
Lion-O: That is true. I guess we just have to hope that the Mutants, the Lunatacs, and Mumm-Ra will never learn that kind of teamwork.
Soundora: [disappearing] If that day comes, you can always call on me. Until then.
Lion-O: Thundercats, ho!

"Thundercats: Lion-O's Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil (#1.61)" (1985)
Mumm-Ra: You've come a long way to meet your doom, Lion-O!
Lion-O: It's not over yet!

Lion-O: I'm sorry I did not ask for your advice, Jaga. But if I'm to be the true Lord of the Thundercats I have to make my *own* decisions.
Jaga: You are right. And by making your own decisions, and by making them work, you've passed the final trial.

Lion-O: Jaga, wait! Does that mean I'll never see you again?
Jaga: No, Lion-O. I will always be here when you need me.

"Thundercats: The Demolisher (#1.38)" (1985)
Lion-O: I called my friends to save *you*, not to save me.

Lion-O: Fight, Demolisher. But one day you'll meet your match, and your string of worthless victories will be ended by a pointless defeat.

[last lines]
Snarf: [beating Dirge's drum] Victory to Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats! Victory to Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats!
Lion-O: [covering his ears] Hey, Snarf, cut it out!
Panthro: [clasping his head] Oh, no.
Cheetara: Snarf!
Tygra: Snarf, enough!
Snarf: If you want the drum, you'll have to *fight* me for it!
Lion-O: Now that's what I call a cause.
[chases him with the others following]

"Thundercats: The Telepathy Beam (#3.9)" (1988)
Cheetara: [burying her face in her hand] I'm seeing things, Lion-O. My powers are failing me. And I've brought us on two wild-goose chases.
Lion-O: [touches her shoulder] I've never known you to be wrong before, Cheetara.

Cheetara: I thought I saw Panthro. Tugmug and Alluro were after him. But I was wrong. It was, nothing.
Lion-O: Are you sure?
Cheetara: [thinking] I've made a fool of myself twice today and that's two times too many.
Cheetara: I'm sure, Lion-O.

Cheetara: I'm getting new image of Panthro. He's on Hook Mountain.
[cries out in pain]
Cheetara: No - he's, in the Pyramid.
Cheetara: Castle Plun-Darr... Oh, I don't know; I don't know what's real anymore.
Lion-O: We can't afford to let any lead go unchecked. Thunderkittens, grab your Catsuits and get up to Hook Mountain; scour it. Tygra, grab the spring-heels and check out Castle Plun-Darr. I'll pay a call on Mumm-Ra.
Cheetara: [grips his shoulder before he can follow them out] What about me, Lion-O?
Lion-O: I - think you'd better stay here, Cheetara. Uh... the Feliner may call in for help.
[runs out]
Cheetara: He's lost faith in me. And I don't blame him. I'm lost faith in myself.

"Thundercats: Swan Song (#4.16)" (1989)
Lion-O: HO!
[the Sword of Omens lifts itself with Twotime trapped holding it]

Lion-O: We're taking our home, home.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Twotime was ripping up the environment for his own greedy reasons, to sell it off to the highest bidder. He didn't know it, but he really had a good idea. Why not use Domedown to move abundant topsoil to needy farmers, or lakes to areas where they need water?
Panthro: That's a great idea. That way we can help balance the food-chain and stock wildlife and forests.
Wilykat: Hey, I got an idea too. How about moving some of that stuff to Cats' Lair?
Lion-O: Like what?
Wilykat: Well, let's start with a swimming-pond. Nothing fancy - just, say, big enough for a raft. And, maybe a SWAN robot.
Wilykat: Yeah, and how 'bout an astro-tennis court while we're at it?
Panthro: [laughs] I don't believe you two. Next you'll want a laser bowling-alley and a fly-in movie.
Wilykat: Great! Can you fix it?
Panthro: Don't be ridiculous. Our job here is a serious one. We don't have time for luxuries.
Lion-O: Panthro's right. We get enough exercise without those things.
Wilykat: [laughing] Well... maybe a space-golf-course might be good to help us unwind.
Wilykat: Yeah. I suppose *we'll* be caddies.
[everyone else except Kat laughs]

"Thundercats: Day of the Eclipse (#2.14)" (1987)
Lion-O: [the Eye of Thundera growls] There's trouble at the Lair. Now tell me something I *don't* know.

Tygra: If anything, the computers are functioning better than they did before.
Lion-O: [laughs] Maybe Mumm-Ra's magic did us more good than harm. Let's remember to thank him next time we see him.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Snarf, are you all right? Is anything broken?
Snarf: Only my pride, along with a few cups.
Lion-O: For a second, we thought Mumm-Ra was up to his old tricks.
Snarf: Unfortunately, I can't blame this on Mumm-Ra. Unless he's discovered a clumsiness curse.
[the Thundercats laugh]

"Thundercats: Time Switch (#2.12)" (1987)
Lion-O: Where have I been? And where in the world did I get this biscuit? It's hard as a rock; nearly broke my tooth on it.
[the others laugh and fling their arms around him]

Panthro: LIon-O, it's good to have you back to your *old* self.
Cheetara: [winking] You were one of the most mischievous little kittens I've ever seen.
Lion-O: Well, I don't remember exactly what happened, but from what I heard I was a real wildcat.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Panthro, I heard what happened to your nunchucks. So I made you a new weapon.
[everyone laughs when they see a belt attached to the hardtack]

"Thundercats: Return of the Thundercubs (#3.12)" (1988)
Lion-O: Is this how you Mutants keep your word?
Vultureman: No. *This* is how we keep our word.
[fires on him]

Lion-O: Revenge is the delight of a mean spirit.

[last lines]
Lion-O: Well, Mutants, much against my better judgment, Snarf has persuaded me to take you back to Third Earth.
Cheetara: And since the Feliner's baggage compartments are empty...
Tygra: We have just about enough room.
Lion-O: Of course it won't be very comfortable, but it's more than you Mutants deserve.

"Thundercats: The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin (#1.36)" (1985)
Lion-O: I'll get out of here. When I do, you and your harp will be singing a different tune.

Charr-Nin: Here, Thunderkitten. I have something for you.
[presents the snake-bird to Wilykit]
Lion-O: [gets a hold of the Sword] And I have something for *you*.

Lion-O: Well, thanks for getting us out of a hole.
[everyone else groans and laughs]

"Thundercats: The Ghost Warrior (#1.11)" (1985)
Lion-O: You made a mistake, but mistakes can be valuable if you learn from them.
Tygra: That sounds like Jaga talking.
Lion-O: [sees a sunbeam fall] Maybe that's Jaga giving me permission to quote him.
[a rainbow forms from it]

Lion-O: Jaga! Take my strength!
Jaga: No... Lion-O... no!
Lion-O: I command you, Jaga! As Lord of the Thundercats, I command you to take my strength!

Lion-O: You've... won, Jaga. As I knew you must.
Jaga: No, Lion-O. It was the Lord of the Thundercats who won this day.

"Thundercats: Trouble with Time (#1.7)" (1985)
Lion-O: Willa. Soft name for such a tough girl.

Willa: I know a way. But it will be difficult. And dangerous.
Lion-O: Danger doesn't deter the Thundercats, Willa.
Willa: Yes. I'm beginning to realize that.

Lion-O: Where is this Geyser of Life?
Willa: A few miles to the south, through some pretty wild country.
Cheetara: We've seen nothing else on this planet.

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part III (#2.3)" (1987)
Panthro: From this vantage-point, Lion-O, Lynx-O will be able to see any attempt to invade Third Earth by way of the canyon or the Forest of Mists.
Snarf: How can he see, Lion-O? Lynx-O's blind.
Lion-O: [quietly] Shh. Snarf!
Lynx-O: That's all right, Lion-O. Most people assume that anyone without sight is practially useless.
Snarf: [ashamed] You - you heard me?
Lynx-O: [smiling then going over to touch it chuckling] Of course, Snarf. I may not see the way you do, but I have developed my other senses so that I know as much as you do about what is happening around me. And now that Panthro and Tygra have built my latest Braille board, I probably know more about what goes around here than you do.
Panthro: You see, Snarf, this board is connected to the Cat's Eye. And the Cat's Eye scans the surrounding countryside, picks up signals, amplifies them, and transmits them to the Braille board. Only Lynx-O's super-developed senses can interpret those signals to tell us what's happening.

Bengali: What news of young Snarfer, Snarf? Shouldn't he be here by now?
Lion-O: Yes, Snarf, where *is* young Snarfer?
Snarf: Oh, relax, he's on his way... I hope.

Lion-O: Let's get out there and see what we can do, partner.
Panthro: [swinging his nunchucks in an adrenaline-rush] Just try and stop me.

"Thundercats: Hachiman's Honor (#2.17)" (1987)
Luna: This will be a fight to the finish, Thundercat!
Lion-O: You want a finish? I'll give you a finish!

Luna: Do you really think you can fight all of us? Wouldn't you rather surrender?
Lion-O: We're not going to fight, but we won't surrender either.
Luna: Then what are you going to do?
Hachiman: This. HII-YAA!
[sinks the Thunder-Cutter into the ice wall to cause a cave-in]

Lion-O: Give it up, Snarfer. No machine can ever replace you.
Snarfer: Well, that's some consolation, I guess...
[groans at his damaged robot's imitation "Consolation I guess I guess I guess", causing Lion-O and Lynx-O to laugh]

"Thundercats: Mumm-Rana (#1.63)" (1985)
Lion-O: Good will never succumb to evil!

Lion-O: Good against evil!

Mumm-Ra: Evil will prevail!
Lion-O: Never!

"Thundercats: The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr (#1.4)" (1985)
Lion-O: Will the Eye of Thundera penetrate, stone? We'll soon know.

Tygra: These poor creatures can't help what they're doing, Lion-O. You must fight them.
Lion-O: I won't fight them!

Lion-O: Well, the Brutemen seemed to understand the word "free" all right, didn't they?
Tygra: Everyone does, Lion-O. Even those who would deprive others of their freedom.

"Thundercats: Return of the Driller (#1.32)" (1985)
Lion-O: You're sure that motor's nailed down tight? If this superfuel is as good as Tygra says it is, it could rip that motor right off the table.
Panthro: Trust me. It'll never leave the table.
Tygra: Ignition!
Panthro: Ignition.
[activates it and a jet of flame shoots out the back before it causes the table to take off around the room breaking crates and finally through the door]
Lion-O: You did it, Tygra!
Panthro: [grinning] And like I said, the motor never left the table.

Lion-O: Most of the giant insects feed at night.
Snarf: [whimpering] And me without my bug-spray.

Lion-O: A few seconds more and I might've been living in that wormhole.
Panthro: If we don't get that sponge-fog back in time to save Cats' Lair from that acid, we might *all* be living in a wormhole.

"Thundercats: Ravage Island (#2.11)" (1987)
Lion-O: We did put the Thunderclaw back together pretty fast, Snarf.
Snarf: Are you sure it's working OK?
Lion-O: Well, there's one way to find out.

Mumm-Ra: Forget it, Lion-O. Not even the Eye of Thundera can give you the willpower to break these prison bars. In fact, you may as well give me that toy.
Lion-O: [clutching his head] I... I'm so confused.
[about to give the Sword to him]
Lion-O: NOOO!
[flings it up so it sails away and embeds itself in the ground]
Lion-O: You will, never have the Sword of Omens, as long as I - have breath in my... body.
Mumm-Ra: [laughs] In that case, the Sword will soon be mine.

[last lines]
WIlykit: Hey - look what we found.
[holds out something red and shiny resembling the beacon's crystals that causes Snarf and Snarfer to gasp and look spellbound]
Lion-O: What is that?
Snarf, Snarfer: Rock - candy.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Mandora and the Pirates (#1.31)" (1985)
Lion-O: As I remember, you were an expert with other people's locks.
Quickpick: Who, me?

Lion-O: The Eye of Thundera! You retrieved it!
Quickpick: Well, I certainly wasn't going to let a valuable piece of property lay around with all those, uh... crooks, loose?

Lion-O: Will Quickpick be pardoned?
Mandora: I might ask the Galaxy Governor to parole him under *my* custody, as an assistnat.
Lion-O: [touching his shoulder grinning] Hear that? You're going to get to ride around on the back of the Electracharger with Mandora.
Quickpick: [dryly] Marvelous.

"Thundercats: Bracelet of Power (#3.15)" (1988)
Mumm-Ra: I might as well do some annoying while I'm here.
Lion-O: [swatting at him in fly-form] Hey, buzz off.
Panthro: Get out of here.
[after he flies near again, swats him with the transmitter to send him crash-landing]
Panthro: Gotcha!
Mumm-Ra: Maybe this wasn't such a great - idea.

Lion-O: Prison suits you, Mumm-Ra.

[last lines]
Snarf: Do me this small favor, will ya?
Lion-O: What's that, Snarf?
Snarf: Take this blasted bracelet away from me. And never let me see it again, let alone wear it!
Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Wilykit, Wilykat: [monotone] Yes, O great Snarf. Your wish is our command.
[laugh, making him smile grudgingly]

"Thundercats: All That Glitters (#1.17)" (1985)
Lion-O: I'd know that laugh in my dreams.

Tygra: This is madness, Lion-O. You can't go inside that, and live!
Lion-O: I must, Tygra. It's the only way to regain the Sword's powers. If I don't return, you will be the new Lord ot the Thundercats. Good-bye.

[last lines]
Cheetara: The true hero is *you*, risking your life to risk that awful curse.
Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro: Hail Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats!
Cheetara: [laughs as he lifts her] Lion-O, put me down!
Tygra, Panthro, Lion-O: Hail Cheetara, worth her weight in gold!

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part I (#2.1)" (1987)
[first lines]
Lion-O: [giving a toast] Here's to Third Earth, and to peace at last.
Panthro: Peace, huh? That's gonna take some getting used to. I'm not sure I believe things will be that easy...
Snarf: I dunno how I'm gonna handle being an unemployed warriror.

Pumyra: What is Dark Side, Lion-O?
Lion-O: Forbidden territory, according to local legends.
Snarf: [whimpering] It's full of weird creatures and monsters and... stuff like that.
Lion-O: It's guarded by the thundranium pits and Fire Rock Mountain. No Thundercat has ever been there.
Snarf: But I got a nasty feeling we'll soon be breaking that rule.

[last lines]
Lion-O: We have to find a way into Dark Side.
[Snarf groans]

"Thundercats: Together We Stand (#2.10)" (1987)
Lion-O: Will he be all right?
Pumyra: His wound doesn't seem too serious, and I've treated him with all the healing-skills I learned on Thundera. But he is older.
Lion-O: [raising Lynx-O to a sitting position] Friend of my father and fellow Thundercat, we need you here with us.

Wilykat: It even looked like you and Tygra were in his power.
Wilykit: How did you break his spell?
Snarf: [nudging his side to his unresponsiveness] Yeah, Lion-O. Tell me how ya did it.
Lion-O: [looks down removing something from his ears] Sorry, Snarf, I couldn't hear you. Tygra and I plugged our ears so Alluro's voice wouldn't get to us. Now what were you saying?

[last lines]
Snarf: [groans] I'd rather face those Lunatacs in battle than clean up after 'em.
Lion-O: [laughs] C'mon, Snarf. We'll all pitch in and do the job Thundercat-style: as a team.

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part V (#2.5)" (1987)
Panthro: If we're going to do it...
Lynx-O, Cheetara, Lion-O, Tygra, Pumyra: Let's do it!

Panthro: Let's hope it works.
Lion-O: [laughs] It'll work, Panthro. Nothing you invent would dare not to work.

Lion-O: Your evil will never defeat the Thundercats, Mumm-Ra.

"Thundercats: The Terror of Hammerhand (#1.6)" (1985)
Lion-O: [to the bird he reclaimed the Sword of Omens from by yanking it from its beak after it tried to throw him off] Thanks for the lift!

Snarf: All that heavy lifting gave me an appetite.
Lion-O: [laughs] Taking a *nap* gives *you* an appetite.

"Thundercats: The Heritage (#4.8)" (1989)
Mumm-Ra: Don't worry about Char, Thundercats. He's just stunned. If you want to worry, worry about me. For I have the Golden Sphere of Seti.
Lion-O: It's not over until it's over, Mumm-Ra.

Char: Who's going to pay for the damage to my wonderful Flying Furnace?
Lion-O: Mumm-Ra's responsible for all this, and Mumm-Ra will pay.

"Thundercats: The Mountain (#1.58)" (1985)
Lion-O: If only you'd let go, I could save us!
Jackalman: Never!

Lion-O: You miserable, cowardly...
Jackalman: Don't come any closer!
Lion-O: I saved your life!
Jackalman: Never do a favor, for a favor.

"Thundercats: Sword in a Hole (#1.35)" (1985)
Snarf: We won't last twenty-four hours down here.
Lion-O: I'm afraid - that's the idea.

Lion-O: [he appears] Jaga!
Jaga: The Eye of Thundera is with you, Lion-O. The source of the Thundercats' power.
Lion-O: But I cannot summon it, Jaga. Shiner has sealed the Eye. It sleeps, Jaga. And I cannot awaken it.
Captain Shiner: [to Pannthro] Your young friend talks to himself.
Snarf: [realizes] Jaga!

"Thundercats: The Mad Bubbler (#2.9)" (1987)
Snarf: I'm spending the day at the Tower of Omens, showing that nephew of mine how to hook up the tracking-beam.
Panthro: Need any help?
Snarf: No, I don't, thank you! I may not be the super-heroic type, but I'm perfectly capable of installing a tracking-unit.
Lion-O: [laughs] Snarf, anybody who can put up with all of us is pretty super-heroic in my book.

Cheetara: You and Snarfer earned your day's pay. No doubt about it.
Pumyra: You both performed bravely.
Lion-O: And wasn't it you, Snarf, who said this morning you weren't the super-heroic type? No, it couldn't have been.

"Thundercats: Secret of the Ice King (#1.52)" (1985)
Lion-O: Snowmeow, my last command: fetch... fetch the THundercats at once.

Lion-O: [the Ice King pounds his fist on the battlement in front of him after receiving heat from the Sword of Omens] lThat raised his temperature a degree or three.

"Robot Chicken: Endless Breadsticks (#3.6)" (2007)
Snarf: Lion-O, listen closely, for these are my dying words.
Lion-O: Yes, yes?

[Lion-O hears strange noises from the bathroom]
Lion-O: That's Mumm-Ra!
[Kicks the door down]
Lion-O: Stop right there Mumm-Ra... OH MY GOD!
Mumm-Ra: [masturbating] I'm havin' a private moment!

"Thundercats: The Mumm-Ra Berbil (#1.47)" (1985)
Lion-O: We'll meet back at the hangar in thirty minutes. And if you find anything, shout.
Snarf: You can count on that, Lion-O. I'll shout.

Lion-O: [to the five] I will not use the Sword of Omens against you. You are my friends. And nothing Mumm-Ra can do will change that. I must help you, not destroy you.

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part IV (#3.4)" (1988)
Lion-O: [sighs] This expedition to Thundera has been a disaster.
Snarf: It's my fault, Lion-O. Snarfer and I should never have run off on our own like we did.
Lion-O: [touches his head smiling] That's true, but I can understand why you did it.

Lion-O: Maybe I shouldn't be Lord of the Thundercats anymore.
[puts his hands to his head]
Jaga: [appears] You can't expect everything you do to be an instant success, Lion-O.
Lion-O: Jaga!
Jaga: The Thundercats need you more than ever.

"Thundercats: Locket of Lies (#3.14)" (1988)
Cheetara: Come on, Thundercats. We're getting nearer.
[uses her staff to pole-vault to land]
Cheetara: So? What are you waiting for?
Tygra: Two can play at that game.
[flings out his whip which hardens into a line marked with right angles which he leaps out onto as a bridge]
Tygra: HAA! Beat that!
Lion-O: [Panthro shoots out his vest-spikes and leaps out spinning to roll on the cliffside by them] I've never seen three worse show-offs in my life. So get this. HO!
[uses the extended Sword of Omens' blinding power-rays to vault from the stone to the ledge over the others]
Lion-O: Well, what are we waiting for?

[last lines]
Lion-O: Snarfs...
Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Snarf Egbert, Snarf Oswald: HO!

"Thundercats: The Micrits (#1.41)" (1985)
Lion-O: If you will trust me not to harm you, I will trust you not to harm my friend here. I'll leave him with you.
Snarf: [tensely] Lion-O...
Lead Micrit: Very well. But I warn you: any treachery and you'll never find your friend again.
Lion-O: [is released, stands] I'll be back.
Lead Micrit: You have until dawn.
Snarf: Hurry, Lion-O...
[Lion-O nods and runs off, he turns to the Micrits and grins tentatively]
Snarf: You fellas know how to play chess?

Lion-O: I kept my word, Micrit.
Lead Micrit: You did indeed, Thundercat. And so, I will release your friend.
Snarf: Not so fast, Micrit. We have business to finish.
[gestures to one of the Micrits he is using as a chess-piece, who advances and forces one of the leader's opposing players to move]
Snarf: Checkmate, I belive.

"Thundercats: The Tower of Traps (#1.8)" (1985)
Lion-O: Remember Jaga saying, "It's wise to save your money, and to spend it carefully, but greed can destroy you."
Wilykat: [of Baron Karnor, a skeleton surrounded by his automatic-trap-guarded treasure] Yeah. Jaga must've had this guy in mind, ha, ha!

[last lines]
Snarf: I know it's a pain having your elders worry about you all the time. But it's only because we care about you... Heck, you'll understand, someday.
Lion-O: I understand *now*, Snarf. Because, I worry about *you*. And for the same reason.

"Thundercats: Dream Master (#1.56)" (1985)
Cheetara: Do you think we should disturb him? He looks so comfortable.
Lion-O: I think he'd appreciate knowing we were all safe, so he can stop worrying.
Panthro: He doesn't look very worried to me.

Wilykit: Here. Since you missed all the fun, Snarf, why don't you have them? A momento.
Snarf: I... well - they're beautiful. Hey, does that mean I'm your master now?
Lion-O: I don't know, Snarf. But if you were our master, what would you command us to do?
Snarf: [stands up to his full height and gives a deep cry then voice like Mumm-Ra] Get a good night's rest, Thundercats!
[they laugh]

"Thundercats: The Jade Dragon (#3.18)" (1988)
Lion-O: It seems we owe you a vote of thanks, my friend.
Hachiman: You owe me nothing, Thundercats. Although I have freed you from your prison, I cannot restore you to your full size.

Wilykit: He didn't even wait for us to say thank you.
Lion-O: He doesn't do anything for thanks. He has his own motives, his own honor.

"Thundercats: Touch of Amortus (#4.17)" (1989)
Lion-O: Let's just say that we're the only people ever to have returned from the Land of *No* Return.
Panthro: Which means I guess that no one can ever call it that again.

[last lines]
Lynx-O: Thundercats...
Cheetara, Lion-O, Wilykit, Wilykat: [responding to his raised fist] HO!

"Thundercats: Key to Thundera (#3.11)" (1988)
Lion-O: Hold on, Mumm-Ra.

Lion-O: I had to do it, Wilykit. Besides, I couldn't leave Mumm-Ra loose inside the Book of Omens.

"Robot Chicken: Choked on a Bottle Cap (#6.19)" (2013)
Panthro: Lion-O, what are you looking at?
Lion-O: [spying on Cheetara in heat] Uh, nothing, I'm just... checking up on Mumm-Ra!
Panthro: I really hope that's not true.
[shows Lion-O he's gotten an erection]

[Snarf has made out with WilyKit and Cheetara ahead of the others]
Snarf: Sorry, ThunderCats! If you want sloppy seconds you're going to have to play Rock, Paper and Scissors! Snarf, snarf!
Lion-O: Fucking gross!
[the male ThunderCats take Snarf's advice anyway]

"Thundercats: The Sword of Omens (#1.1)" (2011)
Lion-O: When are you going to grow up?
Tygra: When I do, I hope I'm nothing like you...

Lion-O: It's official, they think I'm a failure. And they always will unless I can prove I'm not chasing a childish dream. But, how I can I do that when even Grune said there was no tech out there?
Jaga: Don't let what Grune failed to see stand in the way of what you believe. The Book says that our greatest king will possess the ability of Sight Beyond Sight.
Lion-O: You mean like... having visions?
Jaga: More than that Lion-O. It's the ability to lead with clarity. For sight is useless without action.

"Thundercats: The Last Day (#3.20)" (1988)
Lion-O: [he appears] Jaga! You've come to help!
Jaga: Not just me, Lion-O.
[opens his cape to reveal the forms of the others]
Jaga: They cannot see or hear us, Lion-O. They are trapped in limbo.
Lion-O: Tell me what to do, Jaga.
Jaga: [causing him to gasp] I will enter the Eye of Thundera, Lion-O. And I will take the other Thundercats with me. The strength of all the Thundercats will combine within the Eye of Thundera. That may give the Sword of Omens the force you need to break out of this rocky prison.
Lion-O: [takes out the Sword] Then, by all the powers of Thundera, let's do it!

[last lines]
Lion-O: Thundercats, this is a happy day. Mumm-Ra, the Mutants, and the Lunatacs have all been exiled from Third Earth. Third Earth is finally safe for all our friends. So now it is time for the Thundercats to return to New Thundera, and rebuild *our* home planet. Thundercats...
Lynx-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Pumyra, Wilykit, Wilykat, Bengali: [responding to his raising the Sword with Snarf and Snarfer] HO!

"Thundercats: Crystal Canyon (#3.8)" (1988)
Lion-O: [of the Keystone's hypnosis] This could be a threat as dangerous as any the Thundercats have ever faced.

Lion-O: I'm really worried about him, Snarf.
Snarf: Well, at least everything else on Third Earth is calm.
[the alarms start blaring, he groans and clutches his head]
Snarf: Me and my big mouth!

"Thundercats: Screwloose (#4.9)" (1989)
Lion-O: [laughs after Snarf succeeds in catching the falling vase then struggles to get up and flips so ends up flinging the vase upward then catching it again] Way to go, Snarf.
Panthro: [laughs] I know a couple of Thunderball teams who could really use you.
Snarf: Piece o'cake. Hey, you should see me when I really try.
[humming casually, tosses it back to perch it in the crook of his tail and spins to fling it high, then catches it on a jump, flips on descent, and leaps up to the shelf to replace it]

Lion-O: We need the engineer; what's happening?
Bengali: Well, um, that kind of depends on what you're asking.
Lion-O: What? Is he with you or not?
Bengali: Uh... I think so...
Lion-O: It's a simple enough question, Bengali. Is the gyroscope-specialist with you or not?
Bengali: Well - yes and no. I mean, parts of him are, and parts of him aren't.

"Thundercats: The Doomgaze (#1.12)" (1985)
Lion-O: [running by Cheetara's markers] Another one. She must really be moving, Snarf.
Snarf: [panting beside him] You don't say.

Snarf: Who is that?
Lion-O: I don't know... But she's, so beautiful.
Snarf: [tensely] Lion-O...
Lion-O: In a, kind of evil way, of course.

"Thundercats: The Transfer (#1.54)" (1985)
Lion-O: Pretty neat catch, Panthro. You got any more tricks for us?

[last lines]
Panthro: It blew up safely in space.
Cheetara: And harmony is restored to Third Earth once more.
Lion-O: Harmony? We just made the whole universe shake, rattle, and roll.
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Trapped (#1.49)" (1985)
Lion-O: Can we talk them in safely?
Panthro: Frankly, Lion-O, the book says no. But I never read that book.

Cheetara: He's got the Thunderkittens.
Lion-O: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go get *him*.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part IV (#4.4)" (1989)
Wilykat: Panthro will fix it.
Wilykit: He can fix anything.
Lion-O: Can you, Panthro?
Panthro: The truth: this is a new technology to me. It'll take time to figure it out.
Lion-O: And the one thing we don't have is time.

Lion-O: [the Eye of Thundera not only lights up but sparks] Danger.
Panthro: You're telling me.

"Thundercats: The Trouble with Thunderkittens (#1.62)" (1985)
Lion-O: [groans] Look, I ought to give you two the lecture of your lives, but we don't have time for a lecture right now.

Lion-O: [meeting the others outside just after he escaped Plun-Darr thanks to laughing-gas] Well, you certainly took your time.
Snarf: Lion-O! Are you all right?
Lion-O: Sure. But you didn't hurry back on my account.
Snarf: You shouldn't joke, Lion-O. The Mutants are nothing to laugh about.

"Thundercats: The Mask of Gorgon (#2.8)" (1987)
Lion-O: Sword of Omens, give me Sight Beyond Sight!
Nayda: [Mumm-Ra in disguise] *I'll* give you a sight!

[last lines]
Lynx-O: Just remember: actions taken in a fit of anger are seldom successful.
Panthro: And I guess there's nothing heroic about losing your temper.
Lion-O: Yeah. Hotheads get turned to stone and miss all the fun.
Bengali: You call being a living earache fun?
[everyone else laughs]

"Thundercats: The Zaxx Factor (#4.18)" (1989)
Snarf: Lion-O, what kind of ship is he in?
Lion-O: Well - he's... he's in some kind of, bookmobile.
Snarf, Panthro: A bookmobile?
Lion-O: That's right. A bookmobile.
Panthro: [laughing] Well, I guess we can tackle that. Over and out, Lion-O.
Snarf: This should be easy. What could he attack us with - a dictionary?
[both laugh]

Lion-O: It's a new day for the universe. A day of peace.

"Thundercats: Divide and Conquer (#1.55)" (1985)
Lion-O: [the Thundertank crashes in through the wall] What's happening?
Panthro: It's on remote-control or something. And it's gone beserk!
[it brakes and opens to reveal the Thunderkittens are driving]

"Thundercats: Monkian's Bargain (#1.39)" (1985)
Lion-O: I've got to admit it, that was a close one.
Snarf: Close? If you guys hadn't shown up, it would've been our *last* one.

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part IV (#2.4)" (1987)
Lynx-O: [an alarm goes off] He's off course.
Snarf: Dang. I knew the kid would goof.
Lion-O: Hey, hold on a minute, Snarf. It might not be his fault.
Lynx-O: It isn't. A thermo-conduit snapped.
Snarf: I know darn well it wasn't his fault. He's my nephew, after all.

"Thundercats: Feliner: Part One (#1.29)" (1985)
Snarfer: Uncle Osbert!
Lion-O, Cheetara, Wilykit, Panthro, Tygra, Wilykat: "Osbert"?

"Thundercats: Pumm-Ra (#1.5)" (1985)
[last lines]
Tygra: Trust is something that takes time to grow.
Lion-O: And, I guess new friends are not as easily made as I thought.
Snarf: And friends like the Thundercats are forever.
Tygra, Lion-O, Snarf, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit, Wilykat: [join hands] Thundercats - forever!

"Thundercats: The Time Capsule (#1.15)" (1985)
Lion-O: I never wantt to go through that again.
Snarf: There's just one thing.
Lion-O: What's that?
Snarf: How are we gonna get back?

"Thundercats: Excalibur (#1.51)" (1985)
Merlin: I am the wizard, Merlin. Excalibur is yours now. *You* must decide its fate.
Lion-O: Where did Mumm-ra get it?
Merlin: From the Lady of the Lake who has guarded Excalibur for thousands of years.
Lion-O: Then Merlin, you must return it.
[raising the Sword of Omens]
Lion-O: HO!
[plants the sword into the ground]
Lion-O: We have a sword that fights for truth, justice, honor and loyalty. The code of Thundera!
Merlin: So be it!

"Thundercats: Catfight (#2.6)" (1987)
Panthro: [extending his hand] If we're going to do it...
Cheetara, Lion-O, Pumyra, Bengali: [putting theirs on his] Let's do it!

"Thundercats: The Mossland Monster (#4.13)" (1989)
Snarf: Hey, Lion-O, never mind all that stuff. Tygra's come all the way from Third Earth. We've got a lot of important questions to ask him.
Lion-O: Uh, uh, sure, Snarf. Go ahead.
Snarf: OK. Tygra, what I wanna know is, did you bring any candy-fruit with you?
[everyone laughs]

"Thundercats: Safari Joe (#1.24)" (1985)
Lion-O: [taking away Safari Joe's gun] All out of ammo, Safari Joe? Looks like you ran out of courage too!
Safari Joe: P-please don't hurt me.
Snarf: Yeow! Safari Joe turned out to be a coward? Didn't he Lion-O?
Lion-O: Most bullies are, Snarf. Most bullies are...

"Thundercats: The Circus Train (#3.19)" (1988)
Chilla: What could be more deadly than a simple weapon like ice?
Lion-O: Fire!

"Thundercats: Ma-Mutt's Confusion (#4.14)" (1989)
Lion-O: You can't live your entire life suspecting the worst of everyone. You have to give them the benefit of the doubt sometimes.

"Thundercats: The Duelist and the Drifter (#1.8)" (2011)
Lion-O: Power alone is rigid, but if you can bend with the wind, you'll never break!

"Thundercats: Old Friends (#1.5)" (2011)
Panthro: I guess your father's sword wound up in the right hands after all. I served him proudly, and you can expect the same.
Lion-O: So you think that when we get to fix the ThunderTank, I can drive it?
Panthro: Not a chance, my King.

"Thundercats: Chain of Loyalty (#3.7)" (1988)
Snarf Egbert: We Snarfs know our duty. We're brought up to work with Thundercats, to help whenever we can.
Lion-O: That may be, Egbert, but you showed courage above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you.

"Thundercats: Sideswipe (#2.15)" (1987)
[first lines]
Lion-O: Where's Snarfer?
Snarf: We decided not to cook today. So he went to order Mexican takeout, from RoBear Roberto's taco-stand at the Berbil village.
Lynx-O: Chile con carne.
Snarf: Re-fried beans.
Lynx-O: Beef enchiladas.
Snarf: Guacamole.
Lion-O: [laughs waving his hands] Enough; you're making my mouth water.
Lion-O: Well, Snarfer should be here soon.
[into the radio]
Lion-O: Snarf calling Snarfer. Where are you?
Snarfer: Snarfer here. I'm taking the long way around Dark Side, Unc. This baby's been overheating. Yep.
Lion-O: You were supposed to be here an eon ago; we're starving.
Snarfer: Well, you sure won't have to worry about it being cold. Phew!

"Thundercats: Mumm-Rana's Belt (#2.16)" (1987)
[last lines]
Pumyra: But according to Snarf's story, as long as Mumm-Rana kept the belt, the people of Third Earth would be free from slavery.
Lion-O: But that was before the Thundercats came to Third Earth.
Panthro: That's right. And now that we're here, we'll make it our business to be sure the people of Third Earth remain free forever. That is, with a little help from Mumm-Rana.

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part III (#3.3)" (1988)
Snarfer: Let's go free those Snarfs!
Lion-O: Not so fast, Snarfer.
Snarf: Mumm-Ra's terrorizing our families! We have to go free them!
Lion-O: We will free your friends, Snarf. But that's not the only thing we have to accomplish here.
Cheetara: Lion-O's right, Snarf. The Treasure of Thundera and the Sword of Plun-Darr must be our first priority.
Snarf: More important than us Snarfs?
Panthro: No. Nothing is more important than freeing the Snarfs.
Cheetara: But, if we rush headlong in there, and free the Snarfs *without* finding the Treasure or the Sword first...
Tygra: Mumm-Ra will know we're here. And if he finds the Treasure first...
Cheetara: He'll know how to defeat us for once and for all.
Panthro: Thundercats *and* Snarfs will be slaves forever. All our efforts will come to nothing.

"Thundercats: The Wolfrat (#1.28)" (1985)
[last lines]
Tygra: Ah, don't worry, Snarf. It'll wear off in a few days and you'll be your normal size again.
Lion-O: But to honor you for fighting off the Mutants, I'm going to give up my chair at the council table, and you can take my place.
Snarf: Well, in that case...
[sits but the seat breaks]
Lion-O: We asked you to join us at the council table, Snarf, but we didn't expect you to take the floor so soon.
[the Thundercats laugh]

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part II (#4.2)" (1989)
Lion-O: Find the pieces of the Sword of Omens and take them back to the new Lair. Maybe Bengali can forge them into a new blade.
Lion-O: If not, we're done for.

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part I (#3.1)" (1988)
Lion-O: [as the disappearance takes place] No - Jaga, stay to help us; we need you!
Jaga: I cannot help you directly, Lion-O. But think of me, and I will always be there to guide you.

"Thundercats: The Fireballs of Plun-Darr (#1.16)" (1985)
Lion-O: [looking at the burning Castle Plun-Darr] Slythe said he would start up a fire that would burn like a beacon. He got his wish.

"Thundercats: Native Son (#1.17)" (2012)
Tygra: Is it my destiny to always lose the things I care about?
Lion-O: You aren't gonna lose me, brother.