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Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs (Character)
from "What's Happening!!" (1976)

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"What's Happening!!: Give Me Odds (#2.8)" (1977)
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: Tampa Bay is going to beat Oakland in the game tonight. They're going to win big!
Ike: It might just be worth a bet.
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: You can put your house on this one.
Ike: I don't own a house.
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: Stick with me and you will!
Ike: No, you ARE a house!

Ike: I don't need a fat swami for tonight's game, everyone knows Oakland is going to kill Tampa Bay.
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: Not according to my system, I'm predicting an upset - Tampa Bay 10, Oakland 7.
Ike: You're out of your fat mind!

Ike: Look, keep your eye on the bedroom door and if Donna comes out, give me a signal.
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: Right, I'll stomp on the floor three times.
Ike: No, I said a signal, not an avalanche!

"What's Happening!!: The Runaway (#1.1)" (1976)
Mama: Roger... Give me your belt.
Roger Thomas: These are my new pants, Mama. I'm not wearing one.
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: Here Mrs. Thomas, you can use mine.
Mama: Good lord, Rerun... I want to whip him, not HANG him!
[everybody laughs except Raj]

Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: Now the time is right for me to make my move.
Dwayne Nelson: *What* move? With who?
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: The cake!

"What's Happening!!: Doobie or Not Doobie: Part 2 (#2.17)" (1978)
[Raj, Dwayne, and Rerun are caught by members of the Doobie Brothers for "bootlegging" the concert and faces the inevitable]
Patrick Simmons: [disappointed] I thought you guys were our friends.
Michael McDonald: How could you guys do this to us?
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: I'm sorry. We were forced. A guy gave us the recorder, money, and great seats.
Dee Thomas: He really twisted your arm.
Dwayne Nelson: Are we gonna go to jail?
John Hartman: Man, how do I know? What would you do if you were in our shoes?
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: Well, I'd just send us home and laugh it off.
[Rerun, then Dwayne and Raj laughs, but members of the Doobie Brothers don't]
Bobby La Kind: It's not funny.

[Al and Bruno make a big break for the door to exit Rob's, but are held back by Keith Kundsen, Tiran Porter, and Michael McDonald]
Keith Knudsen, Tiran Porter, Michael McDonald: [greets the two] Hey, Al Dunbar!
Al Dunbar: [near embarressed] How you doing?
[Keith, Tiran, and Michael chatter amongst them as Al and Bruno makes a second escape through the back room, but are met by Pat Simmons and Bobby LaKind]
Patrick Simmons: [happily greets them] Mr. Dunbar! Whoo!
[With more chattering from many of the members and the cheering from the studio audience, Al and Bruno make one last attempt to escape though the bathroom, but all too late are they met by Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, John Hartman, and an LAPD officer; Al and Bruno surrenders to the police]
Jeffrey Baxter: [cheers] Hey, the mystery producer!
LAPD Officer: [snatches the recorder, then hands it to the band] We'll take care of him now. Here's your tape.
Patrick Simmons: Listen to this thing.
Jeffrey Baxter: Yeah, I hear this is a real good band.
Tiran Porter: Yeah.
[Expecting to hear music from the concert, they instead hear sounds of Rerun munching on popcorn]
The Doobie Brothers: Wha-what's that?
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: Popcorn!
The Doobie Brothers: [shocked] Popcorn?
Al Dunbar: [horrified] Popcorn?
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: Yeah, it would've been quieter, but I forgot the butter.
Al Dunbar: [humiliated] You mean to tell me I'm going to jail for a long time, and all I've got to show for it is a tape of a fat kid eating popcorn?
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: Wait a minute. There's more music on there.
[a recording of "Fly Me to the Moon", sung by Raj, Rerun, and Dwayne, is next heard. Raj and the gang join in as the cop takes Al and Bruno away. The Doobies happily praises them for their success as "It Keeps You Runnin'" is played on the jukebox]

"What's Happening!!: Nice Guys Finish Last (#1.20)" (1977)
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: Maybe they'll let Dee go if they have another hostage, ask if they'll take a teenage boy instead.
Police Officer: Well that's mighty brave of you, son!
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: Thanks. Good luck Dwayne!
Dwayne Nelson: No way!

"What's Happening!!: Rerun Sees the Light (#2.18)" (1978)
Freddie 'Rerun' Stubbs: Ralph is not a man. Ralph is a head of lettuce.
Roger 'Raj' Thomas: You worship a head of lettuce?

"What's Happening!!: When Daddy Comes Marching Home (#1.3)" (1976)
Dwayne Nelson: If I had $175, you know what I'd get?
Fred 'Rerun' Stubbs: Mugged... By me.