Daniel Matthews
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Daniel Matthews (Character)
from Saw II (2005)

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Saw II (2005)
Daniel: My Dad's a... he's a real hard ass. You know, he's probably got half the city out looking for me, just so he can kick my ass for disappearing on him.
Amanda: ...yeah, probably.

Daniel: My dad's a... he's a real hard ass...

Daniel: Amanda, you said you survived this right?
Amanda: I what?
Daniel: This guy. You said that you've played before and you survived.
Amanda: Yeah.
Daniel: So that means we could survive.
[nervously chuckles]
Amanda: [pauses] Yeah.

Daniel: Amanda, why did he pick you?
Amanda: Because I was a fucking junkie.
[flashes to Amanda shooting heroin]
Amanda: But you know what? I passed his little test
Daniel: If you passed his test then why are you back here?
Amanda: [flashes to Amanda cutting her wrist] I wasn't being very good to myself.
Daniel: [looks at the scars on Amanda's arm] How long have you, um...?
Amanda: I started in jail.
Daniel: What were you arrested for?
Amanda: [yanks her arm away] Possession.
Daniel: I thought you said...
Amanda: Maybe you should talk to the cop who arrested me.

Laura: X marks the spot.
[points to the wall]
Amanda: What?
Addison: [looking at a picture of Daniel next to Eric] What are you doing with him?
Daniel: You know him?
Addison: Yeah! He's the guy who put me away. He set me up!
Amanda: Tell me that's not your father.
Addison: [pause] I can't trust any of you.

Addison: Somebody open the fucking door!
Xavier: I don't think anybody is listening. Man, what the fuck is this?
Laura: Somebody's listening.
[points to a camera mounted on the wall]
Daniel: No. Those types of cameras don't have sound.