Falkor the Luck Dragon
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Falkor the Luck Dragon (Character)
from The NeverEnding Story (1984)

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The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)
Atreyu: Bastian made a wish, didn't he?
Falkor: He gave up a very special memory.
Atreyu: [to Bastian] Your mother would've been proud.
Bastian Bux: [confused] Who?
Atreyu: Falkor, you shouldn't have let him!

Bastian Bux: [after the dragon has escaped] What are we gonna do?
Atreyu: Chase it!
Falkor: Chase? Did somebody say chase?

Bastian Bux: Falkor, look! The castle that looks like a hand!
Falkor: A very mean hand.

Rockbiter: Bastian, in your world, if the Neverending Story is fading, no child will ever know about Junior.
Atreyu: They will never ride the prairie with me?
Falkor: And they'll never ride through the clouds with me?
Rockbiter: If humans forget about us, nobody will think of fun things for Junior to do.
Bastian Bux: NO!
[Bastian goes silent for a few seconds]
Bastian Bux: We won't let that happen.

Falkor: Well, from what you tell me, the Emptiness has found its way into Bastian's head.
Atreyu: It's Auryn, isn't it? It works differently with humans than with us.
Falkor: Because humans need memories.
Atreyu: [goes stunned] So what I saw... was a memory!

Atreyu: If Bastian's so clever, why can't he see what's happening to him?
Falkor: Bastian is losing himself with every wish.
Atreyu: He must be stopped, or Fantasia is lost!
[Bastian, who is invisible, quietly approaches them]
Atreyu: I'll take Auryn away from him - by force if necessary. He can't be allowed to make one more wish. I'll have to do it tonight. Tomorrow we might all be prisoners of Xayide.
[Bastian quickly leaves]
Falkor: Now, Atreyu, don't go to him in anger; go and warn him. He's your friend, is he?
Atreyu: You're right. He is my friend.
[Falkor smiles]