Mrs. Blanche White
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Mrs. Blanche White (Character)
from Clue (1985)

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Clue (1985)
Wadsworth: Mrs. White, you've been paying our friend, the blackmailer, ever since your husband died under, shall we say, mysterious circumstances?
Miss Scarlet: Ah!
Mrs. White: Why is that funny?
Miss Scarlet: I see! That's why he was lying on his back, in his coffin.
Mrs. White: I didn't kill him.
Colonel Mustard: Then why are you paying the blackmailer?
Mrs. White: I dont want a scandal, do I? We had had a very humiliating public confrontation. He was deranged. He was
[points to head]
Mrs. White: a lunatic! He didn't actually seem to like me very much; he had threatened to kill me in public.
Miss Scarlet: Why would he wanna kill you in public?
Wadsworth: I think she meant he threatened, in public, to kill her.
[rolls eyes]
Miss Scarlet: Oh. Was that his final word on the matter?
Mrs. White: Being killed is pretty final, wouldn't you say?
Wadsworth: And yet, he was the one who died, not you, Mrs. White, not you!
Miss Scarlet: What did he do for a living?
Mrs. White: He was a scientist, nuclear physics.
Miss Scarlet: What was he like?
Mrs. White: He was always a rather stupidly optimistic man. I mean, I'm afraid it came as a great shock to hime when he died, but, he was found dead at home. His head had been cut off, and so had his, uh... you *know*.
[Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, and Mr. Green cross legs]
Mrs. White: I had been out all evening at the movies.
Miss Scarlet: Do you miss him?
Mrs. White: Well, it's a matter of life after death. Now that he's dead, I have a life.
Wadsworth: But, he was your second husband. Your first husband also disappeared.
Mrs. White: But that was his job. He was an illusionist.
Wadsworth: But he never reappeared!
Mrs. White: [admittedly] He wasn't a very good illusionist.

Mrs. White: [after Mrs. Peacock swears that the reason she's being blackmailed is a vicious lie] Well, I am willing to believe you. I, too, am being blackmailed for something I didn't do.
Mr. Green: Me too.
Colonel Mustard: And me.
Miss Scarlet: Not me.
Wadsworth: [surprised] You're *not* being blackmailed?
Miss Scarlet: Oh, I'm being blackmailed all right, but I did what I'm being blackmailed for.
Mr. Green: What did you do?
Miss Scarlet: Well, to be perfectly frank, I run a specialized hotel and a telephone service which provides gentlemen with the company of a young lady, for a short while.
Professor Plum: Oh yeah?
[pulls out pen and a pad of paper]
Professor Plum: What's the phone number?

Colonel Mustard: [gesturing to another place setting at the dinner table] So, is this for our host?
Wadsworth: No, sir, for the seventh guest, Mr Boddy.
Mrs. White: I thought Mr. Boddy was our host.
All: So did I.
Mrs. White: So, who is our host Mr. Wadsworth?
[Wadsworth only smiles in response]

Mrs. Peacock: What are you all staring at?
Mr. Green: Nothing.
Mrs. Peacock: Well who's there?
Colonel Mustard: Nobody.
Mrs. Peacock: What do you mean?
Wadsworth: Nobody. No body, that's what we mean. Mr. Boddy's body, it's gone.
Mrs. White: Maybe he wasn't dead.
Professor Plum: He was!
Mrs. White: We should've made sure.
Mrs. Peacock: How?
Mrs. Peacock: By cutting his head off, I suppose.
Mrs. White: That was uncalled for!

Miss Scarlet: Maybe there is life after death.
Mrs. White: Life after death is as improbable as sex after marriage!

Wadsworth: You *were* jealous that your husband was schtupping Yvette. That's why you killed him, too!
Mrs. White: Yes. Yes, I did it. I killed Yvette. I hated her, so much...
Mrs. White: it-it- the f - it -flam - flames. Flames, on the side of my face, breathing-breathl- heaving breaths. Heaving breaths... Heathing...

Colonel Mustard: Mr. Boddy threatened to send those pictures to my dear old mother, the shock would've killed her.
Mrs. White: Oh, that would've been quite an achievement, since you told us that she's dead already.
[to Wadsworth]
Mrs. White: So, he had the motive.
Wadsworth: You *all* had a motive.

Mrs. White: Oh, you're a doctor?
Professor Plum: I am, but I don't practice.
Miss Scarlet: Practice makes perfect. Ha! I think most men need a little practice, don't you Mrs. Peacock?

Mrs. White: Well, one of us must have killed him!

Wadsworth: Do come in, Madam. You are expected.
Mrs. White: Do you know who I am?
Wadsworth: Only that you are to be known as Mrs. White.
Mrs. White: Yes. It said so in the letter. But why?

Mrs. White: You say you are used to being a hostess as part of your husband's work?
Mrs. Peacock: Yes, it's an integral part of your life when you are the wife of a... Oh, but then I forgot, we're not supposed to say who we really are, though, heavens to Betsy, I don't know why.
Colonel Mustard: Don't you?
Mr. Green: I know who you are.
Miss Scarlet: Aren't you gonna tell us?
Mrs. Peacock: How do you know who I am?
Mr. Green: I work in Washington, too.
Professor Plum: Washington? So you're a politician's wife?
Mrs. Peacock: Yes, I-I am.
Colonel Mustard: Well, come on then, who's your husband?

Wadsworth: You recognized Yvette, didn't you? Don't deny it!
Mrs. White: What do you mean, "Don't deny it"? I'm not denying anything!
Wadsworth: Another denial!
Mrs. White: Thhbbtt!
[sticks her tongue out at Wadsworth]

Mrs. White: How did you get in?
Mr. Green: The door was locked!
Mrs. White: It's a great trick!

Colonel Mustard: How many husbands have you had?
Mrs. White: Mine or other women's?
Colonel Mustard: Yours.
Mrs. White: Five.
Colonel Mustard: Five?
Mrs. White: Yes, just the five. Husbands should be like Kleenex: soft, strong and disposable.
Colonel Mustard: You lure men to their deaths like a spider with flies.
Mrs. White: Flies are where men are most vulnerable.
Colonel Mustard: Right!

Mrs. White: [after Mr. Green shoots Wadsworth] Are you a cop?
Mr. Green: No, I'm a plant.
Miss Scarlet: A plant? I thought men like you were usually called a fruit.
Mr. Green: Very funny. FBI. That phone call from J. Edgar Hoover was for me.
[opens the door]
Mr. Green: Told you I didn't do it!

Mrs. White: [Smashes glass on fireplace] PLEASE! Don't you think we should get that man out of the house before he finds out what's been going on here!
[Drops thre rest of the glass with a crash]
Miss Scarlet: Yeah!
Professor Plum: How can we throw him outside in this weather?
Miss Scarlet: If we let him stay in the house, he may get suspicious!
Professor Plum: If we throw him out, he may get even more suspicious!
Colonel Mustard: If I were him, I'd be suspicious already!
Mrs. Peacock: [hysterical] Oh, who cares? That guy doesn't matter! Let him stay locked up for another half an hour. The police will be here by then... and there are two dead bodies in the study!
All: Shhhhhhhhhhh!

Mrs. Peacock: So, what does your husband do?
Mrs. White: [quickly] Nothing!
Mrs. Peacock: Nothing?
Mrs. White: Well, he just lies around on his back all day.
Miss Scarlet: Sounds like hard work to me.

[Plum and White are looking at the photographic negatives]
Mrs. White: Oh my! Nobody can get into THAT position.
Professor Plum: Sure they can. Let me show you.
[lays her down on the couch and gets on top of her]
Mrs. White: Get off me!

Miss Scarlet: [looks in an envelope] What's this, Wadsworth?
Wadsworth: I'm afraid those are the negatives to which Colonel Mustard earlier referred.
Colonel Mustard: Oh my God!
Miss Scarlet: Were you planning to blackmail him, Wadsworth?
Wadsworth: Certainly not! I detained them for the colonel and I was going to give them back as soon as Mr. Boddy was unmasked.
Miss Scarlet: Mm, very pretty! Would you like to see these, Yvette, they might shock you.
Yvette: No, merci. I am a lady.
Miss Scarlet: Oh, how do you know what kind of pictures they are if you're such a lay-dee?
Professor Plum: What sort of pictures are they?
Colonel Mustard: They are *my* pictures and I'd like them back, please!
Miss Scarlet: No, I'm afraid there's something in them that concerns me, too.
Professor Plum: Let me see.
Mrs. White: [gasps] Oh no, nobody can get into that position.
Professor Plum: Sure they can. Let me show you.
[tries to do the position]
Mrs. White: Get off me!

Wadsworth: Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you.
Mr. Green: You're a bit late for that! I hate it when he does that.
Mrs. White: Ahhh!

Mrs. White: You've got blood on your hands.
Mr. Green: I DIDN'T DO IT!

Mrs. White: [referring to negatives of Colonel Mustard's private photos] Nobody can get into that position.
Professor Plum: Sure they can. Let me show you.
[attempts the sexual position with Mrs. White]
Mrs. White: Get off me!

Colonel Mustard: Wadsworth, am I right in thinking there's nobody else in this house?
Wadsworth: Um... no.
Colonel Mustard: Then there is someone else in this house?
Wadsworth: Sorry, I said "no" meaning "yes."
Colonel Mustard: "No" meaning "yes?" Look, I want a straight answer, is there someone else, or isn't there, yes, or no?
Wadsworth: No.
Colonel Mustard: No there is, or no there isn't?
Wadsworth: Yes.
Mrs. White: [shatters glass] PLEASE!

Mrs. White: So what do you do, Professor?
Professor Plum: I work for UNO, the United Nations Organization.
Colonel Mustard: Another politician. Jesus!
Professor Plum: No, I work for a branch of UNO. W.H.O., the World Health Organization.

Wadsworth: Ladies and gentlemen, the police will be here in about forty-five minutes. Tell them the truth and Mr. Boddy will be behind bars.
[Mr. Boddy starts out of the room]
Wadsworth: Where are you going this time?
Mr. Boddy: I think I can help them make up their minds. Can I just get my little bag from the hall?
[Mr. Boddy walks into the hall, grabs the bag, returns and places the bag on the table, opening it]
Mr. Boddy: Who can guess what's in here? Huh?
Miss Scarlet: The evidence against us, no doubt.
Mrs. White: We didn't know we were meeting you tonight. Did you know you were meeting us?
Mr. Boddy: Oh, yes.
Mrs. White: What were you told, precisely?
Mr. Boddy: Merely that you were all meeting to discuss our little financial arrangements, and if I did not appear, Wadsworth would be informing the police about it all. Naturally, I could hardly resist putting in an appearance.
[Mr. Boddy walks away from the group, towards the drink table]
Mr. Boddy: Excuse me. Open them.
Miss Scarlet: Why not? I enjoy getting presents from strange men.

Professor Plum: [Mr. Boddy is apparently dead after Mrs. Peacock has turned the lights back on. Professor Plum is knelt down to check if Mr. Boddy is alive] Stand back! Give him air! Let me see.
[Professor Plum checks for a pulse or any sign of breathing]
Professor Plum: He's dead!
Mrs. White: Who had the gun?
Professor Plum: I did.
Mrs. Peacock: Then you shot him.
Professor Plum: I didn't!
Mrs. Peacock: Well, you had the gun; if you didn't shoot him, who did?
Professor Plum: [Professor Plum flips Mr. Boddy over] Nobody! Look, there's no gunshot wound. Somebody tried to grab the gun from me in the dark and the gun went off.
[Professor Plum points to the wall]
Professor Plum: Look, the bullet broke that vase on the mantle.
Colonel Mustard: [the group begins rushing to the spot where the bullet hit and Colonel Mustard bumps into Professor Plum] I'm sorry, excuse me. He's absolutely right. Look, there's a bullet hole here in the wall, see that?
Mr. Green: [In a demanding tone] How did he die?
Professor Plum: [In an aggravated tone] I don't know! I'm not a forensic expert.

Wadsworth: [Wadsworth has just returned inside after throwing the key to the cupboard away] Well, what now?
Mrs. White: Wadsworth, let me out.
Wadsworth: No.
Mrs. White: Why not?
Wadsworth: We've gotta know who did it. We're all in this together now.
Mrs. Peacock: If you leave, I'll say that you killed them both.
Miss Scarlet: Me too.
Mr. Green: Me too.
Colonel Mustard: Me too.
Mrs. White: [Suddenly becoming mysteriously flirtatious] Oh, Wadsworth, I'll make you sorry you ever started this.
[She grabs hold of Wadsworth's tie, rubbing his chest]
Mrs. White: One day, when we're alone together...
Wadsworth: Mrs. White, no man in his right mind would be alone together with you.
Mrs. White: [Letting go of Wadsworth] Oh.

Clue (1994) (VG)
Professor Peter Plum: [trying to persuade Mrs. White to help him] All I want you to do, is see if you can find the bank drafts, or the cheques he's going to be handing over on Monday.
Mrs. Blanche White: And if I find them ? I gave him cash, but you don't care what happens to my money, do you ? Well all I can say is that you deserve everything that's coming to you, for the way you've handled your godson's affairs! So you can do your own DAMN dirty work!
Professor Peter Plum: [as she leaves] Mrs White - I could go to prison for this!
Mrs. Blanche White: [comes back, giving him a wrench] There you are, then. That'll open Boddy's desk for you!

[from the "Blackmail" case]
Mr. Jonathan Green: Look, there isn't time to explain this to you. You've got to get that money back from Boddy. He signs for the shares on Monday. Then it'll be too late.
Mrs. Blanche White: But you told us to go in for this! You said Mr Boddy practically guaranteed us a big return on the shares!
Mr. Jonathan Green: Yes, I know! But Mrs White - that Brewery's almost bankrupt.
[Mrs. White is horrified]
Mr. Jonathan Green: Boddy's not even investing in it himself. All he's doing is collecting a fat commission on the money he brings in - he can't lose!
Mrs. Blanche White: Did you know that the Brewery was in trouble when you told us?
Mr. Jonathan Green: Yes, I did. I shouldn't be telling you this, but... I'm sorry.

["Deadly Patent"]
Mrs. Blanche White: You see, I helped the Professor write that letter to Mr. Boddy. I typed it for him - the letter with the formula in it. I kept a carbon copy of that letter.
Mr. Jonathan Green: Where is it? Can I see it?
Mrs. Blanche White: No you may not see it... but it's safe. I shall choose the time... when it's right to use it.

["The Road to Damascus"]
Mrs. Blanche White: Come to think of it, blaming you might be the right solution for all of us.
Professor Peter Plum: No - there has to be another way!
Mrs. Blanche White: Then KILL Mr. Green!
[giving him a wrench]
Mrs. Blanche White: He's too dangerous to live...

["The Road to Damascus"]
Mrs. Blanche White: SOMEONE'S going to notice that half the antiques in this place are missing - you've seen to that! And they're gonna blame you... because I'm just a "little old lady, who's been led astray by a wicked comrade." So... you'd better think of something.
Mr. Jonathan Green: You're not getting out of this!
Mrs. Blanche White: Oh, shut up, will you! By the time I've finished, nobody is going to believe a word you've said, and I'm not going to prison. Not for you, Mr. Boddy, or ANYone else, and that is a promise.
Mr. Jonathan Green: What on earth am I supposed to do?
Mrs. Blanche White: [placing candlesticks in front of him] Well, you can take these to the dining room... for a start. And then if you want to sleep easy in your bed at night... you'd better think of something... hadn't you?

["Deadly Patent"]
Mrs. Blanche White: Oh come on, Professor! What are you, a man or a mouse?
Professor Peter Plum: Well what am I gonna do?
Mrs. Blanche White: I don't care what you do!
[gives him a candlestick]
Mrs. Blanche White: Brain him if he won't listen! And if you don't...
[takes a candlestick herself]
Mrs. Blanche White: I probably will.

Professor Peter Plum: [trying to persuade Mrs. White to help him] All I want you to do, is see if you can find the bank drafts, or the cheques he's going to be handing over on Monday.
Mrs. Blanche White: And if I can't find them? I gave him cash, but you don't care what happens to my money, do you? Well all I can say is that you deserve everything that's coming to you, for the way you've handled your godson's affairs! So you can do your own DAMN dirty work!
Professor Peter Plum: [as she leaves] Mrs White - I could go to prison for this!
Mrs. Blanche White: [comes back, giving him a wrench] There you are, then. That'll open Boddy's desk for you!

"Cluedo: Finders Keepers (#4.1)" (1993)
Siân Lloyd: [inquiring about Mrs. White's late husband] But how did he die?
Mrs. White: Well, I don't remember now, but I know he's dead...

"Cluedo: Christmas Past, Christmas Present (#1.7)" (1990)
[Mrs. White is heard screaming in the background]
Mrs. Peacock: What on earth?
[Mrs. White enters, hysterical]
Mrs. White: He-He's dead!
Col. Mustard: Forrest?
Mrs. White: No! No!
Mrs. Peacock: Not Mr. Forrest? Then who?
Mrs. White: His chauffeur! K-Ken! Ken's lying on the floor! And he's dead! Aaaahhh!

"Cluedo: A-Hunting We Will Go (#3.1)" (1992)
Mrs. White: [Gordon Ferrar] After what you did to Phantom, I'm sorry I didn't let you bleed to death!

"Cluedo: Blackmail and the Fourth Estate (#3.3)" (1992)
Mrs. White: [during cross examination] A woman of my age has no need to kill for love.