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The Brain (Character)
from "Pinky and the Brain" (1995)

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"Pinky and the Brain: Das Mouse (#1.1)" (1995)
The Brain: This is our position. This is the wreck of the Titanic.
Pinky: Egad, Brain. It's so close. We'll get there before you can yell "Poit".
The Brain: We'll reach Mars before I yell "Poit", Pinky.

Pinky: Narf!
The Brain: What is narf? Please tell me.
Pinky: Well, it's like "Zort!", or "Poit!"

The Brain: Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Pinky?
Pinky: I think so, Brain, but there's still a bug up here from last time.

Pinky: Good one, Brain.
The Brain: They're all good ones, Pinky.

Pinky: Oh, please, Brain! If we don't do something soon, I'll go out of my mind!
The Brain: That's a short trip.

[as the submarine is being bombarded]
Pinky: We'll be all right, won't we, Brain?
The Brain: [yelling] Poit!

The Brain: [It's all gone terribly wrong] Poit!

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so Brain, but there's still a bug stuck in here from last time.

The Brain: From now on Pinky, call me Captain Brain.
Pinky: Ha ha ha ha ha, Aye aye, Brain - er - Captain Brain! Oh, oh, can I be Queequeg, hm?
The Brain: Leave, Pinky, or you shall be jettisoned.

The Brain: W, H, O, I. Do you know what this is?
Pinky: Wa - hoy... Hmm? A yummy Polynesian dessert?
The Brain: Your associative powers belie your small cranium, my friend.

The Brain: I want you to randomly change the signal, so that we are not followed.
Pinky: Randomly? Gee I don't know Brain.
The Brain: Trust me Pinky, you excel at random.

The Brain: The sea, Pinky. "Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean, roll!" Byron.
Pinky: Good one Brain! Oh, oh, I've got one too! Erm - "Hey you kids, stay out of that riptide!" Baywatch.
The Brain: Prepare to die, Mr Pinky.

Pinky: If you could be any animal, what would it be?
The Brain: Oh, I'd have to say a hawk, Pinky, so I could soar through the sky, catch little white mice in my sharp talons and feed them to my young.
Pinky: Oooh... That's just weird, Brain.

"Pinky and the Brain: Brinky (#2.11)" (1997)
Pinky: [Brain has just told Pinky of his DNA being present as well] I'm a mommy, I'm a mommy.
The Brain: Pinky that's absurd. You are nothing of the kind. His chromosones just happen to share both our genetic mater... AAAAAAAAAH! My Lord, you are it's mommy.

Pinky: Careful, Brain. I sprained a muscle.
The Brain: You mean the one in your head?
Pinky: Exactly! It was last week when I had that idea. What was it again? Aaah! I did it again. Zort!

The Brain: Imagine thousands of mes focused on the same goal.
Pinky: Doing a one-man show?
The Brain: No, Pinky. To take over the world!
Pinky: Egad, Brain! You mean...?
The Brain: Yes. I'm franchising.

Pinky: [on Bunny's appartment] Brain, this place...
The Brain: Yes. It's like something the Guggenheim threw up.
Pinky: Then fed to its young.

The Brain: [while attempting to keep a cloning machine door from flying open] Unh! Pinky! Push Pinky Push!
Pinky: [groaning to keep it closed] Hoo hoo hee hee! Hoo hoo hee hee!

The Brain: The same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world!
Pinky: Ohh, not tonight Brain. I have a headache.

The Brain: [after realizing that Pinky's DNA has corrupted his clone] Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Brain: Since it represents the first phase of my plan, we'll call it Roman Numeral One.
Pinky: Roman Numeral One. Roman... Romy!

The Brain: What in the name of all that is good and sweet in Odin's beard is that?

"Pinky and the Brain: A Meticulous Analysis of History/Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish (#3.9)" (1997)
The Brain: Through meticulous analysis of history / I will find a way to make the people worship me / By studying the conquerors of days gone by, / I'll discover the mistakes that made them go awry.
Pinky: So that you can make the same mistakes if you just try!
The Brain: By studying the past so carefully / I won't repeat the same mistakes of history.
Pinky: You'll never make another mistake, you see / Cause you'll fall asleep from reading all that history!

The Brain: Pay attention, Pinky! When Cleopatra reigned as Queen / with Roman leaders she was often seen. / But when she had no ruling friend / she found a poison snake to bite her in the end.
Pinky: A bite down there I really wouldn't recommend!
The Brain: I won't need world alliances / when I'm commanding everyone's appliances.
Pinky: Oh no Brain, that would really smart, / to be bitten on the bottom by a Cuisinart!

The Brain: Hannibal, our book confirms / tried conquering Italy with pachyderms / Just why he failed, nobody tells / but he never could get past the Roman sentinels.
Pinky: And he couldn't find his weapons in the peanut shells!
The Brain: An elephant is not required, / if I can use the media to be admired!
Pinky: The TV viewers you'll delight / unless the network puts your show on Sunday night!

The Brain: Attila was a mighty Hun / he ransacked Asia Minor just for fun / But when he got to Europe's banks / he was routed by an army of heroic Franks.
Pinky: [eating a hot dog] I like mine with sauerkraut and mustard, thanks!
The Brain: Why pillage like a criminal / when I can send out messages subliminal?
Pinky: Please send a message to that Hun / to see if he can pillage me a hot dog bun!
[the Brain hits Pinky]
Pinky: Zort!

The Brain: Caligula was no boy scout / He did things that we can't even talk about / The Romans knew he'd lost his head / when he filled a vacant Senate seat with Mister Ed.
Pinky: What's wrong with being friendly with a thoroughbred?
[holds up a picture of Pharfignewton]
The Brain: Why rule like such a reprobate / when I can put the world in a hypnotic state?
Pinky: When everybody's in a trance / you can make the people do a chicken dance!
[Attila and his horse do a chicken dance]
The Brain: [grabs Pinky's nose] Pinky, if you don't stop this foolishness, I shall have to hurt you.
Pinky: [in pain] 'Kay.

The Brain: In France, Napoleon Bonaparte / thought beating Austria was very smart. / But when he took on England too / he was beaten up by Wellington at Waterloo!
Pinky: And now he's just a pastry filled with creamy goo!
The Brain: Why conquer with depravity / I'll win the world by undermining gravity.
Pinky: And even if your plan falls through / maybe they will name a pastry after you!
[holds up a cupcake with Brain's face, which the Brain squashes]

The Brain: From Ghengis Khan to Charlemagne, / from Alexander down to Tamburlaine, / I find a ruler's tragic flaw / and gain a little wisdom out of each faux pas.
Pinky: Don't forget the former Governor of Arkansas!
[holds up a picture of Bill Clinton]
The Brain: That concludes my little rhyme / I hope this lesson wasn't just a waste of time.
Pinky: Well Brain, I've learned that one thing's true / Every one of them has failed, and so have you!
The Brain: ...Thank you for your vote of confidence.

The Brain: Now come, we must prepare for tomorrow night.
Pinky: Why, what are we going to do tomorrow night? Sing a song about all the world's cheeses?
The Brain: No, Pinky, we shall try to take over the world - through meticulous analysis of history!
Pinky: Aw, but I like the cheese song, Brain...

Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish (1999) (V)
Brain Mouse: Pinky, once again you've left the lens cap on your mind.

Pinky: But Brain, how ever will we get to the wishing star first?
Brain Mouse: Simple, Pinky. With the help of the great Leonardo DaVinci.
Pinky: He is going to give us a ride there in his pant cuffs?
Brain Mouse: No Pinky. DaVinci is dead.
Pinky: Oh, how sad. When's the funeral?
Brain Mouse: He died a long time ago.
Pinky: And I forgot to send flowers? Stupid! Stupid! STUPID!
Brain Mouse: No, Pinky, allow me.
[Smacks him with his pencil]
Brain Mouse: STUPID!

Pinky: If we were supposed to fly we'd have come with little bags of nuts.
Brain Mouse: Pinky, you are a little bag of nuts!

Brain Mouse: Pinky, I knew I'd find you out here wasting time with this horse.
Pinky: But Pharfigneuten and I have pledged out hearts to each other!
Brain Mouse: Pinky, that is a horse. You are a mouse.
Pinky: Oh, Brain, don't be so intolerant. Why can't the horses and the mice live together in harmony? Along with the fairies and the wood sprites and the bean sprouts?
Brain Mouse: I stand corrected, Pinky. That is a horse, you are an imbisile.
Pinky: Thank you!

Brain Mouse: [flying in the Air-Screw] With the wind at our backs, all we have to do is maintain this velocity, and we'll be the first to reach the wishing star! Do you know what that means Pinky?
Pinky: What does what mean?
Brain Mouse: Just skip it.
Pinky: Skip what?
Brain Mouse: Grrrrr! Just stop!
Pinky: 'Kay.
[stops pedaling. They fall]
Brain Mouse: AAAAAHHHH! NO! Keep pedaling! Keep pedaling Pinky!
[he does]
Brain Mouse: Huh, huh... You almost killed us! What were you thinking?
Pinky: But you said stop! You really did Brain, you said 'stop.'
Brain Mouse: Ignore what I say!
Pinky: Really?
Brain Mouse: Yes, just keep pedaling!
Pinky: 'Kay.
[stops pedaling again]
Brain Mouse: NOOOOOO! What are you doing?
Pinky: Ignoring what you say.
Brain Mouse: Not about that!
Pinky: Not about what?
Brain Mouse: Just KEEP PEDALING!
Pinky: [starts pedaling again] Sometimes you are so confused, Brain.

"Pinky and the Brain: A Pinky & the Brain Christmas (#1.8)" (1995)
[Departing for the North Pole]
Pinky: Right, that would be...
Brain: North.
Pinky: NORTH! Right.

Brain: [reads Pinky's letter] "Dear Santa, hello, haha, narf! This year Santa, I ask for nothing, but I wish to tell you about my dear friend, the Brain. He is honest and very hard working, and only wants what's best for the world. But he gets no reward, he is only greeted with defeat. He never gives up, but I know it must be very hard. So please, take anything that you have for me and give it to my best friend in the whole world, the Brain. Love, Pinky. P.S. By any chance, do you have in that big old bag of yours... the world?"

Pinky: Um, Brain, do you really want to take over the world at Christmas time? I mean, remember when you tried to play Santa?
[Brain impersonated Santa Claus, and got sat on by a fat boy]
Brain: Well, it's difficult to rule the world with no air in your lungs.
Pinky: Oh, and there was that time we marketed ourselves as popular toys?
[Pinky and the Brain get crushed by a monster truck]
Brain: Now that plan...
Pinky: Was a lot of fun, hahaha! And remember when we traveled back in time to Bethlehem and...
Brain: Enough! Let us focus on THIS Christmas.

[Brain's Noodle Noggin transmitter activates]
Brain: Ladies and gentlemen of the world, you will do as I say. For I command you! I command you to...
[looks at Pinky, who smiles at him]
Brain: [breaks down in tears] ... Have a merry Christmas, everyone! Have a merry, merry Christmas! Joy to the world! Yes!
[destroys his machine]

Brain: Merry Christmas, Pinky.
[gives Pinky a gift]
Pinky: Aww, Brain, for me!... A spell checker! Oh, thank you, Brain!... Here, Brain.
[gives Brain a gift: a keychain of the world]
Brain: Thank you, Pinky. Merry Christmas.
Pinky: [hugs Brain] Merry Christmas to you, Brain.

"Pinky and the Brain: Tokyo Grows/That Smarts/Brainstem (#1.3)" (1995)
The Brain: Pinky, what were you doing up there?
Pinky: I was having a devil of a time cleaning the chimney.
The Brain: We don't have a chimney.
Pinky: Well, there you are then.
The Brain: No, Pinky, there *you* are. I am absolutely nowhere near that vicinity.

[after both Pinky and the Brain make themselves dumber]
Pinky: So, what are we doing to do tonight, Brain?
The Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky.
Pinky: What's that?
The Brain: I have no idea.
Pinky: Poit.
The Brain: Narf.

The Brain: [after seeing some scientists miniaturize TVs with a ray] This equipment is the perfect thing for my plan to take over the world!
Pinky: You mean you're gonna shrink electronics so only mice can use them?
The Brain: Don't be absurd, Pinky. There's no future in miniaturization, it's *big* things that strike the world with terror. Like that ridiculous legend of Gollyzilla that humans hopelessly hang on to. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain. But I don't think Kaye Ballard's in the Union.

The Brain: [just rewired the miniaturization ray to make it into a growth ray] You ready, Pinky?
Pinky: [Pinky jumps into the center of the room where the ray is pointed, wearing a monster outfit] Raaaaar! Woooooo! Pretty scary, huh, Brain?
The Brain: [sarcastically] Yes, Pinky. Terrifying. Stand by.
[activates the growth ray; seconds later, Pinky is halfway up out of the whole lab; looks around]
Pinky: Where are you, Brain. I can't see you...
The Brain: I'm down...
[Pinky steps on him]
Pinky: Hold on, Brain. I've got some gum on my shoe.
[peels The Brain off his foot and holds him up to his face]
The Brain: Apparently, your IQ didn't grow along with your shoe size, Pinky.

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: Yes I am.

"Pinky and the Brain: Of Mouse and Man (#1.2)" (1995)
The Brain: Man has an evil side, Pinky.
Pinky: Erm... Front, or back?
The Brain: The dark side.

The Brain: The dark side that has created grotesque war machines, pollution-spilling factories and now, a hideous thing, that is spreading across the world, like a horrible plague: Voicemail.

Pinky: [after Brain has said that a well-prepared mouse will be able to take over the world] I see! So, all we need, is a well-prepared mouse.
The Brain: I am that mouse, Pinky.
Pinky: Oh - well there you are then. Ha, job well done Brain. Ha ha ha ha, NARF!
The Brain: Keep it up, Pinky. Donkeytown needs a new Mayor.

"Pinky and the Brain: Broadway Malady (#3.24)" (1998)
The Brain: Pinky, what rhymes with June?
Pinky: I'm busy, Brain!
The Brain: Well, what are you doing?
Pinky: Oh, just hitting a balloon with a spoon while I croon a tune to this baboon by the light of the moon.
The Brain: Well, will you be done soon?
Pinky: Oh, about noon. Why?
The Brain: What rhymes with June?
Pinky: [pause] No it doesn't.
The Brain: Gah, I'll make it April.

The Brain: [singing] Baboon, spitoon, balloon / Harpoon, typhoon, lagoon / Boon, June, goon, noon, loon, prune, soon...
Singers: It must be... April!

Singers: It's the Schadenfreude Polka / The Schadenfreude Polka!
The Brain: When they fall upon the ground / You just laugh and dance around.
The Brain, Singers: Dance the Schadenfreude Polka!

"Animaniacs: Clown and Out/Bubba Bo Bob Brain (#1.34)" (1993)
Dolly Parton: I'm your biggest fan. What do say to that?
The Brain: I'd say puberty was inordinately kind to you.

The Brain: I have calculated every ingredient necessary to become a country music mega-star. Read me the list, Pinky.
Pinky: "A cowboy hat."
The Brain: [puts on a cowboy hat] Check.
Pinky: A southern dialect.
The Brain: Check, y'all.
Pinky: Nice, Brain. "Working class values."
The Brain: I enjoy beef jerky and the comedy stylings of Gallagher. Check.
Pinky: "A song."
The Brain: Check.
Pinky: "A name consisting of no less than three words."
The Brain: From now on, I shall be Bubba Bo Bob Brain. Check.
Pinky: And, "a height of at least six feet."
The Brain: Ch - drat!

The Brain: [about Willy Ray] It must be inordinately taxing to be such a boob.
Pinky: You have no idea.

"Pinky and the Brain: The Third Mouse/The Visit (#1.13)" (1996)
The Brain: In Italy under the Borgias, they had 30 years of murder, bloodshed and warfare. And they produced indigestible noodles, boring operas and the FIAT. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The Swiss bank account, the best cheese in the world and "Heidi"!

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: Umm, I think so Brain, but what if the chicken won't wear the nylons?

"Pinky and the Brain: Hoop Schemes (#2.12)" (1997)
The Brain: Hello Jelly Fellow

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so Brain, but why would Peter Bogdanovich?

"Pinky and the Brain: Plan Brain from Outer Space (#2.3)" (1996)
The Brain: You're a weenie!
[Zalgar's eyes widen]
The Brain: Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!
[Brain turns around and walks towards Pinky]
Pinky: Well done Brain!
The Brain: Thank you Pinky. Now run!
[they sprint away]
Zalgar: We'll see whose a weenie! Or should I say, a pancake?

[Pinky and Brain are flying a spaceship]
Pinky: Gee Brain, why don't you turn on the radio?
The Brain: [starts jumping on the controls] You've lost me Pinky.
[the large eye on the spaceship closes]
The Brain: Well one of these has to reopen it!

"Freakazoid!: The Freakazoid (#2.2)" (1996)
Neighbor: Hey! What are you doing?
Freakazoid: I'm fulfilling your request; I'm mowing your lawn.
Neighbor: While the Lobe's attacking everybody? Go get him already! What are you, wacko?
Wakko Warner: No, *I'm* Wakko!
Wakko Warner: Baton Rouge, Lousiana / Indianapolis, Indiana, /And Columbus is the capitol of Ohi...
Freakazoid: HEY! Wakko, what are you doing here? We're kind of in the middle of something.
Wakko Warner: Oh, it's okay! Steven loves it when we do this stuff. After all, "Animaniacs" is his favorite.
Freakazoid: Uh, sorry to break this to you, Wakko, but if I'm not mistaken, "Freakazoid!" is Steven's favorite show. We got a memo.
The Brain: Ahem, I believe you're both mistaken. It is the sophisticated wit and charm of "Pinky and the Brain" that has captured Steven's heart, as well as making it the breakaway hit of the WB's schedule.
Freakazoid: Well, why don't we just go find out?
[Later, at the Amblin Entertainment building, they continue to argue]
Steven Spielberg: QUIET! Now what's this about?
Freakazoid: First of all, Steven, thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us. We realize you're very busy, and...
The Brain: Oh, just ask him!
Freakazoid: We were just wondering... who's your favorite?
Steven Spielberg: Who are you people?

The Lobe: [Someone screaming as the Lobe chases after him with a death ray] Top o' the mornin' Freakazoid!
Freakazoid's Neighbour: Hey what are you doing?
Freakazoid: I'm fulfilling your request. I'm mowing your lawn.
Freakazoid's Neighbour: While the Lobe is attacking everyone? Are you whacko?
Wakko Warner: No I'm Wakko! Baton Rouge Lousiana, Indiapolis, Indiana, and Columbus is the capital of Ohio.
Freakazoid: Wakko what are you doing? We're in the middle of something.
Wakko Warner: Oh it's okay. Steven likes it when we do this after all Animaniacs is his favorite.
Freakazoid: Uh sorry to break this to you Wakko but if I'm not mistaken Freakazoid is Steven's favourite. We got a memo.
The Brain: I believe you're both mistaken. It is the sophisticated wit and charm of Pinky and the Brain that has captured Steven's heart as well as making it the break away hit of the Kids WB's schedule.
Stephen Speilberg: QUIET! Now what's this all about?
Freakazoid: First of all Steven thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us. We know you're very busy and...
The Brain: Oh just ask him!
Freakazoid: Who's your favorite?
Stephen Speilberg: Who are you people?

"Pinky and the Brain: Brain Acres (#3.12)" (1997)
The Brain: I haven't created a monster, I've created another Pinky.

The Brain: Are You Pondering what I'm Pondering Pinky?
Pinky: I Think so Brain, But if the Plural for mouse is mice why isn't the plural for spouse, spice?

"Animaniacs: Slippin' on the Ice Song/'Twas the Day Before Christmas/Jingle Boo/The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert/Toy Shop Terror/Yakko's Universe (#1.50)" (1993)
Yakko Warner: So 'twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Dot Warner: Some creatures was stirring
Wakko Warner: Including a mouse!
[points at Pinky and Brain]
The Brain: Tonight my dear Pinky our plan is unfurled, we'll steal Santa's sleigh and take over the world!
Pinky: Brain you're a genius, you simply astound me
[accidentally hits Brain with a sack he's carrying knocking him off the tower]
Pinky: Narf Brain's gonna pound me!

"Pinky and the Brain: Brain of the Future (#2.10)" (1997)
The Brain: [in a time machine going two billion years into the future] Let me put this in terms even you can understand; remember that sandwich that was behind the refridgerator for two weeks?
Pinky: Oh, you mean the one that tasted like sauerkraut?
The Brain: ...I'll take your word for it. Anyway, in two billion YEARS, that sandwich would evolve into a life form capable of setting up churro stands on the planets of distant galaxies!

"Animaniacs: Ups and Downs/The Brave Little Trailer/Yes, Always (#1.52)" (1994)
Andrea Romano: I can't believe that guy. I Taft-Hartley'd him on his first job!
The Brain: I heard that.

"Pinky and the Brain: Around the World in 80 Narfs (#1.10)" (1996)
The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so brain, but
Pinky: , no, no, it's too stupid.
The Brain: We will disguise ourselves as a cow!
Pinky: Egad Brain! That's exactly what I was going to say!

"Pinky and the Brain: My Feldmans, My Friends (#3.5)" (1997)
The Brain: Sometimes I think I'd be more productive if my sidekick were a pliant corndog.
[a moment later]
The Brain: Sometimes I think my sidekick IS a pliant corndog...

"Animaniacs: Of Nice and Men/What a Dump/Survey Ladies (#1.43)" (1993)
George: What you got in your hand?
Lennie: Only a mouse, George?
The Brain: I hate cameos.

"Pinky and the Brain: Snowball (#1.9)" (1996)
The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so Brain, but "Snowball for Windows"?

"The Nostalgia Critic: The Purge (#7.29)" (2014)
The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain. But how can you have a Duck Dynasty if none of the people are ducks?
The Brain: Goddamn it, Pinky! Can't you get at least one fucking thing right?
[Peppy music starts to play them out]
The Brain: No, no, cut the music! Cut the music!
Pinky: But I...
The Brain: I've put up with this bullshit for too long!
Pinky: Bullshit?
The Brain: You are the syphilis to everything I've worked so hard for, you miserable, poisonous sack of disease!
Pinky: But Brain...
The Brain: Shove it, bitch! I could have had the world years ago if you didn't keep fucking it up!
Pinky: Oh dear, I...
The Brain: Do me a favor and just... just die! Just die for the sake of all humanity!
Pinky: [sobbing] Oh Brain! I can't believe it!
The Brain: Oh, that's right! Cry! Oh, that's all your good for isn't it, you little shit!
Pinky: Why?
[It has to be noted that the impressions of the two mice are surprisingly accurate. Turns out, a cut away from the scene reveals Pinky and the Brain's ACTUAL voice actors, Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche respectively, acting out the scene in their hotel room, with the Critic in the background urging them on]
Maurie LaMarche: Wait a second. Hold up, Rob.
Rob Paulsen: What?
Maurie LaMarche: Are you sure this is for a kids show?
Nostalgia Critic: Just say it. People have been wanting to hear it for years.
Rob Paulsen: Oh really? Okay.
Maurie LaMarche: Alright.
The Brain: You are pestilence! That's right you are the pestilence of life! I don't usually believe in homicide, but if I could go back to the moment of your conception.

"Pinky and the Brain: Napoleon Brainaparte (#1.7)" (1995)
The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: Well, I think so Brain, but first you'd have to take that whole bridge apart, wouldn't you?

"Pinky and the Brain: Pinky & the Fog/Where No Mouse Has Gone Before/Cheese Roll Call (#1.4)" (1995)
The Brain: From now on, Pinky, whatever anyone asks you, just say "Ja" or "Nein."
The Brain: [later, beneath the rocket] Did you hear the countdown, Pinky?
Pinky: Ja!
The Brain: What number are they down to?
Pinky: Nein!
The Brain: Nine?
Pinky: Ja!
The Brain: Excellent! Plenty of time.
[rocket ignites]

"Animaniacs: Yakko's World of Baldness/Opportunity Knox/Wings Take Heart (#1.24)" (1993)
Brain: Come, Pinky, we must prepare for tomorrow night.
Pinky: Why, Brain? What are we gonna do tomorrow night?
Brain: Guess.

"Animaniacs: De-Zanitized/The Monkey Song/Nighty-Night Toon (#1.1)" (1993)
Narrator: Inside the Water Tower room there was a log flume and a picture of a big baboon.
Ralph the Guard: Huh?
Narrator: And three little toons acting like goons.
Yakko: I'm Yakko
Wakko: I'm Wakko.
Dot: And I'm cute!
Narrator: A dog and a cat.
Runt: Cat? Where's a cat?
Narrator: And a big-headed rat
The Brain: I'm a mouse, not a rat.

"Animaniacs: Wally Llama/Where Rodents Dare (#1.9)" (1993)
The Brain: [after being crushed in the gears of the tram] This is a pain that will linger...

"Pinky and the Brain: Operation: Sea Lion/You Said a Mouseful (#3.21)" (1997)
The Brain: So you sacked the cocky khaki kicky sack sock plucker?
Mr. Sackett: The second cocky khaki kicky sack sock plucker I sacked since the sixth sitting sheet slitter got sick!