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Mary Boleyn (Character)
from The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

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The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)
Sir Thomas Boleyn: [regarding the punishment for Anne's secret marriage] You will be sent to France and stay there until you've learned your lesson.
Anne Boleyn: What? No! Father, please!
Sir Thomas Boleyn: How can you have done this? You knew full well that Mary's friendship with the king is at an extremely delicate state! Any scandal, any mark upon her name could be fatal!
The Duke of Norfolk: You will be sent to join the court of the French queen and stay there until your father has forgiven you.
Anne Boleyn: [crying, runs into the hall where Mary is waiting] You told them didn't you?
Mary Boleyn: It was for your own good. You never would have gotten away with it. It would have ruined your prospects forever.
Anne Boleyn: [still crying] Really? For my good? Well, I'll try to remind myself of that while I'm in exile, and you're here in the king's bed, not challenged for our father's affection! That it was for my good and not yours!
[running down the hall, leaving Mary]
Mary Boleyn: Anne!

Mary Boleyn: You know I love him...
Anne Boleyn: Well, I guess you'll have to stop.

Mary Boleyn: [to Anne] You've reached too high... as always.

Mary Boleyn: [as she enters the room] Anne.
Anne Boleyn: I meant to come sooner. I'm sorry I did not. I've been kept occupied.
Mary Boleyn: So I hear: amusing the king.
Anne Boleyn: Only that sister, I assure you; despite his best efforts...
Mary Boleyn: What, and not yours?
Anne Boleyn: [is silent for a moment] How is it?
[glances towards Mary's belly]
Mary Boleyn: The child is strong, gives me no rest, like his father.
Anne Boleyn: Do you feel as awful as you look? You know, in France, no woman would allow herself to get in such a state.
Mary Boleyn: Why did you come Anne, if all you desire is to torment me?
Anne Boleyn: Perhaps now you know how it feels: to be deceived by your sister.
Mary Boleyn: I did nothing.
Anne Boleyn: You stole the king away, and then you betrayed me over Henry Percy!
Mary Boleyn: If that's what you think fine tell yourself that!
Anne Boleyn: I did sister, every day and every night I was in exile.
King's Messenger: [Messenger walks in, holding a gift] A gift, from the king.
Anne Boleyn: Give it to my sister.
King's Messenger: It's for you mistress Anne.
Anne Boleyn: Me? Then send it back! Immediately!
[looks at Mary]
Anne Boleyn: How dare he! See? I have your interest at heart.
Mary Boleyn: Why? Why this cruelty? You know I love him.
Anne Boleyn: Well perhaps you should stop.

Mary Boleyn: [in Henry's bedchamber] So, this is it?... Where the king of England sleeps?
King Henry VIII: And reads and writes. Finds a few moments each day to himself.
Mary Boleyn: [nervously] And yet you invite me here?
King Henry VIII: Because I like you and trust you.
Mary Boleyn: You hardly know me.
King Henry VIII: I have lied to a hundred times a day. Petitioned. Lobbied. One learns how to decifer a face.
[caresses Mary's face]
King Henry VIII: Yours is as the sun. One shouldn't gaze too long.
King Henry VIII: My flattery makes you uncomfortable?... Because compliments in your family are usually for someone else. The elder sister... That's something I understand. What it is to be the second child. Forever in the shadows... I'm making you uncomfortable again.
[Mary smiles, shaking her head as Henry leans in and kisses her]

Mary Boleyn: Mother, please! Speak to father... Do something... I don't want to go!
Lady Elizabeth: This is not a request. We have been summoned.
[gets up and leaves the room]
Mary Boleyn: [to Anne] Please don't be angry with me... You think I desired to go for this purpose?
Anne Boleyn: All I know is that a man who didn't know who you were was with you in that room for a half-hour and came out besotted!
[starts to leave]
Anne Boleyn: Don't know what you said or did!
Mary Boleyn: Nothing sister! Except sing your praises and talk about my husband.
Anne Boleyn: Really? Well, you must show me how you did that sometime!
[leaves the room]

Mary Boleyn: [to George about Anne] Her reputation will be ruined!

Anne Boleyn: [in the Tower] You'll look after Elizabeth.
Mary Boleyn: [embracing Anne] It will never come to that.

William Carey: [dancing] Are you happy?
Mary Boleyn: [smiling] I am.

Anne Boleyn: [on Mary's wedding night] You afraid?
Mary Boleyn: A little.
Anne Boleyn: I should be able to tell you how it will be tonight; give you advice on what to do. I failed you as an elder sister.
Mary Boleyn: No one could wish for a better sister.

Mary Boleyn: How can you show your face in here? My own sister... take care, because he would only do to you what he has done to me
Anne Boleyn: You should not have given yourself so lightly, these are the consequences.
Mary Boleyn: I gave myself to a man I loved, and he loved me.
Anne Boleyn: A man's love is worthless. Our mother's loved, look where it got her, a feeble husband. Love is of no value without power and position. If I gave the king a son, he would not be a bastard.

Mary Boleyn: [after Anne tells her how to secure her position] What you suggest is treason! He cannot marry you, he has his queen!
Anne Boleyn: [Smiling coldly] Who cannot produce a male heir
Mary Boleyn: You've reached too high! As always!
Anne Boleyn: The king will deal with Catherine, you'll hear about it from where I'm standing. You are to go back to Rocher, isn't that what you've always wanted? A life in the country, alone with your child.
[She leaves, later, Mary will see her once free-riding sister sitting behind the King on a horse]

King Henry VIII: [Refering to Anne] I need to be certain, can I trust her?
Mary Boleyn: Why would you not?
King Henry VIII: Usually my instincts are sharp, but with your sister, she has a power over me.

Mary Boleyn: [Refering to the Queen] The crowds are with her.
Anne Boleyn: [Confidently] The crowds have no vote.

William Stafford: If you came with me, I would never betray you or take you for granted.
Mary Boleyn: It's impossible, you know that. My family would never allow it.
William Stafford: And you would care what they think after everything they've done to you?

Sir Thomas Boleyn: The king has secured for you a position in the queen's household
Mary Boleyn: But I don't want to go to court, nor does my husband
William Carey: The king has also offered me a position, as a gentleman of the Privy Council
Sir Thomas Boleyn: You hear that Mary? Privy Council, tending upon his Majesty himself
Mary Boleyn: What about our future in the country?
The Duke of Norfolk: Oh, you must put that out of your mind. From now on your future is at court.
Mary Boleyn: William please, don't you understand what this means? They'll seperate us, put me in different accommadation where the king can always find me
The Duke of Norfolk: Happily your husband understands the value of such an oppurtunity, for us all

Mary Boleyn: How are you Stafford?
William Stafford: I'm well, thank you.
William Stafford: I'm not sure I'm one for court though... I'm a little homesick.
Mary Boleyn: Well, you and I both.
William Stafford: In my view, it changes people... and not necessary for the better. Your sister though is thriving. She's truly caught the eye of Henry Percy.
Mary Boleyn: Why does she do this? He's already taken.

Mary Boleyn: [to Anne and George] May God have mercy on you both.

King Henry VIII: Why are you here for her?
Mary Boleyn: Because she is my sister, and therefore one half of me.

[deleted scene]
William Carey: Have you christened the child?
Mary Boleyn: Henry.
William Carey: I see. And is he to take my name or is he to be a Fitzroyal or some other sign that he's a royal bastard?
Mary Boleyn: He is to be Henry Carey.
William Carey: [looking up at her] To think, all you needed to say was no.
William Carey: [begins weeping] Can you forgive me? Although I could never forgive myself.
[Mary takes his hand and he kisses it]

Sir Thomas Boleyn: [first lines - strolling through the woods with his wife while the children playfully race through the sunlit fields] I received a request for marriage today for Anne from the Carey family. William, their eldest son.
Lady Elizabeth: Oh, that's wonderful.
Sir Thomas Boleyn: I turned it down. Offered them Mary instead. Everyone improves the standing of their family with their daughters. I think Anne can do better than a merchant's son.
Lady Elizabeth: [exasperated exhalation] And Mary can't? I think you underestimate her.
Sir Thomas Boleyn: Oh no, that's not true. I think she's the kinder of the two, quite possibly the fairer. To get ahead in this world, you need more than fair looks and a kind heart.
Young Anne: [after overtaking Mary] I beat you, I beat you!
Young Mary: Hey!
[all three children then fall down in a heap laughing]
Sir Thomas Boleyn: Well done, Anne. Well done, children.

"The Tudors: His Majesty's Pleasure (#2.5)" (2008)
Mary Boleyn: Do I have to ask your opinion to fall in love?
Thomas Boleyn: Yes! We are royalty! Everything is different!

"The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Anne Boleyn (#1.2)" (1970)
Lady Boleyn: The King will remember what you are to him.
Anne Boleyn: They're not building that scaffold for nothing.
Lady Boleyn: I am sure he will remember.
Anne Boleyn: I know my husband! He is a hunter...
Lady Boleyn: Madam...
Anne Boleyn: When he has sported, he will kill. 'Tis his nature. And I am the prey.

"The Tudors: Simply Henry (#1.2)" (2007)
King Henry VIII: You've been at the French Court for two years. Tell me, what French graces have you learned?
Mary Boleyn: [while kneeling before him] With Your Majesty's permission...?
King Henry VIII: Granted.
[she unlaces his breeches and gives him a blow-job]

"The Tudors: Tears of Blood (#2.2)" (2008)
Mark Smeaton: Mistress Boleyn! You must feel so excited to be back in France, after all your little adventures here.
Mary Boleyn: Tut, Mark. You ought to remember that I'm still in mourning for my poor husband.
Mark Smeaton: Well, I wouldn't have called him poor. Dull, certainly.
Mary Boleyn: And impotent.
Mark Smeaton: Really?
Mary Boleyn: I can't wait to ride some young French stallion while I'm here.
Mark Smeaton: Well, between you and me, neither can I!