Edgar Allan Poe
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Edgar Allan Poe (Character)
from Poe: Last Days of the Raven (2008)

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The Raven (2012/I)
Edgar Allan Poe: You are referring to one of my stories. A work of fiction!

Edgar Allan Poe: What's going on?
Detective Fields: I'm Detective Fields. Please, sit down, Mr. Poe.
Edgar Allan Poe: Yes. The infamous Detective Fields. Am I under arrest?
Detective Fields: No... not just yet.
Edgar Allan Poe: Then I'd rather stand! It makes it easier to leave!

Edgar Allan Poe: Take this kiss upon the brow!/And, in parting from you now/ Thus much let me avow/You are not wrong, who deem/All that we see or seem/Is but a dream within a dream.

Edgar Allan Poe: Her innocence was the first part of her soul to die.

Edgar Allan Poe: You're mad.
Ivan: Really, Mr. Poe? You're one to talk.

Edgar Allan Poe: I often thought I could hear the sound of darkness as it stole across the horizon, rushing towards me. But here I was overwhelmed by a sorrow so poignant. Once she finally died I felt in all candour a great release, but it was soon supplanted by the return of that dark and morbid melancholy that has followed me like a black dog all my life...

Twixt (2011)
Poe: Of all the melancholy topics, what, according the the universal understanding of mankind, is the most tragic?
Hall Baltimore: Death.
Poe: And when is this most tragic of melancholy topics most poetical? When it most loosely alludes itself to beauty. The death, therefore, of a beautiful girl is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world. Equally, it is beyond doubt that the lips best suited for such a topic, are those of a man who loved her.

Poe: During the brightest days of her unparalleled beauty, I loved her. Not as the living and breathing Virginia, but as the Virginia of the dream.

Poe: Our work must be the grave that we prepare for its lovely talent.

Poe: Do you dare go further?
Hall Baltimore: What are you talking about? Tell me the ending.
Poe: If you don't stop now, every word that flows from your pen will be your own tale. You. You are the ending you seek.

"Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party: The Bells (#1.1)" (2016)
Edgar Allan Poe: Are you sure you sent out all the invitations?
Lenore: Yes.
Edgar Allan Poe: And the singing telegram to the beautiful Annabel Lee?
Lenore: Yep.
Edgar Allan Poe: And the RSVP to her RSVP...
Lenore: She said she'd be here!

Edgar Allan Poe: Ah Charlotte Brontë. Here is your character card for the evening.
Charlotte Bronte: Oh, she sounds poor. Did you write this? Is this going to take very long?

Edgar Allan Poe: Oh. I thought someone knocked.
Emily Dickinson: Oh, I did. I knocked.
Edgar Allan Poe: I'm sorry, who are you?
Emily Dickinson: Emily Dickinson. I stay in my room a lot. I write poems like you, though. We're actually a lot alike.
Edgar Allan Poe: I don't think so, but we may have an extra spot.
Emily Dickinson: You invited me.

Castle of Blood (1964)
Edgar Allan Poe: [while leaving after finding Foster's body] When I finally write this story, people will say it's... unbelievable.

"Masters of Horror: The Black Cat (#2.11)" (2007)
Edgar Allan Poe: I have little sense of the world around me. Such is my genius.

Descendant (2003)
Edgar Allan Poe: I wrote that for a woman I loved. The woman of my dreams she was... Lenore.