Debbie Strand
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Debbie Strand (Character)
from Devil in the Flesh (1998) (V)

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Devil in the Flesh (1998) (V)
Debbie: Spare the rod, spoil the child - is that the idea? Is this how you raised my mother? No wonder she was such a fucking bitch!
[Debbie hits Fiona with her cane]
Debbie: [mocking tone] Oh, I'm sorry, grandmother. Did I hurt you? Let me make it better!
[hits Fiona again]
Fiona: Please, have mercy...
Debbie: Fuck mercy! You don't have any mercy. My mother never had it, my father didn't have it, and I don't have it. It's a family thing!
[hits Fiona again with a fatal blow to the head]

Fiona: Where have you been?
Debbie: [sarcastic] I was a church praying for my mother.
Fiona: Oh praying, isn't that nice? Don't you lie to me you blasphemy slut! You've been out carousing.
Debbie: Carousing? I was out with a friend.
Fiona: Oh a friend? Are all your friends deviant men twice your age?
Debbie: What are you talking about?
Fiona: Giving your body to men. You're a whore just like your mother!
Debbie: Don't call me that! I'm nothing like her.
Fiona: Don't you dare talk back to me! I've seen him the one you've been writing to. I'm talking about this!
Debbie: You read my diary? How dare YOU!
Fiona: This is my house! And I will not have this immoral behavior in it any longer! I am calling the police. And them I'm calling the school and reporting this devil, Peter. Then I'll call that Asian woman and have you put in a reform school!
Debbie: You're not gonna do anything!
Fiona: What?
Debbie: Spare the rod, spoil the child, is that the idea? Is this how you raised my mother? No wonder she was such a fucking bitch!
Fiona: Please child. Please don't.
Debbie: I'm sorry grandma did I hurt you?
Fiona: Please. Get me a doctor. Have mercy on me.
Debbie: Fuck mercy!
Fiona: No.
Debbie: You never had any mercy. My mother never had any mercy. And now I don't have any mercy. It's a family thing!

Debbie Strand: No means no. Don't you guys get that? What is it, you stop understanding English when you get a hard-on?

[the grandmother grabs Debbie's arm]
Debbie: God damnit, you're hurting me!