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Tiffany (Character)
from Bride of Chucky (1998)

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Bride of Chucky (1998)
Tiffany: My mother always said love was supposed set you free. But that's not true, Chucky. I've been a prisoner of my love for you for a very long time. Now it's payback time.
Chucky: [stuck in playpen] You let me outta here right now!
Tiffany: Sweet dreams, asshole.

[first lines]
Tiffany: Hello.
Bailey: Hey I'm on my way. And don't forget my money.
Tiffany: See you soon. And Bailey, don't you forget. Curiosity killed the cat.

Tiffany: Auday duay dumbalar. Give me the power, I beg of you. Auday duay dumbalar. Give me the power, I beg of you. La mwar de sway de pwa de yo. Se swa seten de pwa de mor. Auday deway dum balar. Awake!

Tiffany: You never really actually killed anybody, did you? Did you? Did you, you pathetic worm!

Tiffany: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Back on your knees. Crawl. Good boy. Stay down on the floor where you belong. That's right.

Tiffany: Jesse, honey, could you give me a hand with this?
[referring to trunk with Damien's body in it]
Jesse: [washing van] Yeah, okay, uh, just a second.
Jesse: Thanks, sweet face. I owe you one.

Tiffany: Ten years is a long time, Chucky. Besides, I was never actually with him. You know me. I'll kill anybody, but I'll only sleep with someone I love.

Tiffany: Now you watch me.
[looks at Chucky]
Tiffany: Both of you.

Tiffany: A woman spends all day over a hot stove slaving away for her man. The least he can do is the dishes.

Chucky: What would Martha Stewart say?
Tiffany: Fuck Martha Stewart! Martha Stewart can kiss my shiny plastic butt! Here I am, slaving a way over a hot stove, making cookies... making Swedish meatballs, and for what? A man who doesn't appreciate me! For a man that can't even wash one fucking dish! For a man who isn't even a man at all where it counts, if you get my drift! -to Jade- Take it from me honey, plastic is no substitute for a nice hunk of wood!
Chucky: I didn't hear her complaining last night. Any guy would need a hunk of plastic, probably battery operated to get a reaction out of you in bed. And by the way, where the hell did you learn to bake?

Tiffany: Have you got a rubber?
Chucky: Have I got a rubber? Tiff, look at me. I'm ALL rubber.
Tiffany: That's right... wait, I thought you were plastic?
Chucky: Tiff... kiss me
Tiffany: Ok.

Jesse: How'd you end up like this?
Tiffany: It's a long story.
Chucky: Let me put it this way. If this were a movie, it would take three or four sequels to do it justice.

Chucky: Face it, Tiff. You need me, otherwise you're stuck like this for good.
Tiffany: [Reading the book on "Voodoo For Dummies"] I don't need you, I'll look it up myself.
Chucky: Oh, go ahead. Chapter six. Page two-seventeen.
Tiffany: 'The heart of Dambala'... what's that?
Chucky: An amulet! We need it to transfer our souls into human bodies.
Tiffany: OK. And where the hell is it?
Chucky: [Holding up newspaper clipping of his death] I was wearing it around my neck the night those bastards gunned me down. It was buried with my corpse, in Hackensack, New Jersey.
Tiffany: All right. Let's go.
Chucky: Oh, sure. I'll steer and you can work the peddles. We're DOLLS ya dope!
Tiffany: [Begins to cry] Oh my god, what are we gonna do!
Chucky: Aye aye aye.
[Tiffany continues to cry]
Chucky: Shut up!
Tiffany: [Stops crying] You shut up.

[Warren is trying to get into Jesse's van, and goes off for a crowbar]
Tiffany: Who the hell's this bozo? What's he doing?
Chucky: Screwing with our ride, that's what.
[pulls out knife]
Chucky: Ahh, what the hell, I need the exercise.
Tiffany: Were you born with that knife superglued to your hand or what?
Chucky: What are you talking about?
Tiffany: For god's sake Chucky, drag yourself into the 90s. Stabbings went out with Bundy and Dahmer. You look like Martha Stewart with that thing.
Chucky: Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?
Tiffany: My idol. And what does Martha tell you to do when friends drop by for dinner and you haven't had time to shop? You improvise.

Tiffany: God, was Chucky an incredible lover! He was the best I ever had.
Damien: Oh, come on, Tiff. He ain't big enough to handle a woman like you?
Chucky: It ain't the size that counts, asshole - it's what you do with it.

Chucky: Tiffany! Where the fuck are you?
Jesse: You got company?
Tiffany: Nope, just babysitting. Foul-mouthed little fucker.

Tiffany: What are we gonna do?
Chucky: [Sarcastically] I don't know, what would Martha Stewart do?

Chucky: Hi. I'm Chucky, wanna play?
Damien: Where the hell did you get this thing?
Tiffany: Got it from the cops. It's the actual doll from those murders. I... stitched him together.
Damien: You've got to be kidding me.
Tiffany: No I'm not kidding you, I...
Damien: Oh come on, Tiffany. I knew you were obsessed, but...
Tiffany: I'm not obsessed.
Damien: Chucky? He's so... 80s.
Tiffany: No he's not.
Damien: He isn't even scary.
Tiffany: Yes he is.
Damien: Look at him. What are you lookin at punk? You lookin at me?
Tiffany: Alright, so, I was wrong. I thought he'd make an... interesting toy... Damien?
Damien: Yeah?
Tiffany: Wanna play?
Damien: ...Okay

Tiffany: You know, Chucky, I still have the ring.
Chucky: What ring?
Tiffany: The ring. The one you left for me. I found it on the mantle the night you were killed. I've never taken it off.
Chucky: Oh, that. The one I got from Vivian VanPelt.
Tiffany: Vivian who?
Chucky: Vivian VanPelt. I dumped her in the river, remember? That ring is worth five or six grand easy.
Tiffany: You mean... you weren't gonna ask me to marry you?
Chucky: What, are you fuckin' nuts?
[laughs hysterically]

Chucky: [looking at his knife] Huh! A true classic never goes out of style!
Tiffany: [to Chucky] That was good!

Damien: Come on, let me in or I'm likely to catch my death out here.
Tiffany: Promises, promises.

Tiffany: Well, hello, dolly.

Tiffany: Barbie, eat your heart out.

Damien: Hey, how was your day?
Tiffany: Same old same old.
Damien: [takes a photo out of his back pocket] Oh, hey, check it out.
Tiffany: What?
Damien: Check it out.
Tiffany: [takes the photo] What is it?
Damien: You mean *who* is it.
Tiffany: *Who* is it?
Damien: You mean who *was* it.
Tiffany: [looks at the photo - it's a dead man with blood covering his face] Oh, my God. Oh, my God, you really did a number on him, didn't you?
[Damien laughs]
Tiffany: What did you use? Was it really bloody? Did he scream a lot? Was he half... you know, Damien, this guy looks awfully familiar. I recognise the nail polish.
Damien: [looks at his black nails - the photo was of him] Shit!
Tiffany: You never really actually killed anybody, did you? Did you! Did you, you pathetic worm!
[hits Damien over the head with the photo]
Damien: Come on Tiff, I'm workin' up to it.

Tiffany: [thinking she failed to resurrect Chucky] What a crock.

Tiffany: Oh, my God. I'm crying. I wonder if all the plumbing works.
Chucky: Well, I don't know about you but I'm starting to feel a bit like Pinocchio here. And I am anatomically correct.

Tiffany: Hold still honey or I'm going to poke you in the eye again.

Tiffany: Oh, Chucky look at us. We belong dead. I'll see you in hell, darling.

Tiffany: [after Chucky stabs her] My mother always told me love would set me free.
Chucky: [pushes her back] Get off my knife.

Tiffany: I was thinking about what you said about wanting to get married...
Chucky: Yeah?
Tiffany: I think it would be time for you to settle down!
Chucky: Babe, you made the best choice ever! You won't regret this, I promise. I'm going to treat you like a princess.
Tiffany: [rips off wrapping paper and places Bride doll into Chucky's cage]
Chucky: What's that?
Tiffany: Your bride!
Bride doll: With this ring I thee wed...
Tiffany: Oh, Chucky! She's beautiful!
Tiffany: [throws rice at Chucky and laughs]
Chucky: You are so dead!

Tiffany: [Chucky has just transfered Tiffany's soul into a doll] You son of a bitch! What have you done to me?
[Punches Chucky]
Tiffany: You got your wish. You're mine now doll. And if you know what's good for you, you are going to love, honor, and obey!
Tiffany: I wouldn't marry you if you had the body of G.I.Joe
Chucky: Hey, Raggedy Anne, you looked in the mirror lately? Now's not the time to get picky

Jade: What are you gonna do to us?
Chucky: Funny you should ask.
Tiffany: These bodies are okay. But they're like apartments were just renting. But now we're movin' on up.
Chucky: Like George and Weezy.
Tiffany: And we're lookin' to buy.
Chucky: And you know what they say about real estate - Location, location, location. Well, you guys are in the right place at the wrong time.
Chucky, Tiffany: [both giggle]

Chucky: I'd imagine at this point you two must have a lot of questions! You do know who I am?
Jesse: Chucky...
Chucky: And this...
[points to Tiffany]
Chucky: is Tiffany!
Tiffany: [to Jesse] I believe we already met, haven't we, sweet-face?
Jesse: [Jesse stares at Tiffany] S-s-so, how-how did you end up like this?
Chucky: Well, it's a long story.
Tiffany: It sure is.
Chucky: In fact if it were a movie, it would take three or four sequels just to do it justice!

Seed of Chucky (2004)
Tiffany: What the hell is goin' on in here?
Chucky: She came on to me!
Tiffany: No wonder her career's in trouble.

[talking to Glen]
Tiffany: Where are your mother and father?
Chucky: [whispering] Judging by that face, my guess is they're hiding.
Tiffany: Shut up, you asshole.

Tiffany: I'm not getting pregnant again, I'll tell you that much. My mother always said, "Once is a blessing, twice is a curse."
Chucky: Well, that would explain your sister.

Tiffany: Hi, my name is Tiffany Ray. Um, you don't know me but, a few years ago I killed your husband, and I am SO sorry.

Tiffany: She's so wonderful!
Chucky: ...You mean HE's so wonderful.
[they both look at Glen]
Glen: Don't look at ME.
[they remove off his pants, revealing ambiguous genitalia]
Tiffany: ...Um, see? She's a beautiful girl.
Chucky: W-what are you talking about? That's, uh... my boy.

Glen: Everything's always about what YOU two want! What about what I want?
Chucky: Um... that's new.
Tiffany: Ok, sweetie? What do YOU want to be?
Glen: Well... I think... I want to be a boy.
Chucky: [to Tiffany] Ha! In your face!
Glen: But... being a girl would be nice too. Sometime I feel like a boy... and sometimes I feel like a girl... Hey! Can't I be both?

Tiffany: Killing is an addiction like any other drug. But we're parents now. We have to set an example.

Tiffany: I figured it out, I'll possess Jennifer Tilly and you'll possess Redman
Chucky: [drinking liquor] I'm down with that.

Chucky: Tiff?
[taps her on back]
Chucky: [GLENDA turns around revealing that he/she is wearing makeup, GLENDA laughs manically]
Chucky: Gah! Glen...?
Glen: [singsong voice] Guess again, daddy...
Chucky: Glenda?
Glen: That's my name, don't you wear it out.
[examines nails]
Glen: Oh... shit.
Tiffany: [drops glass on floor, shattering it] What did I miss?
Glen: Oh, nothing much... I just *fired* Joan.
[laughs maniacally]
Chucky: Looks like you won after all, Tiff. Congratulations.
Glen: Oh, you *both* win. I'm a real... ladykiller, if you catch my drift. I'm a bonafide bonus baby!
[laughs maniacally]
Tiffany: Jesus Christ, Chucky. What did you do to him?
Chucky: What did I do? Atleast I spend time with the kid.
Tiffany: [talking to Glenda] Glen? Wake up.
Glen: Stop it, mommy. You'll wrinkle my dress. Oh, and how do you like it? I made it meself. Like mother, like daughter right?
[laughs maniacally]
Glen: Like mother, like daughter! Get it? Mother and daughter, mother and daughter!
Tiffany: I said wake up! Right now!
[slaps Glenda]
Glen: [wakes up] Mom? Dad?
[turns to mirror, gasps]
Glen: What am I?

[knocks Redman out]
Tiffany: Pig.
[turns to Jennifer Tilly]
Tiffany: And you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Where's your self-respect? You know what my mother used to say about dirty girls? She said, "You can always smell it on girls who sell it."
[holds up a pen and a sheet of paper]
Tiffany: Oh, by the way, Miss Tilly, can I have your autograph? I'm a big fan.

Tiffany: What's your name?
Glen: Shitface.
Chucky: [snort]

Tiffany: They're executing Martha Stewart this morning.
Chucky: I don't think I can take 9 months of this shit.
Tiffany: Silly Chucky. It's a voodoo pregnancy. It's accelerated.
Chucky: How "accelerated"?
[a very pregnant Jennifer Tilly walks into bathroom mirror; screams]
Chucky: Oh.

Tiffany: I want a girl!
Chucky: I want a boy!
Glen: You're tearing me apart! What about what I want?
Chucky: ...what?
Tiffany: What?
Glen: Doesn't what I want mean anything at all?
Tiffany: Oh.
Chucky: OK. Interesting. Tell us.
Tiffany: What do you want, sweetface?
Glen: I think... I want to be a boy.
Glen: But... being a girl would be nice, too.
Tiffany: Hmph.
Chucky: Whoa... which is it?
Glen: I'm not sure. Sometimes I feel like a boy. Sometimes I feel like a girl. Gasp! Can I be both?
Tiffany: Well, some people...
Chucky: EH-EH! NO WAY!

Chucky: Wait a minute! I'm not gonna let you poison our son's mind with your touchy-feely 12 steps bullshit. If you two don't wanna kill anymore, that's your loss. But don't look down your noses at me. I'm not ashamed to be a killer; I'm proud of it! It's not an addiction; it is a choice! And it's not something that you should have to hide in the closet!
[opens the closet door and finds Redman's eviscerated body inside]
Chucky: Well, well, well... looks like Miss. High And Mighty ain't so perfect afterall!
Tiffany: It was a slip! Rome wasn't built in one day, you know?
[stops sobbing]
Tiffany: Besides, the fucker had it coming.

Chucky: Everybody, JUST SHUT UP! I have had it! That's it! There's a limit to how much I can take!
Tiffany: What are you talking about?
Chucky: Look around you, Tiff! This is nuts! And I have a very high tolerence for nuts. If this is what it takes to be human, I'd rather take my chances as a supernaturally possessed doll; it's less complicated.
Chucky: You can't be serious.
Chucky: As a heart attack! Think about it, what's so great about being human anyway? You get sick, you get old, you can't get it up anymore. I'm not looking forward to that!
Tiffany: Hun, I want to be Jennifer Tilly. I want to be a star.
Chucky: And I don't wanna be your chauffeur! As a doll, I'm fucking infamous! I'm one of the most notorious slashers in history! And I don't wanna give that up. I am Chucky, the killer doll! And I dig it!
Tiffany: [Tiffany and Glen look shocked]
Chucky: I have everything I want! A beautiful wife! A... multi-talented kid. This is who I am, Tiff! This is me!
Tiffany: Chucky... I don't know what the fuck you're talking about? I don't know who you are anymore? But... it's not enough for me. I want more.
Chucky: What are you saying?
Tiffany: It's over.
Chucky: [Chucky looks horrified; Tiffany turns to Glen]
Tiffany: We gotta get out of here, sweetface.
Tiffany: [Tiffany looks back at Chucky]
Tiffany: I'm leaving you, Chucky, and I'm taking the kid.
Chucky: [Chucky looks extremely pissed off]
Chucky: NOBODY leaves ME... NOBODY!

[Tiffany/Jennifer takes the "Tiffany" doll down from the shelf ]
Fulvia: I'm afraid of her.
Tiffany: It's just a doll.
Fulvia: I was talking about Glenda.
Tiffany: Oh. Well, if that's the way you feel, then we'll miss you here.
Fulvia: Thank you. God bless
[Tiffany/Jennifer bashes Fulvia to death with the doll, she then smiles evilly as her eyes turn green]
Tiffany: God bless.

Tiffany: [after Chucky has axed her]
[to Glen]
Tiffany: Be A Good Girl... Or Boy... Whatever. Don't make the same mistakes your mum and dad made... Especially your dad.

Tiffany: [talking with Glen] Where are your parents?
Chucky: Judging from that face, my guess is they're hiding.
Tiffany: Shut up, you asshole.
Chucky: Well, c'mon! It looks like the kid fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!

[repeated line]
Tiffany: Rome wasn't build in a day, you know.

Tiffany: [while dragging Jennifer Tilly's unconscious body] Fuck, she's fat!

Tiffany: [as Jennifer gets ready to have a baby] Push, Miss Tilly, push!
Jennifer Tilly: [shouts in pain] I AM PUSHING, YOU LITTLE STAR-FUCKER!
Tiffany: [to Stan] Pay no attention to Little Miss Potty Mouth. She's hormonal.

Tiffany: [sees a picture of Chucky and Glen with Pete Peters bloody carcass, gasps] What the hell is this? We had an agreement, Chucky! We decided for the sake of our child, WE WEREN'T GONNA DO THIS SHIT ANYMORE!
Chucky: No, YOU decided, just like YOU decided our son was a girl!
Tiffany: HE IS A GIRL!
Chucky: He is a BOY, goddammit! And he's the most promising killer I have ever seen! You should've been there, Tiff. You would've been so proud of him.

Curse of Chucky (2013)
Tiffany: They never learn.
[to Chucky in the plastic evidence bag]
Tiffany: So, who's next?

Post Office Worker: Next.
Tiffany: Good afternoon.
Post Office Worker: Three-day, two-day, or overnight?
Tiffany: Overnight. It's extremely urgent.
Post Office Worker: Fragile?
Tiffany: Surprisingly not.
Post Office Worker: Approximate value?
Tiffany: Well, my mother always used to say you can't put a price on love.
Post Office Worker: Under 250, then. Would you like to insure the package?
Tiffany: Oh, that won't be necessary.
Post Office Worker: It protects you and it protects the recipient.
Tiffany: I doubt that.
Post Office Worker: Perishable goods? Live animal?
Tiffany: Just put "other."