Isabelle Hodes
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Isabelle Hodes (Character)
from "Weeds" (2005)

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"Weeds: Good Shit Lollipop (#1.3)" (2005)
Isabelle Hodes: They called me Shit Girl. I had to throw away my underwear in the woods.

Celia Hodes: [11 year old Isabelle steps on scale] You've been sneaking food.
Isabelle Hodes: I haven't. I swear.
Celia Hodes: Well, then Congratulations. You must be pregnant.

"Weeds: Last Tango in Agrestic (#2.3)" (2006)
[while attempting to join in with her daughter at boot camp, Celia loses her balance and falls. All the other participants gather around her... ]
Celia Hodes: [to Isabelle] He bullied me into this...
Ricardo: No Ricardo's fault...
Celia Hodes: [protesting] I went through Chemo...
Older Woman #1: Hah, I went through Chemo...
Older Woman #2: Oh, me too...
Celia Hodes: Yeah? Well I had radiation.
Older Woman #1: I had radiation.
Older Woman #2: So did I.
Celia Hodes: ...Plus I'm low blood sugar...
Older Woman #1: ...Type I Diabetes...
Older Woman #2: ...Type 2 for me...
Celia Hodes: [frustrated] Oh, fuck you both...
Older Woman #1: [gently pats Isabelle on her shoulder] Sweetheart, don't worry... your Mom's gonna' be just fine.
Isabelle Hodes: [looks at her] Please! That bitch'll out-live us all.
Celia Hodes: I heard that...
Isabelle Hodes: Good!
[turns to the others and claps her hands twice]
Isabelle Hodes: Alright, pip, pip! We're here to exercise, not here to stand around. Come on!
[runs back to the group, leaving her mother still lying on the ground]

"Weeds: Corn Snake (#2.1)" (2006)
Celia Hodes: No-no-no-no no, no, that's grownup juice, not for you.
Isabelle Hodes: When can *I* have some grownup juice?
Celia Hodes: When you have a daughter who drives you to it.

"Weeds: You Can't Miss the Bear (#1.1)" (2005)
Isabelle Hodes: Did you see my kick?
Celia Hodes: Yeah, I wanna see more running out there, Isa-belly, now that's what burns the fat.

"Weeds: Crush Girl Love Panic (#2.6)" (2006)
Director: What seems to be the problem?
Celia Hodes: The problem is that they don't know how to style my daughter. Why is it that all you gay men hate women SOOOO much?
Director: Because we have mothers like you.
[to the hair stylist]
Director: Okay, you, the hair. Security, the mother.
Celia Hodes: I beg your pardon.
Director: I want her off my set.
Celia Hodes: Control freak.
Director: Horror show.
Isabelle Hodes: [gleefully] I love show business.