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Quotes for
Sanjay (Character)
from "Weeds" (2005)

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"Weeds: Higher Education (#1.7)" (2005)
Nancy Botwin: Holy crap! What the... What is this? Who would do this? Pennies?
Sanjay: This is cold.
Nancy Botwin: Cold? Try evil and fucked up!
Sanjay: It's a commuter college, there's a lot of displaced anger here.
Nancy Botwin: Displaced on my car! FUCKING COMMUNITY COLLEGE LOSERS!
Sanjay: Hey, it's a state school.
Nancy Botwin: Shut up.

"Weeds: Corn Snake (#2.1)" (2006)
Sanjay: [leaving a message] Uh, Nancy. Hi, it's Sanjay. I thought you might wanna know that the bakery... is on fire. Okay. Bye.