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Quotes for
Det. Murakami (Character)
from Stray Dog (1949)

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Stray Dog (1949)
Det. Murakami: They say there's no such thing as a bad man. Only bad situations...

Det. Murakami: Get me her record.
Det. Ichikawa: No need. I know her down to the moles on her back.

Det. Sato: Now, the hard part.
Det. Murakami: I'll get him.
Det. Sato: Don't you see anything but Honda? We can't put this crowd at risk. We have to assume he's armed. And a bullet's nothing like a foul ball. Got to get him away from the crowd.
Det. Murakami: But how?
Det. Sato: We mull it over. We've got five innings to go.

Det. Murakami: You have to feel sorry for Yusa.
Det. Sato: Oh, no. Thinking like that won't get you anywhere as a cop. It's easy to develop delusions, chasing criminals all day. We can't forget the many sheep a lone wolf leaves wounded. Half those citations were capital cases. There's no help for a cop who doesn't believe he's protecting the masses. I say leave the psychoanalysis to the detective novels.

Det. Murakami: Sato-san, do you think it was my Colt again?
Det. Sato: What the hell does it matter if it was?

Det. Murakami: The way I imagine it...
Det. Sato: Imagining only complicates an investigation. Stick to the facts.