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Quotes for
Rick Benton (Character)
from The Gladiator (1986) (TV)

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The Gladiator (1986) (TV)
Rick Benton: Look I told you I'd take you driving, what's your problem?
Jeff Benton: The problem? The problem is you've been promising we'd be going driving for three straight nights now and we're over three...
Rick Benton: I can't help it if something comes up
Jeff Benton: No, well something's always going to come up if we wait around long enough!

Jeff Benton: [about Rick taking him out for a driving lesson:] You're afraid I'm gonna crack up your truck. Look, why don't we just forget about it?
Rick Benton: I just can't believe that you're old enough to drive already.
Jeff Benton: What are you talking about?
Rick Benton: You know what I'm talking about; I mean that's how it starts: you start taking the truck out, picking up girls, leaving me at home to wash the paper plates while you're out raising hell - I know!
Jeff Benton: Hey, we can raise hell together! You know, in fact, we can pick up girls together - you could use a little brush up on your technique.
Rick Benton: Yeah? Who's gonna take care of you when I'm doing all this 'going out'? Who'd make you those great dinners!
Jeff Benton: Great dinners?
Jeff Benton: Hey look, I'm old enough to take care of myself - I'm old enough to drive!

Rick Benton: So what else they been teaching you in that
[driving education]
Rick Benton: class?
Jeff Benton: They talk a lot about drunk driving
Rick Benton: Well that IS important - if you wanna drink, you don't drive...
Jeff Benton: With an alcohol blood level of above point o-five
Rick Benton: [Shakes head] Ah-ah, wrong! "O-O" for you!

Rick Benton: Now listen, the most important thing you gotta realise about driving is that you gotta drive defensively. Always watch where you going, don't assume anything. Even if you got a right of way, don't insist on it - you got that?

Rick Benton: Women aren't 'pretty cute', Jeff. Girls are cute.

Jeff Benton: [Looking in rear-view mirror] That guy's pretty close
Rick Benton: [Looks back] Yeah, why don't you slow down, let him pass?
Jeff Benton: [Car collides into the back of their truck] WOAH! HEY, WHAT DO I DO?
Rick Benton: Take it easy take it easy - just keep driving, just keep it on the road - don't panic!
Rick Benton: [the truck races through a red light into an oncoming lorry] NOOOOO!