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Declan Desmond (Character)
from "The Simpsons" (1989)

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"The Simpsons: Springfield Up (#18.13)" (2007)
Declan Desmond: I can't believe it! Homer Simpson a bloody millionaire?
Homer Simpson: Why are you so shocked? This is our fifth take.

Declan Desmond: Are you and Marge planning on having children?
Homer Simpson: No way! You won't find a couple of rugrats tying me down.
[Cut to Homer and Marge with young Bart and Lisa]
Homer Simpson: I hope you don't use this shot after the one where I say I won't have kids, because that would be a devastating edit.

Marge Simpson: I'm so proud of my Homer I feel my chest will burst. Can you edit that? I don't want to say "chest" in a movie.
Declan Desmond: You said it, and it stays.

Lenny: My daddy said I could have any birthday party I want. My cake will be a picture of a dinosaur, and all the guests will say, "Why, Lenny, that's a fine cake!" Then, "Yes", I'll say.
Declan Desmond: [narrates] I decided not to waste any more film on him after that...

Lenny: I'm ready for my segment!
Declan Desmond: Lenny, always exciting to hear from you! Did you ever try that new shampoo?
Lenny: Nope never did. Do you want to see me pay my cable bill? I have checks with butterflies on them. I am interesting.
Declan Desmond: No you're not.