Oliver Queen
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Biography for
Oliver Queen (Character)
from "Arrow" (2012)

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Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)

Billionaire and reformed playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was shipwrecked and presumed dead for five years. He is the son of Moira Queen and the late Robert Queen. He is the older brother of Thea and the best friend of Tommy. He lives in Starling City which is ravaged by high crime and high poverty. The poorest section of the city is referred to as the Glades. Upon his return home, Oliver realizes he must fight the city's crime and corruption under the disguise of a vigilante archer. He wears a green hood to conceal his identity and is known throughout Starling City as "The Hood."

Prior to being shipwrecked, he dated Laurel Lance but betrayed her when he also had a relationship with her sister Sara. He was on his father's yacht with Sara when the yacht crashed. Sara did not survive the crash. Although there are a lot of hurt feelings and guilt between them, Oliver and Laurel still have feelings for each other.

Oliver's father also died as a result of the crash. Knowing that they all couldn't survive on the meager supplies, Robert sacrifices himself so his son may live. But before he does, Robert tells his son that their fortune was built on the misfortune of others and that Oliver must survive and make things right.

While on the island, Oliver had to learn to fend for himself and developed a high level of combat skill and archery accuracy. Although outwardly he still acts like a spoiled rich kid, Oliver is extremely disciplined, intelligent and loyal. He can be slightly impulsive especially when it comes to protecting those he loves. His promise is that he will only kill his enemies in self-defense or to save innocent lives. He has a deep sense of justice and honor and will often give someone a second chance.