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Hawkgirl (Character)
from "Legends of Tomorrow" (2016)

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"Justice League: The Terror Beyond: Part II (#2.16)" (2003)
[Solomon Grundy is dying]
Solomon Grundy: Grundy thinks he is going away now.
Hawkgirl: No, just hang on!
Solomon Grundy: Do you think Grundy's soul is waiting for him?
Hawkgirl: Grundy, I don't believe...
[Hawkgirl pauses and looks into Grundy's eyes]
Hawkgirl: [With tears in her eyes] Yes. It's waiting for you.
Solomon Grundy: Then, Grundy gets his reward.

Solomon Grundy: Birdnose helps Grundy? But Birdnose and her friends hate Grundy!
Hawkgirl: Grundy help Birdnose, Birdnose help Grundy, okay? Excuse me. Hawkgirl smash.

Dr. Fate: Be on your guard!
Ichthulhu: Speak not until spoken to, dust mote.
Hawkgirl: Okay, that was just rude!
Ichthulhu: Wind Mote, who are you?
Hawkgirl: Shayera Hol, Hawkgirl!
Ichthulhu: You have the stench of the Thanagarians upon you.
Hawkgirl: Says the giant squid!
Ichthulhu: *Definitely* Thanagarian!

Ichthulhu: [as Hawkgirl is coming in to finish Ichthulhu] You will not do this, Shayera Hol, child of Thanagar. Ichthulhu still has *faith* in you.
Hawkgirl: So do I.
[smashes him]

[last lines]
Hawkgirl: He was happy at the end. I still don't understand why.
Aquaman: It's faith, Hawkgirl. You're not supposed to understand it. You just have it.

Hawkgirl: I always thought it was a fable to scare children.

Superman: Everybody okay?
Solomon Grundy: Okay.
Wonder Woman: Fine.
Dr. Fate: I am unharmed.
Hawkgirl: Let's get on with this.

Wonder Woman: My beliefs sustain me.
Hawkgirl: That must be comforting.
Wonder Woman: There are times when faith is all we have to rely upon. I don't know how you bear the weight all alone.

Ichthulhu: I earned your faith.
Hawkgirl: Really. What's a fair price for the souls of my ancestors?

"Justice League: Only a Dream (#2.5)" (2003)
Hawkgirl: Lights out.

Green Lantern: Good bluff.
Hawkgirl: Who was bluffing?

[Copperhead jumps on Hawkgirl's back]
Copperhead: You're flying me out of here, right now!
[Hawkgirl flies straight up into the air, then stops]
Copperhead: Well? Get me out of here.
Hawkgirl: And what if I don't?
Copperhead: [flicks his tongue] I give you your last kiss.
Hawkgirl: And you fall forty stories.
[Copperhead looks down]
Hawkgirl: Didn't really think this through, did you?

[after Grundy crashes after a huge fall]
Hawkgirl: He'll live. You won't.
Copperhead: I'm not scared!
[Green Lantern appears]
Green Lantern: Then maybe this'll help: you do anything to her, and you won't even make it to the ground.

Hawkgirl: [Flash waves his hand in front of the still J'onn's glowing eyes] Stop that.
The Flash: It's OK. I don't think he's home right now.

Hawkgirl: Hold it!
Luminus: Hold what, this?
[extends his gadget out toward her and activates it]

"Justice League: The Terror Beyond (#2.15)" (2003)
Hawkgirl: Standard interrogation technique. I was bad cop.
Superman: You're always bad cop.
Hawkgirl: Why play against type?

Wonder Woman: Hera give me strength!
Hawkgirl: Do you have to say that all the time?

Hawkgirl: Just for the record, I didn't start this fight.
Wonder Woman: First time for everything.

Wonder Woman: We can't assume he's gone bad. Aquaman helped save the world, remember?
Hawkgirl: He helped save *Atlantis*. He couldn't care less about the world.
Superman: It doesn't make sense to jump to either conclusion. Let's just see what he has to say.
Hawkgirl: Do you ever get chafed, straddling the fence all the time?

Hawkgirl: Bring them back, or I'm going to find out what that bell on your head sounds like.

"Justice League: Secret Origins: Part II (#1.2)" (2001)
The Flash: Where have you been all my life?
Wonder Woman: Themyscira.
The Flash: Huh?
Hawkgirl: The home of the Amazons. I always thought it was merely a legend.
Wonder Woman: I assure you, it's as real as the ground on which we stand.

Superman: Keep a sharp eye out.
Hawkgirl: I always do.

Superman: Whoa.
Hawkgirl: What? There's a time for words and a time for action.

Hawkgirl: They're close. I can almost smell them.
Superman: Are you always so eager to fight?
Hawkgirl: My home Thanagar is a war-like world. There one must strike first, or die.

"Justice League: Metamorphosis: Part II (#1.23)" (2002)
Hawkgirl: [flings her mace at the monster only to have it swallow it and get shocked before emitting it out of its mouth again with bits of slime] *That* didn't work.

Metamorpho: I see you've met Stagg's synthoid.
Green Lantern: Learn anything?
Hawkgirl: Yeah, don't hit it with an energy-mace.

Hawkgirl: It's totally mindless.
J'onn J'onzz: No, I sensed a mind within the creature: incomplete, irrational, and driven only by base desires.
Metamorpho: Maybe the computer feedback from the accident transferred part of Stagg's mind into it.

[last lines]
Hawkgirl: Still dreaming about the road not taken?
Green Lantern: [smiling] What do you think?

"Justice League: Eclipsed: Part II (#2.14)" (2003)
[as the sun is slowly going out]
Superman: How can we stop it?
J'onn J'onzz: There is one possibility. To halt the process, we would need to create an Einstein-Rosen bridge to drain off the infecting anti-fusion matter.
The Flash: Create a what to do what?
Hawkgirl: Make a wormhole to suck away the bad stuff.
The Flash: Oh.

Hawkgirl: I'll be seeing spots for a year.
The Flash: If you're lucky.

Hawkgirl: Lantern. Is he - ?
Green Lantern: He's in one piece, I think he's all right.
[to Flash, who is still dazed]
Green Lantern: You hear me, buddy? You *better* be all right.

Wonder Woman: How are you feeling?
The Flash: Actually - kind of faint. I think I need some mouth-to-mouth.
Hawkgirl: He's fine.

"Justice League: Legends (#1.16)" (2002)
The Flash: Hey, cookie.
Hawkgirl: One word and you'll be the fastest man alive with a limp.

Hawkgirl: [Sarcastically to Black Siren] So, you fight crime *and* bake cookies. How *do* you do it?

Ray Thompson: [Inquiring about a message] Jeepers. What does it say?
The Streak: [Reading] "To the Justice Guild, prepare for our most fiendish plot of all. A crime spree based on the four elements of the ancient world: Fire, air, water and earth. Catch us if you can, dastardly yours, The Injustice Guild".
Hawkgirl: What kind of criminals tip off the authorities?
Green Guardsman: The worst kind. I doubt there's enough good between the four of them to care for a wounded puppy.

"Justice League: Wild Cards: Part II (#2.22)" (2003)
Hawkgirl: I found John. He's in bad shape.
Batman: We'll meet at the last bomb, then go after Joker.
Hawkgirl: Negative! John needs medical attention.
Batman: Make it fast, we've got to...
Hawkgirl: Hawkgirl out!

Hawkgirl: [on the phone] It was the shock of the detonation that stopped his heart... no, he's gonna be fine. I'll stay with him tonight. Batman, about before? I'm sorry I...
Batman: No. We never leave a man behind. Right?
Hawkgirl: [smiles] Right.

Hawkgirl: John, this can't go any further.
Green Lantern: Why not?
Hawkgirl: It's crazy! We work together!
Green Lantern: So? It gives us something in common.
Hawkgirl: We can't be worrying about each other when we're fighting the bad guys.
Green Lantern: Too late for that. What else you got?
Hawkgirl: We're... so different. I mean, look at us. Just look at us.
Green Lantern: I see a man, and a woman.

"Justice League: Twilight (#2.1)" (2003)
J'onn J'onzz: You, me, Wonder Woman, Superman... all of us are orphans, exiles.
Hawkgirl: Maybe we should call ourselves the 'Just Us' League.

Darkseid: Appraently he's harder to kill than you realized. You know his pattern, Kal-El. Once he's finished siphoning the memory banks, and technology of my planet...
Superman: He'll annihilate it... Good!
Wonder Woman: Superman.
Hawkgirl: What?
J'onn J'onzz: You can't mean it!

Hawkgirl: Well, it's a long story.
J'onn J'onzz: Earth doesn't seem to be in peril at the moment.

"Justice League: Hereafter (#2.19)" (2003)
Hawkgirl: You want to settle down now? Please say no.

Hawkgirl: [to Lobo] I don't know you, but I'm pretty sure I don't like you.

J'onn J'onzz: Batman hasn't arrived. Have you spoken with him?
Wonder Woman: He's still not answering calls. He doesn't handle loss very well.
[at Superman's funeral, people start murmuring]
Hawkgirl: Is that him now? I can't see.
Lois Lane: I can.
[Luthor has appeared among the mourners]
Lois Lane: Luthor, how dare you show your face here!
Lex Luthor: Lois, I...
Lois Lane: [slaps him] Have you come to gloat? You've tried to get rid of him for years! Are you happy now? Isn't this what you've always wanted? I hate you! I HATE YOU!
[she starts beating him with her fists, then collapses into his arms, sobbing]
Lex Luthor: Believe it or not, I'm going to miss him too.

"Justice League: Legends: Part II (#1.17)" (2002)
Hawkgirl: Are you okay?
Green Lantern: It's stupid really. Why should I feel like this? I mean, they weren't even real.
Hawkgirl: They gave their lives for us. That's real enough for me.

J'onn J'onzz: The nuclear fallout from the war mutated his DNA, giving him the ability to mold this world to his choosing.
Hawkgirl: So he chose to recreate it with the heroes he worshipped as a child.
The Flash: Who could blame 'im?

Green Lantern: Haven't you noticed that nothing here makes sense? Library books with blank pages. Ice cream trucks that never stop.
Hawkgirl: Dangers that spring up whenever someone gets too close to the truth.
Green Guardsman: What truth?
Green Lantern: That your world is an illusion, a living memory of a civilization that was destroyed 30 years ago. When The Justice Guild gave their lives for this Earth,
[Tosses the newspaper with the headline JGA Killed In Battle in front of them]
Green Lantern: that's why they stopped publishing the comic in our world. No more Justice Guild.
Hawkgirl: And anytime someone tries to figure things out...
The Flash: ...nuns and dynamite.
Tom Turbine: If what you say is true, who or what is creating this illusion?
J'onn J'onzz: I suggest you ask Ray.
The Streak: Ray?
Ray Thompson: Why would I know anything?
J'onn J'onzz: Because you are the source.
[puts his hands on Ray's shoulders, then his eyes glow followed by Ray's glowing as well, then Ray suddenly cringes]
Ray Thompson: NOOOOOOOOO!
[He morphs into his true self, a mutated creature with torn up clothes and different length arms and a big head, everyone else gasps in shock]
Ray Thompson: You ruined it! You ruined everything!
[fires a beam from his forehead right into J'onn J'onzz's chest, knocking him back towards The Flash, Cat Man, and Black Siren who catch him as he falls unconscious, then a giant red mechanical monster tears the roof off]
The Flash: That's it, I officially want to go home.

"Justice League: Tabula Rasa (#2.3)" (2003)
Hawkgirl: It was some kind of android. It had wings built into it, and a mace too. Scary, huh?
Wonder Woman: Sounds like whoever made it had you in mind.
Hawkgirl: Yeah, it even acted like me.
The Flash: Now that's scary.
Wonder Woman: The android... about 10 feet tall, gray skin?
Hawkgirl: How'd you know?
[Wonder Woman points to TV coverage of Amazo fighting police]

[first lines]
Hawkgirl: I don't need any help!
Superman: [smiling] You're welcome.

Hawkgirl: It even acted like me.
The Flash: Now *that's* scary.

"Justice League: Divided We Fall (#4.12)" (2005)
[Green Lantern destroys an android version of Hawkgirl]
Hawkgirl: You enjoyed that a little too much.
Green Lantern: Just letting off some steam. She broke my heart, you know.
[the android of Green Latern appears behind them, Hawkgirl knocks its head off with her mace]
Hawkgirl: Likewise, I'm sure.

Android Hawkgirl: [fighting Hawkgirl] Do you think there's a *single* person on Thanagar or Earth that doesn't despise us?

"Justice League: Fury (#1.14)" (2002)
Batman: So this Aresia's not really an Amazon.
Hawkgirl: She's an orphan. It's hard to imagine what that kind of trauma could do to a child.

[last lines]
Hawkgirl: It's like some kind of plague. And half the city's got it.
Batman: Yes. The male half.

"Justice League: The Savage Time: Part III (#1.26)" (2002)
Hawkgirl: This isn't going to be easy.
Wonder Woman: When is it ever?

Green Lantern: [after being rescued from a plane] What took you?
Hawkgirl: I had to fix my hair.

"Justice League: The Brave and the Bold: Part II (#1.13)" (2002)
Hawkgirl: Proximity alert at twelve-o'clock.
J'onn J'onzz: I see nothing.
Wonder Woman: Batman designed this ship. If it says something is there -
[the shuttle strikes something invisible]
J'onn J'onzz: Hold on!
[manages to even its descent enough to land after a few bumps then gets out with the others to see the exterior damage]
J'onn J'onzz: Your faith in Batman's engineering-skills was well-founded.

Gorilla Soldier: What? The shield wall, it's shutting down! Get it back up, immediately!
Gorilla #1: [attempts to do so on a remote control] It's not responding... someone's overridden the system!
Gorilla Soldier: Grodd!
Gorilla #2: Sir, defense scans have detected armed missiles heading this way. What are your orders?
Gorilla Soldier: Evacuate the city, immediately!
Gorilla #2: But what about the humans?
Gorilla Soldier: I have bigger problems now!
Wonder Woman: Maybe we can help.
Gorilla Soldier: You? What could you possibly do to save us?
Hawkgirl: [holds up her mace, grinning] Just watch!

"Justice League: Injustice for All (#1.18)" (2002)
Hawkgirl: That's fast.
The Flash: Yeah, fastest man alive.
Hawkgirl: Which might explain why you can't get a date.

Hawkgirl: I'm used to being thanked when I save someone.
Batman: I'm not used to being saved.

"Justice League: Tabula Rasa: Part II (#2.4)" (2003)
Hawkgirl: You always carry Kryptonite around with you?
Batman: Call it insurance.
Hawkgirl: And they say I'm scary.

The Flash: I say we let 'em waste each other.
Hawkgirl: Since when do we do what *you* say?

"Justice League: Hearts and Minds: Part II (#2.10)" (2003)
Hawkgirl: [waiting for John outside his "training" room] She's got a bit of an edge to her.
Green Lantern: You're kidding, right?
Hawkgirl: [pushes off the wall] Just an observation.
Green Lantern: It's like she thinks I'm still a raw recruit.
Hawkgirl: [starts to walk away] We tend to cling to images of people from when we knew them best,
[looks over her shoulder at him]
Hawkgirl: forgetting that they do change.
Green Lantern: [follows her] OK. So, as someone who knows John Stewart in the here and now, how would you handle me?
Hawkgirl: [stands in front of him] As a friend and equal, I'd say get in there and try again.
[waves her fist under his nose]
Hawkgirl: Or I'll knock you into next Tuesday.
Green Lantern: Somehow I fail to see the difference in your approach.
Hawkgirl: Oh there's a difference.
[puts her hands on his shoulders and leans against his chest]
Hawkgirl: You just haven't figured it out yet.
[puts her face right in front of his]
Hawkgirl: Now get back in there.
[she turns him around, then slaps his butt]

Green Lantern: There's more to me than just a fancy ring.
Hawkgirl: I've always known that about you, John.

"Justice League: Fury: Part II (#1.15)" (2002)
Hawkgirl: [of the firewomen] They seem to be on top of things. Impressive.
Wonder Woman: Almost reminds me of home.
Hawkgirl: Yes, but who wants to live in a world without men?
Wonder Woman: They can't possibly be that essential to your life.
Hawkgirl: Don't knock it until you've tried it, Princess.

Wonder Woman: Even when she was a child I sensed a bitterness in her. She was never really one of us.
Hawkgirl: I think she fits in pretty well.
Wonder Woman: How can you say that?
Hawkgirl: Aresia's just taking her precious Amazon Code to its logical extension.
Wonder Woman: We don't teach hatred.
Hawkgirl: Except when it comes to men.

"Justice League: Metamorphosis (#1.22)" (2002)
Hawkgirl: Well, that was pretty darn sloppy.
Green Lantern: Sorry.
Hawkgirl: Care to talk about it?
Green Lantern: Running into Mason all these years... guess it got me thinking. Wondering about the choices I've made.
Hawkgirl: The road not taken?
Green Lantern: Maybe I could've been more like him. Wealthy, successful...
Hawkgirl: [grinning] Engaged to a beautiful woman?

"Justice League: In Blackest Night: Part II (#1.5)" (2001)
Hawkgirl: You think I need this mace to take you down?

"The All-New Super Friends Hour: The Marsh Monster/Runaways/Will the World Collide?/Time Rescue (#1.3)" (1977)
[last lines]
[segment: "Time Rescue"]
Superman: Speaking of time, we'd better check the Justice League time machine.
Hawkgirl: I didn't know we had a Justice League time machine.
Superman: Sure we do. The Justice League wristwatch. And it's time we were going.
[everyone laughs]

"Justice League: Starcrossed: Part III (#2.26)" (2004)
Hro Talak: Why, Shayera? Why would you do this?
Hawkgirl: I'm trying to save lives.
Hro Talak: So am I. Tens of billions of Thanagarians.
Hawkgirl: So we trade the humans' lives for our own?
Hro Talak: War makes for hard choices, lieutenant. It's them or us.
Hawkgirl: The man I fell in love with would had found another way.
Hro Talak: Are you talking about me, or Green Lantern?
[Shayera lowers her head]
Hro Talak: I didn't want to believe it. Shayera, I love you. I can forgive your treason, I can forgive everything, make this all go away. Just tell em what I need to hear. It was a meaningless flirtation, you were lonely, tell me I'm the one you love! Not *him*!
Hawkgirl: If you want me, I'm yours. All you have to do is spare the Earth.
[Hro angrily hits her cell's force shield]
Hro Talak: Perhaps you'll forget him once Earth is nothing but a memory.

"Justice League: War World (#1.10)" (2002)
Green Lantern: Looks like a refueling port.
Hawkgirl: [in his forcefield] If you say so, Sherlock. What are you waiting for? Let's check it out.
Green Lantern: Who's driving here anyway?

"Justice League: The Savage Time: Part II (#1.25)" (2002)
Superman: [Superman and Hawkgirl are reinforced by planes bearing a hawk insignia on their sides] Friends of yours?
Hawkgirl: They are now!

"Justice League: Secret Society: Part II (#2.18)" (2003)
The Flash: [trying to high-five Superman] Whoo, back in business!
[no response]
The Flash: Are-aren't we?
Wonder Woman: A lot of things were said.
The Flash: Yeah, but that was all brain control. We didn't mean...
J'onn J'onzz: We meant every word.
Hawkgirl: ...So what do we do?
Green Lantern: All we can do is say we're sorry and move on.

"Justice League: Only a Dream: Part II (#2.6)" (2003)
Hawkgirl: Wait a second. Is this another dream?
The Flash: I could pinch ya...
Hawkgirl: It's real.

"Justice League: Hearts and Minds (#2.9)" (2003)
The Flash: Lucky for the Big K we've got Martian care on our League HMO.
J'onn J'onzz: Bolovax's physiology is very similar to my own.
Hawkgirl: And how much of this is guesswork?
J'onn J'onzz: ...I would rather not say.

"Justice League: War World: Part II (#1.11)" (2002)
Hawkgirl: Fine. Take his side.
Green Lantern: I'm not taking his side! I'm just saying...
Hawkgirl: ...I'm wrong again!
Thug: Uh... do you two want a little privacy?

"Justice League: In Blackest Night (#1.4)" (2001)
J'onn J'onzz: Wonder Woman is on another case. Superman's dealing with an earthquake. And Batman would only say that he's busy.
Hawkgirl: Typical.

"Justice League: Twilight: Part II (#2.2)" (2003)
J'onn J'onzz: [shielding] Get back!
Hawkgirl: [blazes out from behind him] No way!

"Justice League: Starcrossed (#2.24)" (2004)
Hawkgirl: After this, let's go to that Chinese place by your apartment.
Green Lantern: Fine. But this time, no eel-legs.
Hawkgirl: Lightweight.

"Justice League: The Savage Time (#1.24)" (2002)
[on a speeding train, the League are all thrown into a pile]
Hawkgirl: Whose hand is that?
The Flash: Sorry.