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Mildred Roper (Character)
from "George & Mildred" (1976)

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"Man About the House: How Does Your Garden Grow (#5.5)" (1975)
Mrs. Roper: It's years since you touched that garden, George. It's only the bindweed keeping down the nettles that gives us a view of the broken fence.

"George & Mildred: Nappy Days (#4.5)" (1978)
George: That's a lovely statue, Mildred.
Mildred: Oh, thank you. It's symbolic, of course.
George: You can see that, it hasn't got any what's-names.

"George & Mildred: Moving On (#1.1)" (1976)
Mildred Roper: George, how can you be so ignorant? They don't have mud in Hampton Wick!

"Man About the House: Three's a Crowd (#1.1)" (1973)
Mrs. Roper: You know, it was a going-away party. One of the girls was going away. If *you* were going away I'd have a party.
Roper: It's a pity you don't live in India. You'd be sacred, you would.

George and Mildred (1980)
Mildred Roper: Obviously, our wedding anniversary means nothing to you anymore.
George Roper: Of course it does, of course it does. And what's more I'll prove it to you.
Mildred Roper: How?
George Roper: By seeing if they've got our tune.
Mildred Roper: [gesturing towards the jukebox] What, on that thing?
George Roper: Yeah. Well, they might have a punk version by the Sox Pistols.
Mildred Roper: The who?
George Roper: Yeah, or even them.

"Man About the House: It's Only Money (#1.5)" (1973)
Mrs. Roper: [GEORGE IS COMBING HIS HAIR; MILDRED WATCHES HIM] Oh, changing your style are you? It used to be three hairs to the right and two to the left.
Mr. Roper: Sarcasm goes right over my head.
Mrs. Roper: Pity your hair doesn't.