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Sid Abbot (Character)
from "Bless This House" (1971)

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"Bless This House: The Morning After the Night Before (#1.12)" (1971)
Sid Abbott: [lying in bed in his suit] I feel shocking.
Jean Abbott: So do I. It's no fun sleeping with twelve stone of Harris Tweed - especially when it's drunk!

Jean Abbott: I can just see it - the senile Scout troop hits town.
Sid Abbott: What do you mean, senile? We've all grown up to be respectable citizens. One's a waiter, one's a butcher, one's a bank clerk...
Jean Abbott: And one's Trevor - if the rest were monks, he'd make up for it!

Jean Abbott: Where on earth did you go?
Sid Abbott: I don't know. We'll just have to wait for the complaints to come in, won't we!

[Sid enters the kitchen and the budgie start tweeting]
Sid Abbott: One more tweet and I'll have all your teeth out.

[Sid has found Trevor in the kitchen]
Trevor Lewis: Have you seen my shoes, Sid?
Sid Abbott: [grinning] I knew I'd taken somebody's off.
[walks to the fridge and removes a pair of shoes]

Jean Abbott: [out of shot] Sid.
Sid Abbott: Oh, Blimey, what have I done now?
Sally Abbott: Perhaps you haven't done anything.
Sid Abbott: No. I know that tone of voice. That's definitely a done something voice.
Jean Abbott: [out of shot] *Sid*-Ney!
Sid Abbott: What did I tell you! Coming, darling.
Sid Abbott: [entering the hall] Yes? What?
Jean Abbott: I've discovered one place you were last night.
Sid Abbott: You have? How?
Jean Abbott: I found this in the bathroom!
[shows Sid a LADIES toilet sign]

[Jean has discovered a LADIES toilet sign in the bathroom, which she has handed to Sid]
Jean Abbott: Up to your old tricks again?
Sid Abbott: I beg your pardon?
Jean Abbott: Bringing souvenirs home.
Sid Abbott: Are you implying that I nicked this?
Jean Abbott: Yes!
[She snatches the sign back]
Jean Abbott: I haven't got over last year's annual booze-up - you brought home a belisha beacon!
Sid Abbott: Well, I had to. The only way I could get Trevor home - he wouldn't let go of it!

[Jean has followed Sid into the kitchen]
Sid Abbott: [indicating the LADIES toilet sign] You're so sure it was me. Perhaps it's Mike's.
Mike Abbott: [walking in with a GENTLEMENS toilet sign] Look what I found in the loo!

Sally Abbott: [walking in through the back door with a Met Police No Parking Sign] Look what I found by the back door!
Sid Abbott: That must be Trevor - he's like a blooming squirrel!

Sid Abbott: [Jean has placed Sid's trilby on his head] What did you do that for?
Jean Abbott: Apart from the briefcase, it's the only thing missing!

[Trevor has left, and Sally has come in]
Sally Abbott: Did you come in alone?
Sid Abbott: Of course I came in alone.
Sally Abbott: You do a very good duet, daddy.
Sid Abbott: Would you mind stopping the chattering? It's worse then a blooming aviary in here with you and him.

Bless This House (1972)
Mike: [pointing to the car] Bought it.
Sid: I thought I had, too!

Mike: It's slavery being a cook. Slavery.
Sid: It'll do you good. When I was your age, we worked...
Mike, Jean Abbot: We worked from 6 in the morning till 10 at night!
Sid: Very comical!

"Bless This House: If the Dog Collar Fits, Wear It (#1.11)" (1971)
Sid Abbott: For the last twenty years I've tried to understand you lot... If you wouldn't mind straining yourself just for twenty minutes trying to understand me.
Mike Abbott: I understand you dad.
Sid Abbott: You do.
Mike Abbott: Yeah, you're a drag.
Sid Abbott, Mike Abbott: [laugh]
Sid Abbott: I'll drag you all over the back lawn in a minute.

"Bless This House: They Don't Write Songs Like That Anymore (#5.1)" (1974)
[Sid intends to write a pop song]
Mike Abbott: If Beethoven was alive, he'd be glad he was deaf!
Sid Abbott: If Beethoven was any good, he'd have won three thousand nicker and bought himself a hearing aid!