Edward 'Edge' Jones
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Edward 'Edge' Jones (Character)
from Edge (1997)

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Edge (1997)
Edward 'Edge' Jones: I don't remember the explosion, you know. I just woke up in a hospital. There's a period that's completely gone - - - without any warning.
Edward 'Edge' Jones: This is how I woke up and they had to tell me why. They gave me a medal. They told me they were sorry. They thanked me.
Edward 'Edge' Jones: But it was never up to me, or any of the others. We were all blind. What good is a man against something that falls out of the sky?
Lennox: You survived. That's all that matters.

Edward 'Edge' Jones: While I was in the bathroom I was thinking about all of my operations. You know, I was under anesthetic for so much of the time that anything could have happened and I wouldn't have known it. What if one of those doctors had just decided to let me die and disconnected everything? They could do that and I'd be completely helpless. They could do anything they wanted to me and then kill me or just tell me that everything is fine when I wake up, and I'd never know the difference. I hate that feeling.
Lennox: There's no way around it.
Edward 'Edge' Jones: I don't trust doctors.