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Morrissey (Character)
from "Vic Reeves Big Night Out" (1990)

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"Mystery Science Theater 3000: City Limits (#5.3)" (1992)
TV's Frank: It's none other than British pop star, Morrissey!... He's a little depressed.
[to Morrissey]
TV's Frank: So Morrissey, uh, how ya' doin'?
Morrissey: He hurt me with that remark. Did I mention that I cried?
TV's Frank: Well, I mean, c'mon Morrissey. We're basically evil, granted, but a lot of what we say is just good-natured ribbing.
Morrissey: Well, it hurt me. Did I mention that I cried?

Dr. Clayton Forrester: Morrissey's going to honor us with a song, aren't you Morrissey?
Morrissey: This is a song that I wrote in a time in my life when I was very, very, very sad. Breakfast, actually. It's called "Hairdresser in a Coma": I cried last night, I died a million deaths. Thinking of your sweet face, and the way you sing. I cried inside, we lied and died. And then I cried again. I must have weep for hours...
[Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank lock him in a tupperware coffin]