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Hooves of Fire (1999) (TV)
Robbie: I know what we do one day a year, but what about the other 364?
Blitzen: Well, usually it's like -
[scene of reindeer exercising]
Robbie: Oh. I was hoping it would be more -
[scene of Robbie dancing at a wild party]
Robbie: Or maybe sometimes -
[scene of reindeer playing guitar by the fire]
Blitzen: Sorry, Robbie. But it's definitely -
[scene of reindeer exercising]
Robbie: Right. When's the next bus out of town?
Prancer: [thinks] Uh, April.
Robbie: [collapses] Training it is.

Vixen: Robbie, I know you love me and would do anything to please me. I don't want you to run in the steeple chase. There, that done, lets get on with our lives.
Robbie: Sorry, Vixen but I'm going to run. And try to win and everything.

Donner: There's something oddly familiar about that fork lift.
Robbie: Hi Donner.

Head Elf: What happened, Robbie?
Robbie: I got tired of sweeping, then I saw these bits of toys lying around, and I thought, I'll invent new toys. This is Sebastian Musclewhale.
Head Elf: Do whales have arms?
Robbie: Sebastian has three. He needs them to fight his archenemy... Octomonkey!

Robbie: I'm a rubbish reindeer. I'm even a rubbish elf. I'm worse than rubbish. If they tossed me in the rubbish bin, the other rubbish would say...
Rubbish: There goes the neighborhood.

Robbie: I have decided that strength is not really my strength.

Vixen: [as Robbie is blabbing incoherently, since he can't talk to her] Someone sent me flowers, Robbie. I know they were from you. Do you know why? Because they were cheap.
Robbie: [to Donner, after Vixen leaves] But it was all the money I had.

Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe (2002) (TV)
Robbie: Blitzen, let my friends go. Do what you want with me, but let the others go.
Blitzen: No. Now shut up and die.

Blitzen: Do you know what I practiced every day in prison, Robbie?
Robbie: Was it the flute?
Blitzen: No.
Robbie: Conversational Spanish?
Blitzen: No. Kung-fu!
Robbie: I was worried it'd be something like that.

Koala: You call this a resort? Look at those huts.
Robbie: Chalets.
Koala: I'd like to meet the one who built those.
Robbie: Well, whoever did built those, I bet he worked really hard, and still has splinters. Ow!

Donner: I got some lighters.
Robbie: I got a fold-out pan.
Prancer: Turntables, mirror ball, speakers... I didn't think there was much nightlife out here, so I packed up my disco. Disco Prancer, it's an essential.

Robbie: You know what the worst part of it is? He made us built our own trap.
Donner: That's it! That's the best news ever.
Prancer: What?
Donner: Every one of us built one part of this. Robbie, what part did you build?
Robbie: Over there.
[points to a shoddily-built corner]
Donner: That's it.
Robbie: Huh?
Prancer: Prancer?
[Prancer blows on corner, planks fall apart]