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Sheena (Character)
from Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1984)

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"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: Curse of Voodoo (#1.3)" (1955)
Chuck Davis: You agreed to take me into Watahelee country!
Sheena: Watahelee!
Bob Rayburn: Yeah, Wonder Boy here thinks he can talk them into photographing their voodoo rites.

Chuck Davis: Watahelee believe in voodoo, too. When they want to kill somebody, they made a doll and stick pins into it or something.
Sheena: That's true.
Chuck Davis: But does it work?
Bob Rayburn: Of course it works - on anyone who believes in voodoo.

Sheena: Watahelee dangerous.
Chuck Davis: Yeah?
Bob Rayburn: Yeah! Every so often they go on a voodoo rampage, raid neighboring villages and capture and kill anyone they get their hands on.
Chuck Davis: When do they have these wingdings?
Bob Rayburn: Well, I suspect its whenever the witch doctor thinks he's slipping and wants to strengthen his position by voodoo magic.

Sheena: No one goes into Watahelee country now.
Chuck Davis: No? I'd like to see anyone stop me.
Bob Rayburn: Then turn around.

Bob Rayburn: Chuck's my responsibility. I can't let you go on.
Sheena: Two better than one against so many.

"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: Jungle Pursuit (#1.25)" (1955)
Mantu: Tell my father...
Sheena: Mantu, your father died last night.
Mantu: Then Mantu is chief now. I must go to my people.
Sheena: No, Mantu. You outlaw now.

Commissioner: And they had the gall to call themselves public servants. Well, I'm afraid Garth will discover Her Majesty's government takes a very dim view of this type of hoax.
Sheena: Good for her!
Bob Rayburn: Good for who?
Sheena: Her Majesty's government.

[last lines]
[Chim puts a a pith helmet on the head of Sheena's prisoner]
Sheena: Witch doctor crown Mantu, Mantu crown Chim and Chim crown Garth.

"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: The Elephant God (#1.5)" (1955)
[Bob prevents Clay from shooting Sheena's chimpanzee]
Roger Clay: Keep that beast away from me!
Bob Rayburn: He's Sheena's pet! He won't hurt you.
Sheena: Why you try to kill Chim?
Roger Clay: Not my idea of a pet.

Roger Clay: Why were they frightened of the elephant?
Sheena: Elephant with one tusk taboo.

Sheena: Look!
[Sheena points at a one-tusked elephant]
Bob Rayburn: Yes, the god of the Masai. Men must respect each others' gods.

"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: The Leopard Men (#1.15)" (????)
Sheena: What frightened him?
George Carver: I don't know what hit him. Look here - it seems to have driven him into a frenzy.
Sheena: A leopard? This made by man, not leopard!
George Carver: Leopard Men?
Sheena: Catch him! Great danger!

Sheena: You killed jungle people to get mine!
Mark Helfer: Looks like I'm going to have to kill a few more.

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1984)
Sheena: See! See! Even in chains, we can defeat them! Turn your minds back, oh my people. Remember yourselves- a thousand, a thousand moons ago! Bring your bows! Chief Harumba- Attack!

Sheena: I am not a foolish young girl. The Shaman taught me that brave tales do not always have happy endings. I know what guns can do. I know that you and I may not live to see another sunset.
Vic Casey: Mmmmm!
Sheena: You are an enemy!
Vic Casey: I'm what?
Sheena: The Shaman taught me- an enemy is someone who takes without asking!
Vic Casey: I'll ask then. May I?
Sheena: Yes! You will be welcome in Zukuru! The head man's locust bean cakes- they will be your locust bean cakes! His fermented buffalo milk will be your fermented buffalo milk!

"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: The Rival Queen (#1.20)" (1956)
[Sheena, Bob and Mr. Evans try to convince Helen to stay with them in the jungle]
Mr. Evans: I wish you'd change your mind about leaving. We'd sure like you to stay.
Sheena: Yes!
Bob: Yeah, sure!
Mr. Evans: That makes it a-a, you know what I mean... anonymous!

[last lines]
[Chimp, Sheena's chimp, takes a bottle of Helen's perfume and flees the trading post]
Sheena: Chimp, come back!
Helen Kendall: That's all right, Sheena, let him have it. It may make him very popular in the jungle.

"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: Forbidden Cargo (#1.8)" (1955)
Bob Rayburn: Dr. Carr was right. The Maranis do have guns.
Sheena: Guns *and* sickness. We must stop both before they fill the jungle with death.

[fearing that Bob and Sheena have them in a crossfire, the evil tribesmen flee their camp]
Bob Rayburn: Sheena, where'd you get the gun in the truck?
[Sheena points to a jack handle]
Sheena: That my gun.
Bob Rayburn: Sheena, you're the eighth wonder of the world!

"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: Secret of the Temple (#1.22)" (1955)
Eddie Lewis: Well, Heller, you've certainly fixed this up good. Just when I was within reach of my hundred thousand dollars.
Dr. Mitchell Heller: Don't worry, we'll get that secret. There's nothing I can't buy.
[Heller brandishes his checkbook]
Sheena: Maybe the Ancient One and his people not need your money.

Sheena: Sheena bring this trouble to your temple; Sheena will return your treasure to you!

"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: Crash in the Jungle (#1.1)" (1955)
Bob Rayburn: Insurance is like betting. It started out with ships full of cargo, understand?
Andy Howard: Yes! Only the cargo owners bet the ship is going to sink.
Sheena: Why?
Andy Howard: [to Bob] Why?
Bob Rayburn: Because they didn't want it to sink.
Sheena: Why bet?
Andy Howard: Why, because if it does sink they want to be paid for the cargo.
Sheena: Who pay?
Bob Rayburn: The insurance company.
Sheena: Why?
Bob Rayburn: Why.
Bob Rayburn: [to Andy] You take it, lad.

"Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: The Magic Bag (#1.16)" (1955)
Sheena: Bob make roar like lion, but have good heart.