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Quotes for
Friday (Character)
from Robinson Crusoe (1954)

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Man Friday (1975)
Robinson Crusoe: How can you worship a banana?
Friday: Worship any way you like. So long as you mean it, the god won't mind.

Robinson Crusoe: You can swim?
Friday: Only in the water.

Friday: There is not enough love on this island.
Robinson Crusoe: Love... What do you suggest? We should pray for a boatload of women to be shipwrecked on the beach?

Friday: You're not dancing at all. Only your feet are dancing.
Robinson Crusoe: What am I supposed to bloody dance with?

Friday: I thought you said white man could not be killed by gun because of science magic.
Robinson Crusoe: I laid that spell myself, Friday, so I can take it off when I like.

Friday: The Romans *used* to live in Italty shaped like a boot?
Robinson Crusoe: Correct.
Friday: Where do the Romans live now?
Robinson Crusoe: The Romans are all dead now. but that's not the point about the Romans. The point about the Romans is they had a great deal of *education*.
Friday: I feel sorry for the Romans.

Friday: I think you are starting to sing, Master. But I do not think it is a true song.

Robinson Crusoe: When we first met you were nothing but a savage, but I have educated you.
Friday: When I first met you, you were a killer possessed by demons and I taught you how to sing and dance. Not very well, but I taught you that much at least. And your head was full of nothing but your own power, your own guilt, and the fear of a cruel god. But perhaps I was a very bad teacher, because your head is still full of thoughts of power and guilt and fear.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)
Draper: How Long have you had these things on?
Friday: Sixty-two years.
Draper: How old are you?
Friday: Seventy eight.

Robinson Crusoe (1997)
[mourning the loss of Crusoe's dog, Skipper]
Man Friday: Skipper go to Crusoe's God?
Robinson Crusoe: No. Dogs don't have mortal souls. Only men have mortal souls.
Man Friday: Too bad. Good dog.

Robinson y Viernes en la isla encantada (1973)
[Robinson and Viernes are about to shoot the savages]
Robinson Crusoe: Ready?
Viernes: Yes, Master.
Robinson Crusoe: Then, fire in the name of God.