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Robinson Crusoe (Character)
from Robinson Crusoe (1954)

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Man Friday (1975)
Robinson Crusoe: How can you worship a banana?
Friday: Worship any way you like. So long as you mean it, the god won't mind.

Robinson Crusoe: A jungle is hot and wet. England is... cold and wet.

Robinson Crusoe: You can swim?
Friday: Only in the water.

Robinson Crusoe: Friday. I'm making no promises. If I have any spare time within the next year, I shall build us a seaworthy boat which will take us as far as your home. Perhaps.

Friday: There is not enough love on this island.
Robinson Crusoe: Love... What do you suggest? We should pray for a boatload of women to be shipwrecked on the beach?

Friday: You're not dancing at all. Only your feet are dancing.
Robinson Crusoe: What am I supposed to bloody dance with?

Friday: I thought you said white man could not be killed by gun because of science magic.
Robinson Crusoe: I laid that spell myself, Friday, so I can take it off when I like.

Friday: The Romans *used* to live in Italty shaped like a boot?
Robinson Crusoe: Correct.
Friday: Where do the Romans live now?
Robinson Crusoe: The Romans are all dead now. but that's not the point about the Romans. The point about the Romans is they had a great deal of *education*.
Friday: I feel sorry for the Romans.

Robinson Crusoe: If we live a bad life, when we are dead God punishes us. But a teacher can't wait until a pupil is dead, so a teacher punishes as soon as a pupil is bad.

Robinson Crusoe: When we first met you were nothing but a savage, but I have educated you.
Friday: When I first met you, you were a killer possessed by demons and I taught you how to sing and dance. Not very well, but I taught you that much at least. And your head was full of nothing but your own power, your own guilt, and the fear of a cruel god. But perhaps I was a very bad teacher, because your head is still full of thoughts of power and guilt and fear.

Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N. (1966)
Lt. Robin Crusoe: [First lines] Dearest, sweet, thoughtful, understanding Jane, I know you won't believe this, sweetheart, but here goes anyway. You may recall, you and I were to be married a year ago last June. As I didn't turn up for the wedding, and so much time has gone by, I can imagine you have been wondering, ha ha, what happened.

Lt. Robin Crusoe: [Last lines] Anyway, dear, that's just the way it happened. I'll be home soon. All my love, Rob.

Lt. Robin Crusoe: You know, she's a wonderful girl. She's going to make some head-hunter a great little wife someday.

Lt. Robin Crusoe: [Using a home-made bamboo sextant] According... to... my... calculations, I'm somewhere between Elmira, New York, and Muncie, Indiana.

"Crusoe: Rum (#1.1)" (2008)
Judy: [in the distance] YOU IDIOT!
Robinson Crusoe: Is that Judy? She is a bit formidable.
Will Atkins: Well you should try being born in a prison sometime. And I mean a real one, not your fancy island here. Laport, he fancied his chances with her.
Robinson Crusoe: Who's Laport?
Will Atkins: The one you just fed to the man-eating fish thank you very much.

Will Atkins: You've had far too much time on your hands my friend.
Robinson Crusoe: It's not like it was out of choice.

Will Atkins: What's in the river?
Robinson Crusoe: There may be something.

Robinson Crusoe (1997)
[mourning the loss of Crusoe's dog, Skipper]
Man Friday: Skipper go to Crusoe's God?
Robinson Crusoe: No. Dogs don't have mortal souls. Only men have mortal souls.
Man Friday: Too bad. Good dog.

Robinson Crusoe: In my studies I had come to learn of religious wars that had plagued mankind since the beginning of time. But how sad I thought that in this universe of two, religion had sparked our own war. Something had to be done.

Robinson Crusoe (1954)
Robinson Crusoe: If anyone in England met such an odd creature as I was in my 18th year of solitude, it must either have frightened them or caused a great deal of laughter.

Robinson Crusoe: How wrong I had been. Friday was as loyal a friend as any man could want. With his many different skills he enriched my life on the island. We had found that two working together could do much more than working separately.

Robby (1968)
Robby: [first words to the boy who just saved his life] Does your mother know you're going around with no pants?

Robby: You taught me how to swim, and I made you a pair of pants!

Robinson y Viernes en la isla encantada (1973)
[Robinson and Viernes are about to shoot the savages]
Robinson Crusoe: Ready?
Viernes: Yes, Master.
Robinson Crusoe: Then, fire in the name of God.