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Sir Walter Elliot (Character)
from "Screen Two: Persuasion (#11.3)" (1995)

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Persuasion (2007) (TV)
Sir Walter Elliot: Come, come, Anne! We must not be late. You cannot have forgotten we have an invitation from Lady Dalrymple.
Anne Elliot: I regret I am already engaged to spend the evening with an old school-friend.
Elizabeth Elliot: Not that sickly old widow in Westgate-buildings?
Anne Elliot: Mrs Smith. Yes.
Sir Walter Elliot: Smith? Westgate building?
Mrs. Clay: Excuse me.
Sir Walter Elliot: And who, pray, is Mrs Smith? One of the five thousand Smiths that are everywhere to be met with? Upon my word, Miss Anne Elliot, you have the most extraordinary taste. To place such a person ahead of your own family connections among the nobility of England and Ireland. Mrs Smith!
Anne Elliot: Perhaps she is not the only poor widow in Bath with little to live on and no surname of dignity. Good evening.

Sir Walter Elliot: I must say, though, the worst of Bath is the number of plain women. I frequently observe that one pretty face would be followed by five and thirty frights.

[Anne and Lady Russell join Sir Walter and Elizabeth in the garden, where the latter are enjoying eating strawberries and cream from a tray held by a servant]
Sir Walter Elliot: Lady Russell! Dear neighbor. You've been in London, I hear.
Lady Russell: Sir Walter, Elizabeth, may I say how truly sorry I am that you must leave Kellynch.
Sir Walter Elliot: We are blameless, Lady Russell, quite blameless. Every sacrifice has been made, however painful.
Elizabeth Elliot: We cut off all unnecessary charities at once, Lady Russell.
[She stuffs a large strawberry into her mouth and talks while chewing it]
Elizabeth Elliot: And even refrained from new-furnishing the drawing room, which, as you know... is in a frightful state.
Sir Walter Elliot: Still, it is a comfort to know we have done all we could.
[He glares at Anne]
Lady Russell: [with a hint of cynicism] Of course.

"Screen Two: Persuasion (#11.3)" (1995)
Sir Walter Elliot: I strongly object to the Navy. It brings people of obscure birth into undue distinction and it cuts up a man's youth and vigor most horribly!

Captain Wentworth: I come on business, Sir Walter.
Sir Walter Elliot: Business?
Captain Wentworth: Yes, my proposal of marriage to your daughter, Anne, has been accepted and I respectfully, sir, request permission to set a date.
Sir Walter Elliot: Anne? You want to marry Anne? Whatever for?