Nelson Rockefeller
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Nelson Rockefeller (Character)
from Cradle Will Rock (1999)

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Nixon (1995)
Henry Kissinger: If a Rockefeller can't be the President of the United States then what is the point of democracy?
Richard M. Nixon: The point of democracy is that even the son of a grocer can become president.
Nelson Rockefeller: And you came damn close, Dick. How are you?
Richard M. Nixon: Hi, John.
Nelson Rockefeller: New York treating you all right? I'm sorry I haven't been able to see you at all.
Richard M. Nixon: You're looking happy.
Nelson Rockefeller: Happy, Happy, Dick Nixon. You remember him.
Happy Rockefeller: Nice to see you again.
Richard M. Nixon: You're obviously making him happy.
Nelson Rockefeller: Repartee, Dick. That's marvelous.

Richard M. Nixon: What you predicting?
Nelson Rockefeller: Your boy Goldwater are gonna split the party?
Richard M. Nixon: Some say you are, Rocky.
Nelson Rockefeller: Let me tell you something. Every time the Republican party is a home to extremism, we lose the goddamn election. You oughta know that better than anybody.
Richard M. Nixon: Yeah.
Nelson Rockefeller: This guy Goldwater is as stupid as McCarthy, and McCarthy never did you any good in the long run, now, did he? That's right.

Frida (2002)
Nelson Rockefeller: Señor Rivera, I must ask you one last time to reconsider your position.
Diego Rivera: I will not compromise my vision.
Nelson Rockefeller: In that case, this is your fee, paid in full, as agreed, but your services are no longer required.
Diego Rivera: It's my painting!
Nelson Rockefeller: On my wall.
Diego Rivera: It's the people's wall, you bastard!