Lady Penelope
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Lady Penelope (Character)
from Thunderbirds (2004)

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Thunderbirds (2004)
Lady Penelope: And they should do something about that hideous hammock.

Lady Penelope: Isn't life fun sometimes?
Parker: Rib ticklin', M'Lady.

Lady Penelope: Oh, and England won the footbal last night

Lady Penelope: [arriving at Tracy Island after they send the emergency signal] This doesn't look good, Parker.
Parker: No, Milady.
Lady Penelope: [points with her pink umbrella to a potted plant on a nearby table] That Bougainvillea is absolutely parched!
[points behind her to an old wooden hammock]
Lady Penelope: And someone should do something about that *hideous* hammock!
Parker: [after taking Lady Penelope's unbrella] Yes, milady.

Lady Penelope: [after Transom hits her fingernails with a broom] Ow!
[slightly annoyed]
Lady Penelope: Do you know how much a manicure costs these days?

Lady Penelope: [Lady Penelope is being carried off by The Hood's minion, Mullion]
Lady Penelope: Put me down! This outfit is couture!

The Hood: You're a formidable opponent Lady Penelope, more than a match for most men.
Lady Penelope: That's not saying much then, is it?

Thunderbird 6 (1968)
[Tin-Tin is about to land the Tiger Moth, hiding herself under the cockpit]
Parker: [in awe] Cor! Stone the crows! It's going to land on its own!
Lady Penelope: Parker.
Lady Penelope: M'lady?
Lady Penelope: Tin-Tin's an excellent pilot. Don't you think, Parker?
[Tin-Tin lands the plane and waves towards the mansion]

Alan Tracy: [answering his watch] Yes, Penelope?
Lady Penelope: I've just had some information from Parker, Alan. I am a little uneasy. Tell me, what do you think of Captain Foster?
Alan Tracy: I don't go for him, Penelope. He's a little too smooth for my liking.
Lady Penelope: Tell me, Alan, has he been questioning you about International Rescue?
Alan Tracy: Well, as a matter of fact, he *has*. Not directly, mind you, but the conversation always seems to lead that way.
Lady Penelope: I think we'll have to go into this situation a little more closely. I don't like the sound of it.
[thunderstorm is picking up outside]
Lady Penelope: The storm seems to be getting worse.
Alan Tracy: I think you'd better come in here. We need to discuss this right away.
[the ship rocks and a lamp falls off a side table, revealling a bug device]
Lady Penelope: [realising she is being listened to] Oh well, um, perhaps we *are* allowing our imaginations to run away with us. After all, everyone's interested in International Rescue. It's only natural they should ask questions.
Alan Tracy: [suspicious of Lady Penelope's change in attitude] Oh. So you don't think there's anything to worry about, Penelope?
Lady Penelope: No. After all, they have all been screened. They're carefully selected men.
Captain Foster (II): [listening to Lady Penelope's conversation] That was a close one. Put on the edited tape.
Steward Hogarth (II): Right.
Captain Foster (II): One thing's for sure - we've got to play this really cool from now on. Lady Penelope, I underestimated you.

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Under Pressure (#1.12)" (2015)
Lady Penelope: Oh, Hector Ambrow. For a company that does such good work, he's a rather... oily fellow, isn't he?
Gordon Tracy: That's a good way to put it.

Gordon Tracy: Be careful, I hear hobnobbing with corporate types is dangerous work.
Lady Penelope: Why, Parker, I believe Gordon is mocking us.
[turns off her tranceiver]
Gordon Tracy: She hung up on me! Some people can't take a joke.
Virgil Tracy: It helps when they're actually funny.

"Thunderbirds: The Duchess Assignment (#1.21)" (1966)
[Jeff Tracy and Lady Penelope are watching an air show in London]
Jeff Tracy: [using an upper-class British accent] Oh, bang on! Jolly good show!
[Jeff turns to Penelope]
Jeff Tracy: [whispering, in his normal voice] How am I doing, Penny?
Lady Penelope: [chuckling] Oh... splendidly, Jeff.

[the casino owners try to shoot at FAB 1 during a pursuit]
Parker: [scoffing] Pathetic, isn't it, M'lady?
Lady Penelope: Quite, Parker. Now, try to get his tyres first. We may as well attempt to reason.

"Thunderbirds: Brink of Disaster (#1.22)" (1966)
[when Lady Penelope sees security vision of Selsden and Malloy breaking into her vault]
Lady Penelope: [on opening her jewellery box] Hello, Parker? Are you awake? It appears we have visitors.
Parker: [yawning, watching the same vision] Yes, M'lady. So I can see. It's our old friend Malloy, I see.
Lady Penelope: Parker, they're going to take my jewels.
Parker: That would seem to be the intention, M'lady.
Lady Penelope: Parker, we must stop them, before it's too late.
Parker: I'm afraid we might *already* be too late. They've probably got a car standing by.
Lady Penelope: Well, it appears we have no choice in the matter.
Parker: I was just thinking the same thing, M'lady. All right, I'll be up in a jiffy with the 'ardware.
Lady Penelope: Right. Go to it, Parker.

[Selsden and Malloy head for FAB 1]
Parker: They're 'eading for FAB 1, M'lady!
Lady Penelope: Yes, so I see, Parker. Well, I'm afraid that won't do them much good.
Parker: But what I don't comprehend is 'ow they got in at all! I never heard no alarms!
Lady Penelope: Well, they must have put them out of action somehow. It's lucky the safe alarm camera operates on a different system.
[sound of glass breaking]
Lady Penelope: Now, what do you suppose *that* was?
Parker: It appears they have gained access to the Rolls-Royce, M'lady.
Lady Penelope: [disappointed] Oh, dear. I just hope they don't scratch the paintwork. I'm off to Ascot in the morning.
[Selsden and Malloy speed off in FAB 1]
Parker: You don't want me to shoot out the Rolls-Royce; do you, M'lady?
Lady Penelope: No, Parker. For one thing, you wouldn't succeed.
[Lady Penelope rotates a remote-control column]
Lady Penelope: And for another, there's no need.

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Lost Kingdom (#2.8)" (2016)
Lady Penelope: Aren't you lucky that I was around to come and dig you out of trouble?
GordonTracy: I'm even happy to be rescued by a lady in a pink submarine if it gets me away from Lemaire. He is one royal pain in the...
[bubbles rise to the surface of nearby water]

Lady Penelope: Parker loves playing pinball, don't you Parker?
Parker: Not when I'm the ball, m'lady.

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Unplugged (#1.6)" (2015)
Lady Penelope: Parker, is that really necessary?
Parker: Sorry, my Lady, London traffic. Believe me, it took all the restraint I had to push the button for the horn, instead of the one for the flame throwers.

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Ring of Fire: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2015)
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward: Gordon! To what do I owe the pleasure?
Gordon Tracy: Afraid this isn't a social call your lady-ship. I need a favour.
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward: Whatever you need.
Gordon Tracy: I need our London agent to do some agent-ing!

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Weather or Not (#2.11)" (2016)
Lady Penelope: Parker, will these gyrations go on much longer?
Parker: Not once the engine gives out.
Lady Penelope: Ah, well then. Carry on.

Thunderbirds Are GO (1966)
Lady Penelope: Mind the gap, Alan.
Lady Penelope: [echo] Mind the gap, Alan. Mind the gap, Alan.
Alan Tracy: [worried] I can't possibly make it!
Lady Penelope: [slowly] What's the matter, Alan? What's the matter, Alan. Don't tell me you're afraid.
Alan Tracy: I am not afraid.
Lady Penelope: A brave astronaut like you, Alan - afraid.
Alan Tracy: I am not afraid!
[Alan jumps off but misses FAB 1, falling to Earth while Penelope laughs]

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Legacy (#1.26)" (2016)
Kayo: How familiar are you with W.A.S.P.?
Lady Penelope: Wide Area Safety Protocol. It was the first thing Jeff Tracy tought me when I joined International Rescue.
Kayo: Good. We're activating it right now.

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Tunnels of Time (#1.10)" (2015)
Gordon Tracy: What took you so long?
Lady Penelope: Why, I wasn't sure there'd be enough room in the tunnel for us, and your big head.
Gordon Tracy: Oh.

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Heist Society (#1.17)" (2015)
Lady Penelope: You seem to have yourself a furry fan-club, Professor.
Professor Moffat: Oh, I'm not really very good with anything larger than plankton...

"Thunderbirds Are Go: The Hexpert (#1.20)" (2015)
Professor Lungren: Ok, do either of you have a degree in Biomolecular Quantum Mechanics?
Lady Penelope, Parker: No.
Professor Lungren: In that case, just picture a patato in a microwave, only the potato is... me.

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Undercover (#1.25)" (2016)
Lady Penelope: That's my driver up there, Commander, and a good driver is frightfully hard to replace.

"Thunderbirds: Vault of Death (#1.13)" (1965)
Lady Penelope: Would you like Parker to take your briefcase?
Lord Silton: No thank you. It *never* leaves my side, you know. Everywhere I go.
[a beeping noise emits from Lord Silton's briefcase, just as Parker is carrying a tray of coffee into the room]
Lord Silton: Good heavens!
Lady Penelope: What's that noise? What is it?
Lord Silton: It's the emergency call system. I am wanted at the bank immediately.
Lady Penelope: Emergency? You mean the bank has been robbed?
Lord Silton: It could be.
Parker: [throwing the coffee tray in shock] Bank robbery?
[the coffee splashes onto Lord Silton]
Lord Silton: [angrily, to Parker] You clumsy nincompoop!

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Up from the Depths: Part Two (#2.7)" (2016)
Grandma Tracy: How would you like a second chance to get the Mechanic?
Lady Penelope: I'd enjoy it more than Parker likes complaining about the weather.

"Thunderbirds Are Go: Up from the Depths: Part One (#2.6)" (2016)
Parker: Cor...
Lady Penelope: I believe the word you are looking for is 'Bingo'.

"Thunderbirds: The Mighty Atom (#1.14)" (1965)
Lady Penelope: I fail to see why you're still laughing, Virgil. I just don't like mice, that's all.

"Thunderbirds: Trapped in the Sky (#1.1)" (1965)
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward: Parker, get the Rolls Royce. We're going for a little drive.