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Major General Ross (Character)
from Sharpe's Mission (1996) (TV)

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Sharpe's Mission (1996) (TV)
[Shellington has passed out from seeing the dead bodies]
Ross: What are we going to do with him, Sharpe?
Sharpe: Send him home, sir.
Ross: Home? He'll need an escort.
Sharpe: Send two of Brand's men back with him. They know the terrain. Gives us a perfect excuse for bringing Brand back.
Ross: What if he doesn't want to go back to Wellington's camp?
Sharpe: Oh, he'll want to, sir.
Shellington: [coming around] Where am I?
Sharpe: [to Ross] Might even try to seduce my wife.

[Brand is found guilty of six murders. After being goaded by Brand, Sharpe hits him in the chest and he falls back into a deep well to his death]
Ross: Did you see that, Harper?
Harper: Who me, sir? No, I saw nothing, sir.
Ross: Did you see what happened to Col. Brand?
Harper: Oh, he's a funny fish, sir. I just saw him jump head-long into the wishing well. Why do you think he'd want to do something like that, sir?
Ross: Thank you, Harper.

Ross: From what I hear, sometimes he is outside the law.
Sharpe: Maybe he uses rough methods, but he gets results. So do you.
Ross: Maybe I do, but I don't take pleasure in it.
Sharpe: You're a damn liar.

Ross: Good to see you, Septimus.
Pyecroft: I wish I could say the same.