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Jane Sharpe (Character)
from Sharpe's Regiment (1996) (TV)

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Sharpe's Mission (1996) (TV)
Jane: Why would you follow him to the death?
Harris: Loyalty! We're loyal to him and he's loyal to us. In life and in death. We trust him with our lives and he trusts us with his life.
Jane: And with his wife. He trusts you with his wife.

Jane: I hate the bugle because I hate the army. Because I hate the war.
Sharpe: We all hate the war.
Jane: No you don't you love it!
Sharpe: I'm a soldier.
Jane: What will you do when you get home, Richard? You'll still be a soldier, but there won't be a war. And if there's no war then you won't be happy. What will you do all day?
Sharpe: Well, what every officer does. What every husband does. Whatever that is...
Jane: I'll tell you what they do, Richard. They ride, they hunt, they gamble, they play cards, they look after their gardens, their dogs, their libraries. They wine and dine and make polite conversation. They cut a figure in society.

Jane: That's me. The silly fly drawn to the candle light. I nearly got my wings burned, didn't I Harris?
Harris: I don't think so. He wasn't that hot.

Sharpe's Waterloo (1997) (TV)
Richard Sharpe: [has stumbled across Jane and Rossendale] You!
Jane Sharpe: Don't hurt me please!
Richard Sharpe: And you!
[grabs Rossendale]
Richard Sharpe: You dare to come! You dare to join! You dare to be in the same buggerin' army as me!
Richard Sharpe: [chases Rossendale until Rossendale trips and falls] Get up! Get up and fight!
[turns to the crowd]
Richard Sharpe: Somebody give him a sword!
[turns back to Rossendale]
Richard Sharpe: Do you have a friend?
Rossendale: [recognizing the duel challenge] No no no no no, please!
Richard Sharpe: Then give me the money, you can keep the whore you lilly-livered...
[feels the shame of being a cuckold, and draws his sword]
Richard Sharpe: No, by God I'll fillet you anyway!
Uxbridge: [intervenes] Enough!
[looks down at Rossendale]
Uxbridge: Get up.
Richard Sharpe: [does not move his sword] By God I'll fillet you also!
Uxbridge: You will not!
Harry Price: [mutters in Sharpe's ear] Richard, don't do it.
Richard Sharpe: [sighs in defeat] You tell him Harry.
Rossendale: [looking up, embarrassed] I fell, just fell.
Richard Sharpe: Tell him he can have the whore
[Jane stares at him in loathing]
Richard Sharpe: but I want my money.

Sharpe's Regiment (1996) (TV)
Colonel Sir Henry Simmerson: Did you think you could hide from me?
Jane Gibbons: I'm sorry...
Colonel Sir Henry Simmerson: Sorry that you ran away or sorry that I found you?