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Mungo Munro (Character)
from Sharpe's Gold (1995) (TV)

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Sharpe's Gold (1995) (TV)
Major Mungo Munro: This is sinful gambling, and I will have no part of it! I'm here to see fair play!
Patrick Harper: It's only sinful, sir, if you lose.

Major Mungo Munro: [about El Casco's guerrillas] The story goes, there was a great shipwreck hereabouts, long long ago. A galleon, bearing treasure from Mexico to the King of Spain. Not only gold, but idols for him to see, even people from that terrible land.
Richard Sharpe: Treasure?
Major Mungo Munro: Ah that catches your ear, laddie? Well if it's still there, no one's found it!
Bess Nugent: William heard of it too.
Ellie Nugent: You said a 'terrible land'?
Major Mungo Munro: The Aztecs of Mexico were a high civilization, and entirely evil!
Ellie Nugent: How could that be?
Lt. Ayres: Their religion was based on human sacrifice. They cut the living hearts out of their prisoners...
Major Mungo Munro: That'll do for now, man.
Lt. Ayres: ...thousands at a time. Or they skinned them.
Major Mungo Munro: I said that'll do!
Lt. Ayres: They even had a god of flaying...the flayed god...
Richard Sharpe: Stop gloating, Ayres!
Lt. Ayres: I came across it in my studies. Rather amusing.
Ellie Nugent: Major Munroe, you didn't mean there could be any of that here?
Major Mungo Munro: No. Well, maybe a taint turned into foolish nonsense, these folk are peasants.
Ellie Nugent: And that's all?

Munro: [Translating for El Casco] "I do not kill Englishmen."
Wellington: Ah.That's a relief.
Munro: Not for the Scots.

Sharpe's Sword (1995) (TV)
Major Mungo Munro: [he has just finished a bagpipe solo] Which would you prefer me to do, Sharpe? Play Beallagh na Bruga, that's the Munro march... or send you on a dangerous mission?
Richard Sharpe: Dangerous mission, sir.
Major Mungo Munro: Who's winning the war, Sharpe?
Richard Sharpe: Wellington, sir.
Major Mungo Munro: Why's he winning it, Sharpe?
Richard Sharpe: Steady troops, sir.
Major Mungo Munro: Superior intelligence, Sharpe. Supplied by whom, laddie?
Richard Sharpe: Men like you, sir.
Major Mungo Munro: [disgusted:] Och, don't *lick* me, laddie!

Munro: What you don't know don't hurt you, Sharpe.
Sharpe: Beg pardon, sir, but in my experience what you don't know usually gets you killed.

Sharpe's Battle (1995) (TV)
Major Mungo Munro: Perfect! We've sent a regicide to train a palace guard!