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Capt. William Frederickson (Character)
from Sharpe's Enemy (1994) (TV)

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Sharpe's Enemy (1994) (TV)
Richard Sharpe: What are you smiling at, Fredrickson?
Frederickson: I'm not smiling, sir. A musket ball broke my jaw. I have false teeth. The sawbone stuck on the smile for free, sir. He also stuck on my hair. Hair belongs to a horse, sir.

Richard Sharpe: No apologies about your men?
Frederickson: Men are dirty, Mr. Sharpe. Rifles are clean!

Sharpe's Siege (1996) (TV)
Sharpe: What happens when you burn oyster shells?
Capt. William Frederickson: You get ash I suppose.
Capt. Neil Palmer: I was born in a fishing village sir. The fishermen used to burn oyster shells all the time.
Sharpe: Why?
Capt. Neil Palmer: To whitewash their houses sir. When you burn oyster shells, you get lime. Get that in the eyes you go blind.