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Rose Ortiz (Character)
from "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive" (2007)

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"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Kick Into Overdrive: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2007)
Andrew Hartford: Wait! Everything I told you is true. I need your help. We need to protect this from falling in the wrong hands.
Rose Ortiz: You're rich. Buy an army.
Andrew Hartford: An *army* can't stop them... but *you* can. The four of you have the physical and mental qualities needed. And I have the technology and the money to fight this evil. I can turn you into Power Rangers.

Will Aston: Did you guys hear that. It's so loud. And my eyesight - it's telescopular.
[sees Lava Lizards from a far distance]
Will Aston: It's coming from over there.
Rose Ortiz: Telescopular? That's not a word.

Andrew Hartford: Please, I need your help. We need to protect this from falling into the wrong hands.
Rose Ortiz: You're rich. Buy an army.
Andrew Hartford: An army can't defeat them. But you can.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Pirate in Pink (#1.6)" (2007)
Rose Ortiz: You're the best, Spencer.
Spencer: If only my paycheck reflected that.

Brownbeard: And who is this saucy, young beauty?
Rose Ortiz: The name's Rose, and you're not fooling me with your phony pirate charm. I know you're nothing but a common thief.
Brownbeard: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Rose Ortiz: See what I mean? He even steals from Shakespeare.

Mack Hartford: Okay, Brownbeard, you said you just wanted to hold it once, and you've done it. Now, we'll want the real Rose back.
Brownbeard: Fair enough.
[Brownbeard leaves Rose's body]
Rose Ortiz: Where am I? What happened? I feel so...dirty.
Brownbeard: Dir--?
Brownbeard: [sniffs] Sorry, but I haven't bathed for a few hundred years.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Out of Luck (#1.18)" (2007)
Rose Ortiz: You were hit square on by that compass's blast. Are you all right?
Mack Hartford: Well, I don't feel any different. What's the compass going do to me, right? I'm already bad at directions.

Mack Hartford: You guys look like you've been at a garage sale.
Rose Ortiz: And you look like a garage fell on you.
Mack Hartford: [nods] Close.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Once a Ranger: Part 1 (#1.20)" (2007)
Will: So you've all been Rangers before?
Tori: Yep.
Bridge: Well uh, except for me. See I'm not a Ranger yet. But I will be, in the - in the future, in the future I'm going to be the green ranger. Then I'm going to be the Blue Ranger.
Rose: But you're wearing red?
Bridge: Oh, uh, yeah, well, long story short, our mentor who's, well, a dog, got promoted to head of SPD which was run by a bird but he retired to Miami, and Sky got promoted and I got promoted. That's why I'm the Red Ranger, or will be.
Dax: Makes sense to me.