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Alpha 6 (Character)
from "Power Rangers Turbo" (1997)

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"Power Rangers in Space: From Out of Nowhere: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1998)
Alpha 6: Listen to me, Andros. You're making a big mistake. Oh, can't you see? The five of you have the same mission. You're supposed to be a team.
D.E.C.A.: I believe that Alpha has a valid point, Andros.
Andros: Quiet. Look, I work alone. I don't need them.
Alpha 6: If you're going to rescue Zordon, you'll need to take all the help that you can get. Think about it.

Andros: Alpha, what is your mission?
Alpha 6: [voice changing] My mission is to protect the Power Rangers in their quest to protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team known as the Power Rangers.
[voice changes to new one]
Alpha 6: Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! I can speak again. This is fantastic. I thought I'd never be understood again. Yippee!
Andros: I don't have a computer chip with his old voice.
Alpha 6: Oh, that's all right, Andros. I'm quite happy with this one, thank you.

Alpha 6: Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! I have amazing news! I think I've finally broken the code!
T.J. Johnson: What code?
Alpha 6: For the Astro Megazord!
Cassie Chan: Alpha, what's going on?
Alpha 6: This box contains the code that links the shuttle with the megaship creating the Astro Megazord. It's all part of Zordon's master plan.

"Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Quasar Quest: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1999)
Kai Chen: Alpha, will the ship survive the energy flux?
Alpha 6: What?
Damon Henderson: [lets go of the ship's controls] You wait till we get this far and now wonder if we'll survive?

Alpha 6: Would you mind telling me what is going on here?
Kai Chen: This ship is being recommissioned for a special... top secret assignment.
Alpha 6: Top secret assignment? Does that mean what I think it means?
Kai Chen: That's right? She's gonna fly again.
Damon Henderson: Fly? This is some kind of a joke, right?
Kai Chen: Who are you?
Damon Henderson: Damon Henderson, the mechanic around here. Now, look, I know this ship inside and out, so believe me when I tell you... this is a museum, not a spaceship.
Alpha 6: And no one told me about any secret mission.
Damon Henderson: Yeah. G.S.A. mission? Let's see your orders.
Kai Chen: Look... I don't have any orders. It's a long story, but my friends flew through a dimensional portal to save another world.
Damon Henderson: Oh...
Kai Chen: The portal closed. Now, this megaship is the only craft that has a chance of making it through. And if I can't save them, then they're gone... forever. This megaship flew in here. Now it's gonna fly out, and I'm gonna need your help.

"Power Rangers in Space: The Silver Secret (#1.22)" (1998)
Alpha 6: Aha! It seems that your morphing energy was slowly drained during your hyper sleep.
Zhane: You mean like a car that's been parked too long?
Alpha 6: Exactly. You need a concentrated dose of high voltage electricity to restore it.
Zhane: So my battery's low, huh?
Alpha 6: That's right.
Zhane: Then I've got to find a way to jump start it.
Alpha 6: Yes. Other than that, you're perfectly healthy.
Zhane: That's not what the others think.
Alpha 6: What do you mean?
Zhane: Come here. They think I'm dying.
Alpha 6: Ai-yi-yi! Zhane, you've got to tell them the truth.
Zhane: No way. I've got a good thing going here.

Carlos Valerte: So you're not sick at all, then, right?
Zhane: No, I've never felt better.
T.J. Johnson: Good.
Andros: Then you'll be in great shape to clean the Megaship from top to bottom.
Zhane: Top to bottom?
Alpha 6: That's what the man said.

"Power Rangers in Space: The Rangers' Leap of Faith (#1.28)" (1998)
Astronema: Robot.
Alpha 6: Please call me Alpha.
Astronema: Open a communication channel.
Alpha 6: As you command. It wouldn't hurt her to say please, you know. A little courtesy goes a long way in this galaxy.
Astronema: *Please*, Alpha.
Alpha 6: Communications open.
Astronema: Thank you.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Once a Ranger: Part 2 (#1.21)" (2007)
Alpha 6: [inside the Morphing Grid] Ay-yi-yi-yi. What would Zordon do?

"Power Rangers in Space: The Impenetrable Web (#1.40)" (1998)
Alpha 6: [to Ecliptor] You don't look so tough now, Ecliptoad. Neener-neener-neener.

"Power Rangers in Space: Save Our Ship (#1.3)" (1998)
Alpha 6: Rangers, you should see what's in front of us.
T.J. Johnson: What is it Alpha?
Alpha 6: It's the Earth. We're home.
Ashley Hammond: Have you ever been to Earth before?
Andros: Never.
Ashley Hammond: Hey, you're gonna love it. Trust me, there's beaches, music, there's the mall and everything.

"Power Rangers in Space: Countdown to Destruction: Part 1 (#1.42)" (1998)
Alpha 6: Rangers, Dark Specter has been destroyed.
T.J. Johnson: If Dark Specter's gone, then who's in charge?
[an image of Ecliptor appears]
Ecliptor: Dark Specter is no more. Astronema, Princess of Evil is now your supreme leader.
Andros: This can't be.
Ecliptor: Is it for her that we fight, and for her we will conquer the universe. Good will be destroyed and evil will rule.
[an image of Astronema appears]
Divatox: Not her again!
[the Quantrons and Piranhatrons start bowing]
Divatox: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, what is everyone doing? Don't pray to her! You work for me!

"Power Rangers in Space: Always a Chance (#1.25)" (1998)
Adam Park: You know, sometimes I still wish I was a Power Ranger. You think this thing still works?
Alpha 6: [gasps] Ai-yi-yi! Adam, you must never use this morpher. The Power Coins were destroyed which means morphing could destroy you.
Adam Park: Don't worry, Alpha. It was just a thought.

"Power Rangers in Space: Countdown to Destruction: Part 2 (#1.43)" (1998)
[last lines]
T.J. Johnson: Alpha, let's go home.
Alpha 6: You got it, Rangers.

"Power Rangers in Space: Shell Shocked (#1.4)" (1998)
Alpha 6: We're leaving the Earth's orbit. And someone has lowered our defenses.
Venus De Milo: Yeah, and that someone would be us.
Michelangelo: This ship is officially a "green machine."