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Rifleman Cooper (Character)
from Sharpe's Rifles (1993) (TV)

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Sharpe's Rifles (1993) (TV)
Richard Sharpe: Gimme a pick-lock, Cooper.
Cooper: Pick-lock, sir? Catch me with a pick-lock!
Patrick Harper: They did, Coop. But when you got out of Newgate prison, you got another set, and that's the one the officer wants.
Cooper: Do I get it back, sir?
Richard Sharpe: Trust me.
Cooper: It's very hard to trust a man who wants to borrow your pick-lock, sir.

Patrick Harper: Sweet is the silent mouth, Cooper.
Cooper: Didn't say a word, did I?

Cooper: Can I ask you a question, sir? Where'd you learn to fight so dirty, sir?
Richard Sharpe: Same place as you, Cooper. Saturday night in the gutters.
Cooper: Long way from home, sir.
Richard Sharpe: Never was much of a home, Cooper.
Cooper: No, sir. That it weren't.
Richard Sharpe: Did you volunteer for this lot, Cooper?
Cooper: Uh no, not exactly sir. I was invited to join... by a magistrate.

Richard Sharpe: Name?
Cooper: Cooper, sir.
Richard Sharpe: Where you from, Cooper?
Cooper: Shoreditch, sir.
Richard Sharpe: Previous employment?
Cooper: By way of a trader, sir. In... property and the like.
Richard Sharpe: Would that be other people's property, Cooper?

Patrick Harper: [about Sharpe] He's no proper officer. Never seems to tire, hard to catch him off guard.
Cooper: He let you off light, Harps. Back in the village. So why so hard?
Patrick Harper: It's just not right, Cooper. He's not happy being an officer. And mark my words, he'll bring us bad luck.
[thinks it over]
Patrick Harper: We'll do it tomorrow. In the mountains.

Sharpe's Company (1994) (TV)
Hakeswill: [Watching Cooper dig in a muddy trench] Dig! You don't dig, you don't eat!
Rifleman Cooper: [Notices Sharpe] Officer coming, Sarn't.
Hakeswill: That ain't an officer I know Mr. Leftenant Sharpe
[holds his hands according to speech]
Hakeswill: when me and Sharpe was like that! And that is me on top!
Rifleman Cooper: [Sarcastic] Oh yes, oh yes...

Rifleman Cooper: [Gazing in horror at Badajoz] It's time to go mad!

Sharpe's Gold (1995) (TV)
Patrick Harper: [talking about the arrival of Wellington's relatives] Well, I've never seen him sweat like that before. Poor old Nosey.
Rifleman Cooper: I weren't looking at him, I was looking at the young lady.

Sharpe's Honour (1994) (TV)
Rifleman Cooper: Sarge? Where are we off to, Sarge?
Patrick Harper: We're going to join up with a man called Sharpe, lads.
Rifleman Perkins: You mean we're all gonna die?

Sharpe's Enemy (1994) (TV)
Patrick Harper: [the Chosen Men are trying to scare the newly arrived 60th Rifles] May God help them, Mr. Cooper.
Rifleman Cooper: These poor souls, don't know Mr. Sharpe, do they, Sgt. Harper?
Patrick Harper: They don't Mr. Cooper
Rifleman Hagman: They don't know Mr. Sharpe saved Wellington's life, do they, Sgt. Harper?
Patrick Harper: They don't Mr. Hagman.
Harris: They don't know Mr. Sharpe shot three dragoons out of the saddle in thirty seconds do they, Sgt. Harper?
Patrick Harper: They certainly don't, Mr. Harris.
Rifleman Hagman: I bet they don't know Mr. Sharpe shot a man just for having rust on his trigger!
Rifleman Cooper: They don't, Mr. Hagman.
Rifleman Perkins: I bet they don't know Mr. Sharpe shot an officer, just for having dust on his buttons!
[the others pause and stare at Perkins]
Patrick Harper: [resumes] Well what was it Mr. Sharpe says makes a good soldier, Mr. Cooper?
Rifleman Cooper: Remind me again, Sarge.
Patrick Harper: What Major Sharpe says makes a good soldier is the ability to be able to fire three rounds a minute, in any weather.
Rifleman Cooper: Oh I should remember that.
Patrick Harper: Shush, boys. Here he comes: the Devil himself!
[Sharpe arrives]