Howard 'Red' Stevens
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Howard 'Red' Stevens (Character)
from The Ultimate Gift (2006)

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The Ultimate Gift (2006)
Red Stevens: When I achieved my dreams, it was like going home to a place I'd never been before. You don't know that feeling, do ya? The first few gifts I've given you have been practical - show up, do this and do that - and then the gifts started needing you to provide input. They needed intuition. Still, your average person is too weighted down. Jason, you need to be free, free to dream. You need to come up with a dream then act on it.

Red Stevens: Jason, any process worth going through will get tougher before it gets easier. That's what make learning a gift, even if pain is your teacher.

Red Stevens: How can I give you something and not have it ruin you like your uncles and aunts... even some of their kids? So, I wanna give you a gift - a series of gifts, leading up to... well, I wanna call it "the ultimate gift;" but, you fail in any way, it's over. You get nothing. And everything you do must be to Mr. Hamilton's satisfaction. You might wanna make friends with him sooner than later.

Red Stevens: [chuckling] Yeah, well, you don't begin to live until you've lost everything.

Red Stevens: Our lives should be lived not avoiding problems but welcoming them as challenges that will strengthen us so that we can be victorious in the future.

Red Stevens: What I could not accomplish in life I have done in death. As long as you're still alive, I will be, too.

Red Stevens: A parent should never have a child precede them in death. It is the most painful experience imaginable.