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Hogan (Character)
from Sharpe's Rifles (1993) (TV)

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Sharpe's Eagle (1993) (TV)
Maj. Hogan: And what are your intentions, Sir Arthur?
Wellesley: Why, Hogan, I mean to give the French a damn good thrashing.

Maj. Hogan: [to Simmerson after the disastrous loss at the bridge] You've lost the Colours, sir. The King's own Colours, touched by his own hand. Take my advice, and a pistol, and go behind that tent, and blow out what's left of your brains.

[Gibbons plans to challenge Sharpe to a duel]
Maj. Hogan: Oh, give me your hand, sir! You're a brave fellow, Gibbons! Sharpe's a killer! Killed three French cavalrymen and saved Wellesley's life - three seconds, slash, cut thrust! And that was when he was still a sergeant. Shall we say six o'clock tomorrow morning, in the field behind the camp?
[Gibbons swallows, plainly terrified]
Maj. Hogan: Or should we say it was damn dark, and you made a damn bad mistake?
Gibbons: Silly mistake. Say no more about it, eh?
Maj. Hogan: Good thinking, Gibbons. Sharpe would have shot out your left eye at a minute past six, and you'd have spent all day tomorrow looking up at nothing with the other.

[of the South Essex]
Richard Sharpe: They're flogged soldiers, sir. And flogging teaches a soldier only one lesson.
Maj. Hogan: What's that, Richard?
Richard Sharpe: How to turn his back.

[During Sir Henry's toast at a dinner party in camp]
Countess Josefina: I'm getting some air. Good night, Major. Enjoy yourself.
Maj. Hogan: [whispering] I will! I've laid ten guineas with Leroy that Sir Henry will talk for a full hour. Five minutes more, and I'll have won my bet.

[Sharpe has challenged Berry to a duel after he and Gibbons have raped and flogged Josefina]
Wellesley: My orders are perfectly clear, Lawford. Dueling is strictly forbidden. I shall make no exception in respect of Captain Sharpe. If he fights Berry at dawn, he will be back among the ranks before the sun is up!
[Lawford opens his mouth]
Wellesley: There is no more to say, sir!
Colonel Lawford: Yes, sir.
[Wellesley walks over to Hogan]
Wellesley: French hopping about a bit, Hogan.
Maj. Hogan: Yes, sir.
Wellesley: Send out a patrol to take a look. Not too big. Eight men, two officers.
Maj. Hogan: I have done so, sir. About an hour ago. Captain Sharpe and Lieutenant Berry.
Wellesley: That should do the trick, Hogan.
[Lawford grins]

Colonel Lawford: [on Wellesley] God, Hogan. Horse, foot, cannon... the French outnumber us three to one. Does he know something we don't?
Maj. Hogan: He knows three things, Lawford. He knows that on his left, the French will not attack the fort. He knows that on his right, Simmerson will run. And he knows that in the center, that Daddy Hill will stand. Means nothing to me either, Lawford. That's why he's a general, and we ain't.

Wellesley: Must be a damn good book, Hogan.
Maj. Hogan: Shakespeare, sir. "Julius Caesar." Marc Antony. "Lend me your ears," eh?
Wellesley: [reading] "These many then shall die. Their names are pricked." By God, Hogan, you may be sure my name is well-pricked by those needles at Horse Guards!
Maj. Hogan: Ah, a general who wins battles and lives to claim the credit will never lack for enemies in London, sir.

Maj. Hogan: Richard, your mind has been making appointments your body should never keep.
Richard Sharpe: What do you mean by that?
Maj. Hogan: You have ambition which could be the making of you but you also have a romantic soul which could be the breaking of you. Ambition and romance is a poisonous brew, and I mean to distill the one from the other.

Maj. Hogan: [Sharpe has just taught the South Essex to fire three rounds a minute] Sharpe.
Richard Sharpe: Yes, sir?
Maj. Hogan: Stop showing off, Sharpe.
Richard Sharpe: [grins] Yes, sir.

Sharpe's Rifles (1993) (TV)
Major Hogan: Surprised to see me, Richard? Well you've done a grand job, a grand job. But now, at dawn tomorrow, with the help of my agent Commandante Teresa, who I believe you've met, I want you to seize the chapel at Torre Castro and hold it against all comers until Major Vivar has raised the gonfalon of Santiago over the chapel roof.
Richard Sharpe: Seize Torre Castro? With six men and a straggle of Spaniards? Can't be done! May I remind you of our main mission, sir? To find a missing gentleman?
Major Hogan: Not now, Richard. Our mission is Torre Castro. Spain is a sleeping tiger! If the people of Torre Castro rise up, even for an hour, the shock will shake the whole of Spain. Carry on, sir.
Richard Sharpe: Rise up? Do you really believe men will fight and die for a rag on a pole?
Major Hogan: You do, Richard, you do.