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Quotes for
Harley (Character)
from Monster Man (2003)

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Monster Man (2003)
Harley: I'm the kind of guy who puts the "ick" in "dick".

Harley: I feel like we just played Drop The Soap with Godzilla, man!

Harley: If a vehicle could take Viagra, a monster truck is what it would look like. I mean those giant tires make the truck look like it's got blue balls!

Harley: I'm a corpse burrito, dude!

Harley: [while sitting in a bar that's showing a monster truck competition on tv] These fucking rednecks must have IQs the same number as the size of my underwear to watch this!

Sarah: [they run outside while a guy is screaming and getting run over by the monster truck] What was that?
Harley: It definitely wasn't Colonel Mustard in the study with a candlestick I'll tell you that!

Harley: [sitting in a redneck bar] For these hillbillies, putting on socks is the equivalent of wearing a 3 piece suit!