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Quotes for
Officer Kevin Kinkirk (Character)
from "7th Heaven" (1996)

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"7th Heaven: And More Secrets (#10.20)" (2006)
Kevin: Should I give her that stuff that makes her throw up?
Rev. Eric Camden: What stuff?
Kevin: I don't know... I don't think we have any.

Simon: So... You and Lucy never called off the wedding before the wedding, did you?
Kevin: Yeah, the closer we got the more often we called it off.

"7th Heaven: Mi Familia: Part 2 (#9.22)" (2005)
Kevin: You really wanna live behind your parents in a run-down house?
Lucy: Absolutely!
Kevin: Okay.

"7th Heaven: Thanksgiving (#9.9)" (2004)
Kevin Kinkirk: I bought these walnuts at the store, do you think I can convince Lucy that they're really big acorns?

"7th Heaven: Secrets (#10.19)" (2006)
Sam: What is that?
Rose: It's a mini fridge. It's for our office which is gonna be on the second floor of the condo we're renting. The kitchen's on the first floor, so we thought it would be nice if we didn't have to go downstairs everytime we wanted a cold drink.
David: That's what we have to do.
Sam: Yeah, it's a pain.
Kevin: You're seven.
David: It's still a pain.

"7th Heaven: Love and Obsession (#10.15)" (2006)
Kevin Kinkirk: Hi. Kinkirk, party of ten.
Woman: Tell him.
[Points in host's direction]
Kevin Kinkirk: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you you were the hostess.
Woman: You're an idiot.

"7th Heaven: Brotherly Love (#9.16)" (2005)
Kevin Kinkirk: [to Eric] That's what you do when someone's breaking in - you grab a frying pan?

"7th Heaven: Moving Ahead (#10.16)" (2006)
Kevin Kinkirk: You always had to have steak when you were pregnant with Savannah. We're having a baby.
Rev. Lucy Kinkirk: Listen to me... If every woman who wanted a steak was pregnant, they'd sell maternity wear at Sizzler's.

"7th Heaven: Baggage (#8.8)" (2003)
Kevin: I'm your coach! There's no kissing in soft ball!

"7th Heaven: I Wasn't Expecting That! (#8.4)" (2003)
Kevin Kinkirk: Lucy and I haven't had sex since I got pumbled by that woman.
Rev. Eric Camden: Good night.

"7th Heaven: Chicken Noodle Heads (#10.8)" (2005)
Lucy: You're obnoxious!
Kevin: That's not very nice.

"7th Heaven: The Fine Art of Parenting (#9.13)" (2005)
[about Savannah]
Lucy: I just put her down.
Kevin: She looks like a mummy.

"7th Heaven: Bowling for Eric (#7.4)" (2002)
Kevin Kinkirk: [to Lucy] Honey, you're not going crazy, you're already there.

"7th Heaven: The Magic of Gershwin (#10.14)" (2006)
Kevin Kinkirk: I'm going to give them money for a hotel for a week, and you're going to get them in a more permanent place.
Lucy Camden: I love you.
Kevin Kinkirk: I'm not doing this for them. I'm doing this so I can relax, and I can't relax until you relax, and you won't relax unless they get settled. Then, I can relax. See what a selfish jerk I am?

"7th Heaven: Good-Bye...: Part 1 (#10.21)" (2006)
Rev. Lucy Kinkirk: Did I ever tell you about starting my period?
Kevin Kinkirk: No, I think I've managed to dodge that story.

"7th Heaven: Vote (#9.5)" (2004)
Lucy: Are you sure you know where your candidate stands on the issues that are important to you?
Kevin: I don't care, I just think he's cute.