Bridgette Dubois
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Bridgette Dubois (Character)
from "Medium" (2005)

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"Medium: Truth Be Told (#5.8)" (2009)
Bridgette Dubois: Daddy, we need to go to bed.
Joe Dubois: Okay.
Bridgette Dubois: But mummy isn't here and we need our kisses.
Joe Dubois: Okay.
Bridgette Dubois: Well, can you come over here and give them to us?
Joe Dubois: Oh, well, I kinda can't right now, sweety.
Bridgette Dubois: Well then, can we come over there and get them from you?
Joe Dubois: Not unless you can fly.
Marie Dubois: I could fly.
Bridgette Dubois: No you can't.

"Medium: When Push Comes to Shove: Part 2 (#2.1)" (2005)
Ariel Dubois: Daddy?
Joe Dubois: Yes?
Ariel Dubois: I don't understand. I'm in the sixth grade. Why am I going to bed the same time as a first grader?
Bridgette Dubois: Hey, it's not my fault I'm in first grade, I got born late!

"Medium: Apocalypse, Push (#3.11)" (2007)
Capt. Kenneth Push: That's my cab.
Ariel Dubois: I'll go.
Bridgette Dubois: Me too!
Marie Dubois: Me three!

"Medium: Whatever Possessed You (#3.16)" (2007)
[the family just finished having some cake to celebrate Joe getting put in charge of an important project]
Ariel Dubois: So let me get this straight. The reason we get to stay up an extra half hour and eat cake is because Daddy got put in charge of some really cool project.
Joe Dubois: [Still eating cake] That is correct.
Ariel Dubois: Only you can't tell us about this really cool project because it's top secret.
Joe Dubois: That is also correct.
Ariel Dubois: [Excited] Can we at least have a hint?
[Joe motions that his lips are locked and the key is thrown away, meaning he won't tell]
Allison Dubois: Okay, on that note, come on, you little security risks. It's time to hit the hay. Joe, you got Bridge?
Joe Dubois: Yes.
[Reaches for Bridgette, waking her up]
Joe Dubois: Come on, kiddo. Time for bed.
Bridgette Dubois: [Sleepily] But I don't want to go to bed. I like staying up late.
Joe Dubois: Really? You got a funny way of showing it.
Bridgette Dubois: Congratulations again, Daddy. If you can't get that ship up to Mars, nobody can.