Trent Fernandez
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Trent Fernandez (Character)
from "Power Rangers DinoThunder" (2004)

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"Power Rangers DinoThunder: House of Cards (#1.35)" (2004)
[the Rangers are shocked as they witness Anton transform into Mesogog]
Conner McKnight: No way! Mercer is...
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Mesogog.
Ethan James: Oh, this is one crazy week.
Kira Ford: [to Trent] This is your big secret? You knew this all along?
Trent Fernandez: He's my father. How could I tell you?
Mesogog: You will pay for betraying me, Trent. You will pay dearly.
Trent Fernandez: I never betrayed you.
Conner McKnight: You betrayed us, if anything.
Mesogog: Silence!
[transforms back into Anton]
Dr. Anton Mercer: Trent, I'm sorry.

Trent Fernandez: You think my father is gonna be happy when he finds out you blew it at the school?
Elsa: No happier than your Ranger pals will be when they find out when you've been keeping your daddy's secret identity from them.
[Trent doesn't say anything and just looks at her]
Elsa: What's this? Silence.

[Trent finds walks in on Elsa in Mesogog's lair]
Trent Fernandez: Little more free time on your hands, Elsa? I mean, now that your secret's out.
Elsa: What are you doing here?
Trent Fernandez: Is it so wrong for a kid to come visit his father at his work every once in a while?

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Copy That (#1.21)" (2004)
Trent Fernandez: Look, I know I got a lot to make up for, but I promise, this time I won't let you down.
Kira Ford: Well, I guess everyone deserves one last chance. But isn't there a rule that newbie Rangers have to wash all the Zords?
Ethan James: Hey, I forgot about that rule.
Trent Fernandez: The Zords? But they're gigantic.
Conner McKnight: Yeah, they are, so... better get started.

[Dr. Mercer returns to his normal self in time to save Trent from being destroyed]
Dr. Anton Mercer: Son, are you all right?
Trent Fernandez: I feel like my old self again.
Dr. Anton Mercer: The explosion. The explosion must've shattered... the evil encoding of the Dino Gem.
Trent Fernandez: Does that mean there's no more White Ranger?
Dr. Anton Mercer: As far as I can tell, the power's still active.
Trent Fernandez: Great. What do I do with it now?
Dr. Anton Mercer: Now you'll be able to use it - you'll be able to use it however you choose.

Conner McKnight: He's got Super Dino mode!
Trent Fernandez: And I like it.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Burning at Both Ends (#1.16)" (2004)
[referring to his gift of an ATV from Trent]
Dr. Tommy Oliver: They don't make 12-stroke engines, Trent.
Trent Fernandez: Mesogog doesn't make monsters that turn people good, either.

Dr. Tommy Oliver: Don't think I won't destroy you, Trent.
Trent Fernandez: Whatever you say, old man.
Dr. Tommy Oliver: You asked for it.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Strange Relations (#1.30)" (2004)
Evil White Ranger: I'm tired of living in your shadow. After this, there will be only one White Ranger.
Trent Fernandez: Hey, I got no problem with that.

[first line]
Trent Fernandez: [to his dad] Working on a way to make brussel sprouts edible?

"Power Rangers S.P.D.: Wormhole (#1.38)" (2005)
Ethan James: Great. I was about to defeat the dreaded Maxodrome when his evil ship comes by and destroys all that I've done. Can you believe it?
Kira Ford: It's just a game, Ethan.
Trent Fernandez: Yeah, you're acting as if it's real.
Ethan James: What if it is real? What if this game is really an ancient diary telling me about a real event that happened in a distant galaxy, far, far away?
Kira Ford: Ethan, your mind is the only thing that is far, far away.

Omega Ranger: Not bad.
Trent Fernandez: Thanks. Check this out.
[Trent speed-attacks the Tyranndrones and Krybots]
Omega Ranger: How about this. Omega Morpher! Electro mode!
[Omega Ranger blasts them with an electric ground charge]
Omega Ranger: Ha! That did it.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: A Ranger Exclusive (#1.24)" (2004)
Conner McKnight: Ok, you guys head to the control room. I'll look for the white dude.
Kira Ford: Right.
Trent Fernandez: Huh?
Conner McKnight: Sorry. The *evil* white dude.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Golden Boy (#1.8)" (2004)
Dr. Anton Mercer: You're home late.
Trent Fernandez: Yeah, Dr. Oliver gave me a ride. Had a little car trouble.
Dr. Anton Mercer: I see.
Trent Fernandez: Dad, how come you and he don't hang out anymore? I mean, I thought you guys were good friends.
Dr. Anton Mercer: Trent, you'll find that as you grow up, different people come in and out of your life. Dr. Oliver and I had our time, and now we've... both moved on to different things.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Thunder Storm: Part 2 (#1.32)" (2004)
Trent Fernandez: You okay? They're asking for it!
Cam Watanabe: Let's give it to them! Super Samurai mode!
Trent Fernandez: Super Dino mode!

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Game On (#1.7)" (2004)
Trent Fernandez: So what's the deal? Did you get the secret code and win the game?
Ethan James: Not exactly. Better get me a tall smoothie. It's gonna be a long day.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Bully for Ethan (#1.18)" (2004)
Zeltrax: I will destroy Oliver. Then I will have Elsa all to myself!
Trent Fernandez: Do I smell a love triangle?