Conner McKnight
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Conner McKnight (Character)
from "Power Rangers DinoThunder" (2004)

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"Power Rangers S.P.D.: History (#1.32)" (2005)
Broodwing: Fools! Do you think you could get away from me that easily?
Ethan James: We've run away from a lot worse than you, buddy.
[realizing what he said]
Ethan James: Ooh, that didn't come out right at all.
Kira Ford: Who are you? What do you want with us?
Broodwing: Your power is legendary throughout the galaxy. Fight alongside me and we'll bring down this wretched planet.
Conner McKnight: Maybe you're suffering from a lack of oxygen from being in that punch bowl too long. But in case you didn't notice, we're the good guys.

[to Conner, Ethan and Kira]
Jack Landors: We're Power Rangers. Space Patrol Delta.
Kira Ford: Wait a minute, you can't be the Power Rangers.
Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado: Why not?
Conner McKnight: Because we are.
[they show their Dino Gem bracelets to the Rangers]

Sky Tate: You have no idea how much power Gruumm has.
Conner McKnight: We brought a little power of our own.
[DinoThunder Rangers show their morphers]
Ethan James: Kat's the coolest. She pulled our morphers out of the archives and regenerated them.
Kira Ford: Don't get mad at us, Commander. You would have done the same thing.
Commander Anubis 'Doggie' Cruger: You have a point. Now let's show Gruumm what we can do together.
[pause. Then yells]
Commander Anubis 'Doggie' Cruger: Power Rangers, suit up!

[surrounded by Krybots]
Conner McKnight: Any thoughts on what these things are?
Kira Ford: They're not Tyrannodrones, but they're definitely up there in the creepy department.
Conner McKnight: Any ideas on how to get out of this?
Ethan James: I'm still trying to figure out how we got in it.

[watching the DinoThunder Rangers' past on the viewscreen]
Dr. Katherine 'Kat' Manx: The archives show that the Dino Thunder team have faced off against some of the most treacherous villains in all of history.
Conner McKnight: Ah, memories.
Jack Landors: But that was years ago.

Commander Anubis 'Doggie' Cruger: I'm sure Broodwing went to a lot of expense to bring you here. He won't give up with you so easily.
Conner McKnight: We'll take him on and anyone else who gives us trouble.
Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado: You haven't met Broodwing's boss. Gruumm is as nasty as they get.
Kira Ford: Well, I say bring it on. We're Rangers. We can deal with it.
Sky Tate: Correction - you WERE Rangers. WE'VE been specially trained to take on Gruumm's army.
Sydney 'Syd' Drew: And, no offense, but fighting dinosaurs is so over.
Ethan James: Weren't your guys taught to respect your elders?

Conner McKnight: That's it. I say it's time to get prehistoric on Gruumm and his goons.

Ethan James: I still think you guys need us here to deal with Gruumm. He's gonna be madder than ever.
Kira Ford: Yeah, and what about Broodwing? He's still around, flapping about somewhere.
Conner McKnight: It's obvious we should stay.
Conner McKnight: [softer and with a smile to Syd] We work great together.
Sydney 'Syd' Drew: Nice try, but I don't date older guys.
Jack Landors: Ooo!

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Day of the Dino: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2004)
Conner McKnight: What, you've never heard of The Three Bears?
Ethan James: Is that the last book you've read?

Kira Ford: [singing] Freak you out, freak you out, freak you out...
Conner McKnight: Babe, can you keep it down? I'm trying to focus here.
Kira Ford: Did you just call me babe? Did he just call me babe?
Ethan James: I don't know. I wasn't listening. I was still grooving to your tune."

Conner McKnight: OK, so where are we going?
Ethan James: Dr. Oliver's.
Conner McKnight: What's he going to do?
Ethan James: He's a dinosaur guy! These things are dinosaurs... Sort of.

Ethan James: A compass! We need a compass! Anyone got a compass?
Conner McKnight: [sarcastic] Oh, and I was gonna bring one.
Ethan James: [wind blows] What was that?
Kira Ford: The wind?
Ethan James: That ain't the wind. As much as we'd like it to be, it ain't.
Conner McKnight: [Tyrannodrones apear] Don't... Move.
Kira Ford: [sarcastic] Great idea. Make it easier for them.
Ethan James: New plan: run!

Conner McKnight: Now you see me...
[goes into super speed and knocks out a Tyrannodrone]
Conner McKnight: your unconscious.

Conner McKnight: Dude, the guys a teacher not...
[Secret door opens]
Conner McKnight: ...Batman.

Conner McKnight: Seriously dude, you gotta come clean.
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Ok, first of all, don't call me "dude".

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Thunder Storm: Part 2 (#1.32)" (2004)
[referring to Tori, the Blue Wind Ninja Ranger]
Conner McKnight: Dude, she's kinda of cute, don't ya think?
Ethan James: Yeah, in a crazed weird ninja terminator, sort of way.
Kira Ford: [slaps Conner in his arm] Would you two focus here?

[after examining the Samurai Amulet]
Hayley: I'm afraid it's dead. Lothor's extraction of the powers left just enough energy for one last battle.
Shane Clarke: Yeah, well, I guess it's a good thing we got you guys.
Conner McKnight: You've done your part. It's our turn to take over where you left off.

[as Ethan watches a video of the Ninja Rangers on his laptop]
Ethan James: It says here the Ninja Rangers defeated, like, 100 space mutants at one time.
Kira Ford: After fighting them, I believe it.
Conner McKnight: Oh, come on, they weren't that tough. I'd take them right here, right now.
[the Ninja Rangers enter the cafe and Shane attacks them with a powerful wind gust]
Conner McKnight: Can I get you anything? A doughnut maybe or a muffin?
Shane Clarke: I try to stay away from sugar. It makes me hyper.
Ethan James: Oh, I'd hate to see him when he gets hyper.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Lost & Found in Translation (#1.19)" (2004)
Conner McKnight: [the Power Rangers are watching a Japanese show based on themselves] Oh, come on, that is *so* a guy in a rubber suit.
Ethan James: No one said this was a documentary. Use your imagination.
Conner McKnight: Like anyone's going to believe a combination bear-mushroom-ATM monster.

Conner McKnight: That's their evil plan? Bad hair.
Kira Ford: Hey, I've seen you have some pretty bad hair days. It's kinda scary.

[after hearing their morphing call on the Japanese TV show]
Ethan James: I didn't tell anyone. You guys?
Kira Ford: Not me.
Conner McKnight: Hey, at least we're getting some action.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Legacy of Power (#1.4)" (2004)
Conner McKnight: Our teacher is the oldest living Power Ranger.
Hayley: Not the oldest. Just the best.

Dr. Tommy Oliver: I'm Tommy Oliver if you're not me, then something is seriously wrong. This video diary is a confidential record, only to be viewed in case of an emergency. What you're about to see is a history of my life
Conner McKnight: More dinosaur bone stories, yawn
Dr. Tommy Oliver: My history as a Power Ranger.
Conner McKnight: Okay unyawn.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: House of Cards (#1.35)" (2004)
Elsa: You fight well for a science teacher.
Dr. Tommy Oliver: You're not bad for a principal.
Elsa: *Former* principal. Tell the school board I resign.
[Elsa leaves through an invisi-portal]
Ethan James: Wait! Oh, don't go.
Conner McKnight: Don't go? Are you kidding?
Ethan James: She has the Ruby Dragon card.

[the Rangers are shocked as they witness Anton transform into Mesogog]
Conner McKnight: No way! Mercer is...
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Mesogog.
Ethan James: Oh, this is one crazy week.
Kira Ford: [to Trent] This is your big secret? You knew this all along?
Trent Fernandez: He's my father. How could I tell you?
Mesogog: You will pay for betraying me, Trent. You will pay dearly.
Trent Fernandez: I never betrayed you.
Conner McKnight: You betrayed us, if anything.
Mesogog: Silence!
[transforms back into Anton]
Dr. Anton Mercer: Trent, I'm sorry.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Copy That (#1.21)" (2004)
Trent Fernandez: Look, I know I got a lot to make up for, but I promise, this time I won't let you down.
Kira Ford: Well, I guess everyone deserves one last chance. But isn't there a rule that newbie Rangers have to wash all the Zords?
Ethan James: Hey, I forgot about that rule.
Trent Fernandez: The Zords? But they're gigantic.
Conner McKnight: Yeah, they are, so... better get started.

Conner McKnight: He's got Super Dino mode!
Trent Fernandez: And I like it.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Back in Black (#1.5)" (2004)
Elsa: We are not intimidated by your teacher.
Conner McKnight: Then you obviously never taken one of his pop quizzes.

Conner McKnight: [Conner, the red Ranger stares at a blue, red, and yellow DinoCruiser] I wonder which one's mine...

"Power Rangers S.P.D.: Wormhole (#1.38)" (2005)
Commander Anubis 'Doggie' Cruger: Say "cheese."
[Commander Cruger erases the Dino Rangers' memories]
Commander Anubis 'Doggie' Cruger: School's over. Go home.
Kira Ford: Did that dog just talk?
Conner McKnight: I... I think so.
Bridge Carson: It really doesn't seem fair that they're not gonna be able to remember any of this.
Commander Anubis 'Doggie' Cruger: I agree. It is not fair. Say "cheese."
[Commander Cruger erases their memories and then his]

Conner McKnight: Hey, guys, what's up?
Kira Ford: Ethan's giving us a history lesson on something he's learned on his handheld "geekboy."
Ethan James: All right, you're right. It's not ancient galactic history.
Kira Ford: Finally.
Ethan James: But it could be the future.
Conner McKnight: Remember, it's just a game.
[Gruumm's warship comes into view and hovers over the school]

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Leader of the Whack (#1.15)" (2004)
Hayley: Hey, guys.
Ethan James: What now? I was having a super intense workout.
Conner McKnight: And I was right in the middle of a very compelling biography.
Kira Ford: Is this gonna involve dirt? 'Cause if it does, I'm gonna have to say, uh-uh.
Hayley: [sarcastically] Sorry I interrupted your busy day.

Conner McKnight: Let's devise a strategy of attack.
Ethan James: I got a strategy. We crush 'em!
Kira Ford: The lines on my suit are so completely wrong. Why doesn't anyone make superhero costumes for petite?

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Thunder Struck: Part 2 (#1.38)" (2004)
Conner McKnight: So what now? I guess we don't hang up our morphers just yet.
Dr. Tommy Oliver: No.

Conner McKnight: [to Ethan] Had all the mutant freaks you could handle for one year?

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Fighting Spirit (#1.27)" (2004)
[seeing Dr. Oliver in Super Dino power for the first time]
Conner McKnight: Whoa! When did he get Super Dino powers?
Ethan James: I don't know. But he sure picked a good time to bust 'em out.

Conner McKnight: [to White Terrorsaurus II] I thought the last Terrorsaurus was ugly, but you even got him beat!

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: A Ranger Exclusive (#1.24)" (2004)
Conner McKnight: Ok, you guys head to the control room. I'll look for the white dude.
Kira Ford: Right.
Trent Fernandez: Huh?
Conner McKnight: Sorry. The *evil* white dude.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: White Thunder: Part 2 (#1.12)" (2004)
[after seeing two Dinozord eggs on the computer screen]
Conner McKnight: Hey, what about that one?
Kira Ford: Dinozord eggs all over the place.
Ethan James: Hey, you think this is what Easter was like millions of years ago?
Conner McKnight: How does he come up with this stuff?
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Conner, Kira, you go to the warehouse. Ethan, you come with me to the docks. We can talk about your dino Easter theory.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Tutenhawken's Curse (#1.25)" (2004)
[defeating Ethan at foosball]
Conner McKnight: And its another victory for Team Red. Sorry man. Tell you what. Next time we'll play "Tomb Raider".

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Day of the Dino: Part II (#1.2)" (2004)
Conner McKnight: Have a nice trip!
[beats a Tyrannodrone]
Conner McKnight: See you next fall!

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Drawn into Danger (#1.34)" (2004)
Devin Del Valle: Hey, Cassidy, do you mind if we wrap up this assignment! I think I might be getting a rash.
Cassidy Cornell: I, unlike you, am totally suited for the life of a superhero. Fighting evil at every turn. Laughing in the face of danger. Ha ha ha -- Oh, wait a minute. I need a catchy name.
Kira Ford: How about Super Snob?
Conner McKnight: Mega Ego?
Cassidy Cornell: No. I was thinking more like...Fantasta Girl!
Guy: Help! Somebody just stole my bike!
Devin Del Valle: Oh, wait! That sounds like a job for...Fantasta Girl! And, uh, Devin.
Cassidy Cornell: Ew! How gross! I am not a superhero!

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: The Passion of Conner (#1.28)" (2004)
Dr. Tommy Oliver: You crack me up.
Conner McKnight: What'd I say?
Dr. Tommy Oliver: You remind me of so much myself when I was your age. I had all this ability and raw emotion, but it took me a while to get the confidence to believe in myself, what I was truly capable of.
Conner McKnight: I've got confidence.
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Cockiness and confidence are two different things. There's a whole world you haven't even tapped into yet, beyond Triassic power and Super Dino mode, but you got to believe you deserve it. And when you do, you'll be blown away by what you can do.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Game On (#1.7)" (2004)
Dr. Tommy Oliver: So let me get this straight. You were so caught up in a video game, that you let a monster sneak up behind you?
Ethan James: It's a pretty tight game, Dr. O.
Dr. Tommy Oliver: You have to keep your head in this game at all times. It can be hard. It can be dangerous, too. That's why you just got -
[Beldorf erases his mouth and he goes on mumbling]
Ethan James: Beldorf. Give him his mouth back.
Conner McKnight: Can he wait until after midterms?
Ethan James: Beldorf.
Beldorf: Killjoy.
[he returns Tommy's mouth]
Dr. Tommy Oliver: Okay? Let's not do it again.

"Power Rangers DinoThunder: Triassic Triumph (#1.22)" (2004)
[Conner fights the Terrorsaurus in the Triassic Dimension]
Conner McKnight: Oh, what a tangled web we weave!